How to Enable Desktop Peek or Aero Peek in Windows 10 Tutorial

Desktop Peek, or Aero Peek, is the feature
that was introduced in Windows 7. When you hover your mouse over the bottom far right
corner of the screen, you get a clean view of your Windows Desktop, without minimize
any application. This feature is set to off by default in Windows 8, and it is off by
default in Windows 10 as well. To enable this feature, right-click on an empty area of your
TaskBar, and then click Properties. From the TaskBar tab, make a check mark on “Use Peek
to preview the desktop when you move your mouse to the Show Desktop button at the end
of the taskbar.” Apply the changes, and that’s what it takes! Now, hover your mouse over
the Show Desktop button, and you will see transparent outlines of all the applications
that you have opened, and have a clean preview of your Desktop.
If you click Show Desktop button, then all the running applications will get minimized.
Clicking it again, will restore all the application to their previous size.
If you want to disable the Aero Peek completely, even from Taskbar button thumbnails, then
you need to configure Advance System Settings. To do this, right-click on the Start button,
and then click System. From the right-side pane, click Advanced System Settings. Click
Settings under Performance, and then uncheck the option,
“Enable Peek”, and then apply the changes. Disabling Peek from Advance Properties will
also disable this feature from Taskbar Properties. Now, you will no longer get the Desktop view
while hovering your mouse over the Show Desktop button, and Windows will also stop showing
you the Taskbar button thumbnails. Hope you will like this trick. If you find
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