How to fix Gamepad Logitech F710 on Windows 10. [Eng. sub]

Welcome! Today, i would like to show you how to connect Gamepad F710
by Logitech on Windows 10 There are a few ways… There are solutions (you can find them on Interenet)
about install drivers in Device Manager again. just for wireless driver Xbox360 It doesn’t always work I used this once… but after reset my computer my gamepad
was not recognized in Device Manager Connection to the another USB port worked
but only for the moment. That’s why I searched safer way.
I found it and I would like to present it. First, we have to do
is download file from Logitech’s support page.
(Link in description) There is driver providing the possibility
of hardware connection. There is something like blue “G” Naturally, we choose type of Windows
which interests us. There is Windows 10 for me.
We do not have to choose right version.
(as in this case 64 or 32 bit) It doesn’t matter. Click “downolad”
Save it best to the desktop,
to be close at hand. I will explain why in a moment. And we have it installed already.
This is not additional installation software. So, it already works. Why we need software and gamepad connector
close at hand? Gamepad connector because bad interference
is frequent in the Gamepad F710. So better, to prevent interference,
keep a small distance
betwen Gamepad and connector. And why software? Because, whenever we’ll want to play on this gamepad, we have to run this software. But, I have to pay attention to one important thing.
When we’ll use this software
another wire gamepad, this may not work. So, when we’ll use alternately another wire or wireless Gamepad, we may not do that. For another games titles that require 2-3 gamepads
and (for example) keyboard… as e.g. splitscreen in the game “Rocket League” I will write another solution. But for now, we’ll look at how
to connect F710 to Windows 10 only. If we downloaded this file, open it. And there is instruction that another pads may not work. Do nothing with them. We need to check bateries, etc.
There is all instruction.
You can read it after open this software. So, move on.
What we have to do? That’s why we need connector close at hand. Everytime, to make it work, we need to remove and
instert it because of this instruction. 1st point: unplug connector from the USB port Next, remove one battery from pad. Reinsert connector to the Usb port. And reinstert battery to pad. We have 30 sec for this,
as you can see on the countdown. This is 4th point on the instruction.
Whitin 30 seconds, reisntert battery back. We can see a notification, that is done. And I will show you that really works. Let me take game “Witcher3”. At once, after pull the stick, we can see change.
I use mouse… and again stick. You can see change of working driver in the right-bottom corner. So, as you can see, everything works fine. Thank you for your attention.
I hope, that will help. See you!


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