How to Fix Stereo Mix for Good on Windows 10

If you’re watching this video, no doubt
you are irritated by stereo mix not working at all. So in this video, I’m
going to show you how to really fix stereo mix. But some of you who are not
used to stereo mix may be wondering what’s the big deal about this stereo
mix? Well it’s pretty important because it allows you to record sound coming
from your PC. You don’t need a microphone to do this. This is why stereo mix is
awesome! And so this is why many of you are trying to make it work. But it just
won’t work! So, let’s fix it! But, before we begin, we
need to make sure that stereo mix is enabled in the first place — because
oftentimes — stereo mix is there but it’s disabled. To do that, all you have to
do is click the start button and then type ‘input device’ in a search field and
then from the search results click ‘Choose your input device.’ And now under
where it says ‘Input’ click ‘Manage sound devices.’ Alright, go down and go to ‘Input
devices’ again. And then if stereo mix is disabled, you should see it under the
‘Disabled’ section. And then if it is disabled, click it and then click ‘Enable’ —
and now stereo mix should work. Sigh! But what if this doesn’t work for you?
Well, here is how you can really fix this issue. So, what you have to do is download
and install the audio drivers for your computer. And doing this is fairly simple.
All you have to do is go online and then type the following information: your
computer’s manufacturer, the model number, and then type ‘audio driver download .’ So,
in my case, I’m going to type the ‘Lenovo ‘thinkstation p300 audio driver download.’
So in your case for example it may be something like the ‘Optiplex 7060 audio
driver download.’ So, it depends on your computer. And if you don’t know your
computer’s model information, all you have to do is click the ‘Start’ button.
Type ‘system information’ in the search field and then select ‘System information’
from the search results and — voila! You should see a list of system specs. And
then from there, you should see your system model number and manufacturer
name. alright, so once you have typed that information, click search. And now here
are the results! Ideally, it’s best to download the audio
driver from the manufacturers website. So if your computer’s manufacturer is Dell, download it from Dell. If it is from HP, download it from HP. So since my
computer’s manufacturers is from Lenovo, I’m going to download the drivers from Lenovo’s website. So I’m going to click it and now I’m going to go down — and
there you go — here are the audio drivers! And now once I download them, install
them, and restart my PC, voila! Stereo mix should be working again.
But, you see, for a few of you not even this fixes the problem. But, happily, there
is even a better way — a much better way to record sound coming from your PC than
stereo mix — and it’s free! And it’s in your computer. You don’t even know it. In
fact, I don’t even use stereo mix anymore to record sound coming from my PC. And
the secret is by using the Windows Audio Session API. I have a very simple, 2-minute
video on how to record high quality sound coming from your PC. And to
see it, please check the link in the video description. For more videos like
this, please subscribe and thanks for watching!


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