How to Grow Lettuce Indoors in the Winter & Grow Light Giveaway // Indoor Garden Series 🌱

hi everyone welcome back to the indoor
garden series now I know a lot of you have shut down your Gardens for the
winter it’s freezing cold outside and your gardens are covered with snow and
you can’t get outside to grow anything or maybe you’re in the south like I am
and you can still grow outside but it’s a lot of fun to have some vegetables
growing indoors so a few weeks ago on the indoor garden series we planted some
microgreens these are so much fun if you haven’t planted in it yet go back and
watch that video you can just snip and clip and throw into your soups and
salads but today we’re gonna grow some lettuce inside now on this video we’re
also doing a giveaway this is so exciting
we’re gonna be giving away this bamboo mini grow light station this is
absolutely beautiful it has a really nice high output light it fits easily
under my cabinet here you can also hang it on the wall so here’s how you enter
the drawing is open to US residents only you want to watch this video and then
make a comment about something you learned in the video and we’ll do the
drawing on Monday November 18th 2019 on our Monday livestream at noon Pacific
time so comment below and then come back and
watch the Monday livestream to see if you’re a winner good luck I hope you win
now let’s go grab some seeds and we’ll plant some lettuce we’re gonna plant
some loads today from the CaliKim lettuce seed collection and I love this
collection there’s five varieties in here and I put this together to make it
easy for new gardeners to get started let’s get some seeds planted growing
lettuce indoors is so quick and simple you just need three things containers
soil and seeds so first off let’s talk containers now you don’t need to go out
and spend a lot of money on containers dig around your house and use whatever
you can find that’s the beauty of it you don’t need a big huge container you want
something that fits the space that you have so if you’re growing on a
windowsill you might want to pick a small container like this one and I
picked these up at the dollar store a couple years ago are we I’ve reused them
for years you can see it’s maybe about four inches or so tall and maybe about
eight inches or so across now I did go ahead and drill holes in the bottom for
drainage you definitely want drainage in whatever container you choose whether it
comes with drainage or you poke holes in it you want the water to drain through
and you don’t want the lettuce root rot now one of my favorite more
decorative containers is this cute little wooden box here and I don’t
remember how I got this but I can use this to go outside indoors it’s really
decorative and pretty sitting right here next to my kitchen sink and I just
really love the look of it and I also drilled holes in the bottom of this
container as well now if you want to go with something a lot more simple dig
through your cabinets and pull out those little reusable plastic containers that
you store your food in so this one I did go ahead and drill holes in as well and
it just makes a nice little tray of lettuce it’s really simple and you don’t
have to get too fancy today I’m gonna plant some lettuce in these fabric smart
pots now these little small containers hold about a gallon of soil these are
actually the transplant errs which you might have seen me use in the summer
time to transplant tomatoes out in the garden but today we’re going to use them
for growing some indoor lettuce so they’re perfect for that and the cool
thing about these is once you’re done growing you can just fold them up for
easy storage now that we’ve talked containers let’s talk soil now when
you’re growing indoors you definitely do not want to bring in your garden soil
from outside number one it’s just too heavy for containers number two you
might bring in some unwanted pests and you definitely don’t want those flying
around your house so you want to get a good quality organic potting mix and my
favorite is Good Dirt this is a potting mix that’s especially formulated for
indoor growing so it’s really light and fluffy it has a lot of organic and
nutrients in it and it’s made from sustainably harvest peat moss really
helps with the water retention of your soil so it doesn’t dry out as quickly
and what I’m gonna do is pre moisten my soil here I like to do that before I
plant my seeds and I just feel like this helps the soil retain moisture longer
gives the plants what they need right off the bat to start growing right away
so I’m going to add some soil to this container here then I’m going to mix it
in so that all the water gets absorbed into the soil and I’m gonna keep adding
water and mixing it in until the soil is about the consistency of a crumbly
brownie mix you don’t want it to be too wet
you don’t want there to be any dry spots now that our soil is a consistency of a
nice crumbly brownie mix we’re gonna fill our containers fill my little smart
pots all the way full here now that we have our containers full
with soil let’s plant some seeds well we’re gonna plant lettuce today from the
CaliKim lettuce seed collection five varieties in there when you’re growing
lettuce it’s always fun to have different colors and different textures
it really makes your salad pretty and it’s also a lot of fun so today we’re
gonna plant some Paris Cos romaine which is one of my favorites and it’s
growing right here in this little container very beautiful variety of
lettuce and also a red romaine so we’ll have some green lettuce and some red
lettuce in our salads it’s going to be very pretty
now growing lettuce indoors is also a really fun project to do with kids now a
lot of times what you can do is give them their own little container to grow
in they’ll get excited about seeing the lettuce grow and sprout and a lot of
times it’ll help them eat salads even more so first off we’re just gonna pour
a few of the Paris cause seeds into my hand growing lettuce is just so so
simple and I’m just gonna sprinkle the seeds over the surface of the soil you
just even this out here a little bit now if you can sprinkle your seeds one to
two inches apart but you can see they’re so tiny so they’re hard to get spaced
out really evenly so don’t worry about it if you get a few more dropped in
there you can always send the little seedlings out as you grow so just
lightly sprinkling it over the surface of the soil now lettuce needs light to
germinate so you don’t even need to cover it with soil all you have to do
just kind of lightly press it down so it has good contact with the soil I’m gonna
spray it with a little mist of water now let’s pop some red romaine seeds
into this little smart pots container I love growing red romaine because it’s
just such a beautiful color it’s always fun to see the beautiful red salad
growing indoors so we’re just gonna sprinkle some seeds over the soil just
like we did with the other container now when you’re growing lettuce it’s a good
idea to plant seeds in a container every couple of weeks
that way when you’re done harvesting from one container you’ll have brand new
lettuce greens coming up ready to take their place so I’ll just press down the
top of the soil spray it with water and I’m gonna pop some little tags in so I
don’t forget what variety I planted now that we have our lettuce seeds planted
they need some light so they grow those beautiful tasty greens now you can pop
them in a window that has three to four hours of sunlight a day keep in mind
though lettuce is a cool weather vegetable so you don’t want your window
to get too hot now what I found is that lettuce grows best under grow lights now
don’t let that scare you I have a video on three easy setups that are quick and
inexpensive to get set up however remember that giveaway we talked about
the beginning of the video the giveaway today is for this bamboo mini grow light
it’s super decorative it fits right under the cabinet and I’ve really been
enjoying having easy access to my greens and my herbs so we’re just gonna pop our
smart pots right under the grow light here now normally I recommend that you
put your seeds no more than two inches away from the light
but because this is such a high output light your plants can be farther away
from it and grow just beautifully one thing that makes lut is so quick and
simple to grow inside is that the seeds break through the soil so fast so it’s
an especially friend project to do with kids so give them the job of keeping an
eye on the lettuce containers make sure that they watch the top of the soil when
it turns a light brown color let’s have them come in and spray it and they are
gonna get so excited when they see the seeds break through the soil in about
three to five days now your lettuce is ready to harvest in about four to six
three gonna look just about like this it’s
gonna be so fun to come in here pick off a few little leaves what I like to do is
just pinch off a couple of the outer leaves it’s called the cut and come
again method then after about a week or so some of the leaves will start growing
back you got your first little salad I want to thank Gardener’s for making
this beautiful bamboo mini grow light available for our giveaway make sure you
enter the giveaway you definitely don’t want to miss this one comment below
about something you learned in the video and that is your entry we’ll do the
drawing on Monday November 18th 2019 on our noon pacific time livestream so tune
back in to see if you’ve won and remember the giveaway is open for US
residents only so grab yourself a lettuce seed collection over on my
website get yourself some lettuce seats planted indoors it’s gonna be so much
fun to have those fresh tasty salads growing inside when it’s too cool to
grow anything outside thanks so much for watching we’ll see you on the next video


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    GIVEAWAY:  Win a Bamboo Mini LED Grow Light ( by commenting below about something you learned in the video.  1 winner will be drawn on our YouTube livestream on Monday, November 18, 2019 – tune in to see if you are the lucky winner! 

    Thanks to Gardener’s Supply Company, for making this giveaway possible!

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