How to install Mediatek Smartwatch USB drivers on Windows

In this video tutorial, I’m going to explain how to install VCOM drivers for your Mediatek smartwatch on your Windows PC. The Mediatek smartwatches tend to vary in chipset. You have some running on feature like the MT62xx (feature) and you have some running on the more recent ones like MT65xx, MT67xx etc What you should know about this variation in chips is that the feature chipsets have their own kind of drivers and how you install the drivers. Whereas the more recent chips have their own kind of drivers and how you install so I’m going to be going through the two technique here. I don’t know what type of smartwatch you have so I’m going to be showing you how to install the drivers for either scenario. You’ll need Mediatek drivers I have my drivers here which you can download from the website. After you’ve downloaded your drivers I have my VCOM drivers here (for newer chipsets) while I have the one for feature smartwatches (MT62xx etc) Ensure you have disabled drivers signature verification if you’re using Windows 8 and above this is because the drivers you’re going to be installing are unsigned. Although some of them are signed a good number of them are unsigned. We already have a guide on how to do that, you can check our website and YouTube channel. Once that is done, what you need to do is launch device manager. We’re going to be installing the drivers. The first is for MT65xx and the rest (newer chips). Once you’ve opened device manager, you just highlight any item then click Action – Add legacy hardware Next – Install the hardware that I manually select from a list – Next – Next – Have Disk – Browse Navigate to the location of your VCOM drivers. I just joined both drivers under the Mediatek USB VCOM drivers This will not be in the same folder as this when you extract OK? Just to make that clear. So You open this Drivers folder – USB VCOM Driver. If yours is an XP or Vista, you select. if its Windows 7 & above, open the Windows 7 folder. I’m using a Windows 10 PC so I select the Win7 folder Now, this (X86) is for 32 and this (x64) is for 64 bit. To konw which your PC is, right-click on My Computer (This PC), select Properties and you can see yours under System Type Mine is 64 bit. I come back here, select for 64 bit & click Open – OK – Select Mediatek Preloader USB VCOM Port Next – Next and you just wait for the drivers to get installed. Click Finish. If your smartwatch is of the newer chip (MT65xx and above), you’ve just installed drivers and can go ahead okay? Now, I’m going to show you how to install the drivers for feature smartwatches (MT62xx etc) Back to my mediatek VCOM folder. Here you have your CDC driver, MS USB ComPort driver, MTK USB driver and this is for Windows 10 users, Its the same this as the USB VCOM drivers I just installed its about the same thing so I don’t need to go through that. I’ll just be manually installing the CDC driver and automatically installing these 2. For the CDC driver, I just come back here to device manager I just highlight any item (same process as VCOM drivers). In fact, its thee same process for manually installing a driver. The only thing that varies is the driver file (.inf) you select. Here I select CDC Here, I’ll just select my CDC. You might not have to install all these drivers. Select Install this driver anyway. The reason why I’m installing all these is to make you know how to go about it in case you install one driver and the software is still not detecting your smartwatch. You install the next driver then try again. Keep trying several drivers till you find the right one. I’m starting with the most basic ones which is your VCOM & CDC driver. I have my CDC installed. Now, you’re going to automatically install these (don’t need manual installation) just double-click InstallDriver [Run Anyway]. (Click) Yes when prompted. That is done, easy as that. The next one is this (MTK USB Driver). This one has a compatibility issue so so what you do is install using Compatibility settings. Install USB drivers for Windows Vista successful When you ave that error, just select Install using Compatibility Settings. So far, I’ve installed the drivers which should work for your smartwatch running on more recent chipsets and the ones running on older chips so you should have a detection after installing the drivers the way I’ve installed them. but, in some cases, you might find out that after installing all these drivers, the tool is still not detecting your smartwatch. I’m going to show you a trick which could be the game changer for you. It has helped me a lot of times so I’m going to share it with you. Now, when you’ve installed many drivers for your smartwatch and its still not getting detected, you’ll need to trigger the PC to install the smartwatch’s driver from the smartwatch. To do that, take out the battery from the smartwatch. This also works for phones its a way you can force compatible driver installation. You’re going to take out the battery and hold the power button. (For smartphones, you might hold the volume down or up button) some times it might be the Power and Volume up or Power and Volume down. It tends to vary but either ways, you remove the battery to hold the button combo. While holding the power button, connect the smartwatch to the PC via USB. Now you can see this. Just leave it this way to keep installing I have a constant connection and disconnection. Yours might actually vary. It can keep installing till then you’re going to see a COM Port driver being installed. Maybe because I’ve done it already on this tab so that’s why I’m not having a Com Port message but you might have the Com Port message. popup on your screen. After installing drivers and still can’t find one for your smartwatch, just take out the battery, hold the power button then connect it to the PC and just keep holding it. that is going to install the smartwatch’s driver on your PC and you should have detection. these are the steps to install drivers on your PC for your Mediatek smartwatch


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