How to Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox using Windows 10


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    Overview and Hypervisor Types: 0:01
    Download VirtualBox: 2:49
    Install VirtualBox: 4:00
    Download Ubuntu: 5:53
    How to enable Intel VT-x / AMD-v: 6:45
    Create Ubuntu Virtual Machine in VirtualBox: 8:40
    Install Ubuntu in VirtualBox: 12:00
    Fix Ubuntu screen resolution in VirtualBox: 16:34
    Copy and paste from Windows to Ubuntu: 18:36

    Free Network Software:
    SolarWinds TFTP Server:
    WAN Killer:
    Engineers Toolset:
    IP Address Scanner:
    Network Device Scanner:
    Wifi Heat Map:
    Wifi Analyzer:
    SolarWinds NPM:

  • Thank you David. I currently use Mint 😅

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  • Nice video

  • Hi there. Thnx for the valuable knowledge you are spreading. May I know please, why choosing VirtualBox in this case over VMware? Thank you

    P.s. why choosing Ubuntu over Unix?

    Could you make a short video on explaining the differences on them please?

    VMware, VirtualBox, Ubuntu, Unix, Linux from a network engineer perspective and their usage/pros and cons and your recommandations.

    Thank you

  • Aaa David…I'm a bit jealous because l too would like to be taking them walks bear footed on the beach as well…Thanks for the tutorial! 🙏

  • virtualbox is the most should support nest virtualization than other virtual software on intel

  • There's a dude stealing your videos and trying to make money out off it. You should report them. They are also spamming Reddit etc.

  • I heard what you said about Cutting Out The Noise last year and to watch myself & limit Facebook/Game Of Thrones and other low priority tasks. And then I passed my AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam 2 days ago, to add some hybrid CLOUD networking cred to my name. Got to love cloud! –Mark M

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    Great explanation David, I need to learn Linux as soon as possible

  • I'm more of a VMware guy. However I learnt something new on virtual box today. Thank you

  • Nice video. Is there a special reason to use Virtualbox over VMWare player? Will you be doing a homelab video for training for your CCNA/VMware exams?

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    Thank you David for this Video, i would ask you please, can you please make another video for Hacking Wireless Network using Kali with it's tools, thanks in advance

  • Great explanation, can you please add more LINUX & Python LAB for Network Automation

  • Great Video David

  • Great tutorial. Had this for a while on my device but I might need to update my preferences now for font adjustment. Thank you sir. Always learning more from your content 👍

  • Can you please make video social websites hacking

  • Can you please make video social websites hacking

  • Can hackers make their own hacking tools? Also can hackers make tools similar to nmap or wireshark without copying them?

  • Can you show us how to protect from DDOS attacks?

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