How to install XAMPP in Windows 10 & 8.1/8/7

in this video we learn how to install XAMPP on Windows for PHP & MYSQL so let’s start Open Browser Type Type XAMPP in Google Open the Website Click on XAMPP for Windows Click Start Download or Choose Cancel If You Go To XAMPP Versions Download Page Click On Download Menu Button Click on Download(32 bit) Click Start Download After The Downloaded Your XAMPP Setup File Saved in Download>Programs Folder or Download Folder Click the Setup File or Press Enter The XAMPP Setup Click Yes Or No Click Next Again Next Click Next Click Next Click Next Click Next Click Allow Access Click Finish Click Show/Hide XAMPP Control Panel Click Start Button Click Start Button Click Allow Access Click Config Click Apache Click MySql Click Save Open Browser Open New Tab Type localhost So the XAMPP Installed and Also Running You Can Also Check Php Version or php info You Can Also Check PhpMyAdmin, So Click That Thank for Watching Video If You Like This Video Then Subscribe Rajindera Comp Channel


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