How To Remove Shortcut Arrows From Icons in Windows 10 Tutorial

If you are not very fond of these little arrows
beneath every application shortcut available on your Windows Desktop, then you can entirely
get red all of them. To do this, you need to tweak your Windows Registry, and do take
a backup of your Windows Registry before modifying it.
To backup your registry, click the File Menu, and then click Export. Type a name and choose
the location where you want to save your registry. From the Export Range, click All, and then
click Save. If something goes wrong, then later you can import the same registry file,
from the File menu. Now, you are ready to go. To remove arrows
from the application shortcut, move to the following location.
Once you are there, you need to create a registry key. Right-click on Explorer, point to New,
and then click Key. Name your new key, “Shell Icons” and press Enter Key. Now you need to
create a String Value inside your new Shell Icons key. Right-click on Shell Icons, point
to New, and then click String Value. Name the new String Value, 29, and press Enter
key. Double-click the newly created String Value, and enter the following value, and
press OK. Close the registry editor. Now, restart your computer, or sign out and sign
in back. And here you go! No more junky arrows under your Desktop Shortcut.
Anytime you need the arrows back, then just delete the Shell Icons key, and restart your
PC. If you like this trick, then don’t forget to hit like button, and do subscribe to our
channel for more upcoming videos. Have a nice day, and take good care of yourself!


  • I did this, it worked at first. Now all my icons are just black. I can still read the text below the black icons.

  • this doesn't work anymore after the most recent windows 10 update.

  • Thanks!

  • This does not work! It will work one time but if you update your computer or install a new video driver your icons will turn into a black box. Now. If you change your screen settings and make your icons larger you will then have a black square in the corner instead of those damn shortcut arrows.

  • Vatoum Productions


  • i dont get it !!! ;( ;( ;(

  • I don't have the Current Version folder.

  • Richard Davidson

    yeah it got rid of the arrows. BUT leaves a huge black square instead, thats actually bigger than the arrow and way more annoying. But this isn't your fault so im not giving the video a thumbs down ( or up tbf ) , as someone else said it's probably got something to do with a recent update. But if you find a new way to remove the arrows please message/reply to my comment as id really like to get rid of them. Its surprising how something so small and how something that doesn't even effect the folder can be soooo annoying !! I make a lot of folder shortcuts because most of my folders are for something ( obviously, you know what i mean ) and i like to personalise what the folder is for by changing the folders icon and for some reason you cant change a folders icon unless its a shortcut. At least thats the only time iv found the option to do so. It looks a lot nicer too than just a bunch of yellow folders and i find what im looking for a lot quicker as well as i look for the folders image. So with that said i hope you find a new way to bypass this.

  • Richard Davidson

    Some of you will be getting black squares where the curved arrow used to be. Iv spoke to ' The Teacher ' and iv asked for him to make an updated video as he gets 20k+ subscribers where as the young woman in this video, who sorts the problem out in a minute length video, she only has 3 videos and 7 subscribers so more people will get the fix if he updates his but until then i thought id post the link to her video, which is
    Or if your unsure about clicking a link that for some reason doesn't come up with a preview ( i know i sometimes avoid them ) just search for Neekita Banana ' How to remove black squares on shortcut arrows in Win 10 '
    Took me less than 3 minutes to watch her video , follow her instructions and then you just either sign out and back in or restart to save changes. Its basically the same video as the one above except for 1 step in the regedit . Should say thanks to Neekita Banana for her video. I noticed you only have 3 videos, if you know more tweaks or high end tech stuff you should definitely think about making some more because after i tried it the way in the video here by ' The Teacher ' i watched more than a few that resulted in the same situation before finally finding yours


  • thanks so much

  • Balázs Kiss-Pusztai

    Thanks! It's worked!


    Hey, it worked for me, but, I forgot to save a back up… What if I want to put it back to normal? Is there any safe way to do it?

    EDIT: My bad. I didn't watch the video all the way to the end. I have this habit of doing things as the tutorial goes on, which I probably shouldn't do. I might mess up something that the tutorial doesn't specify on how to solve. Or miss an important warning that I'd only get after the tutorial was over, and by that time, I had already done my stuff. Sorry about that.

  • %SystemRoot%system32shell32.dll,-52
    worked for me

  • thanks ….. its done

  • Hey… By seeing this video i removed all my short cut symbols from my desktop… Now it shows a black square box on every icon except my computer and recycle bin… I tried to import the registry file… But it fails… What should I do now… Please help me

  • It's not working properly. Now a black portion is showing in the icons. What would I do?

  • tried it step by step….still have arrows…did nothing.

  • Jejaka AlamMaya

    To remove BlackBox squares from icons. i did this.
    Go back to the shell icons 29 that you just made. Double click to bring up value data. DELETE VALUE DATA!
    Just leave that box empty. Okay. Restart/log off. No boxes, no arrows. Just clean icons!
    Remove Shortcut Arrows via Third Party Tools

  • baykuş sevdalı biri daha benim gibi

  • Thanks it work …

  • %windir%System32shell32.dll,-50
    thank me later

  • Worked perfectly. Thanks!

  • Yeah, it just made a massive white box.

  • Thank you very much!! I was looking for it from a long time and finally I made it! Very good explication:)

  • A little bit fast the mouse movements to undestand but it works;)

  • Easy solution to everyone
    Download Winaero Tweaker
    When you download it,open it and find in File Explorer–>Shortcut Arrow–>No arrow
    It also works for all kind of problems
    If it works please like this post and write comments
    Enjoy and thanks 🙂

  • Thanks! ♥
    I tried the one I'm familiar with (changing the root>lnkfile>IsShortcut to something like XIsShortcut), but it messed with my Chrome taskbar shortcut. This one, however, works flawlessly, so thanks again! 😀

  • I did this on my desktop. Tried to do the same thing on my laptop. It worked, except my computer couldn't find my audio software. Can't figure out why. I might have a guess so I'll try to see if I can do anything about it. But for now I deleted the key.

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  • well i did that exactly and they are still there. they are small round green arrows. well this did work once before but windows 1809 for whatever reason it doesn't work. any suggestions?

  • Grand Moff Tarkin

    Little… black… boxes…

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer (thank me later)

  • Found an alternate solution, credit to registry file:

    – Download that and put the blank.ico in any folder you desire (MUST NOT DELETE THIS ICON).
    – Use the same "29" registry but instead of using "Shell32.dll" icon and set the transparency to "-50" in Windows' default folder "%windir%" (which will keep resetting to "0" everytime you update Windows or graphic driver), put the link to the absolute fucken nothing blank.ico icon like this:

    It should work forever now.

    Do the steps in video, log off/log in, and after you see the black square go back to the registry you just created, and delete the value under 29. Log off and log in again.

  • Garvežiukas Tomas

    Use Ultimate Windows Tweaker, you can disable shortcut arrows in one click without any glitches and it has a million other similar tweaks. I've been using it for years.

  • Works perfectly. Although some people report there is software to automate this task, but this method is for users that don't want to download and install anything, only to remove stupid arrows

  • Людмил Крумов

    Leave the key value blank and see what happens after the system restart 🙂

  • I suppose if I were commander DATA from the starship Enterprise I'd be able to process the information as fast as you're showing it. Thanks for the lightning speed tutorial Flash Gordon. Next.

  • Joao Pedro Rezende

    thank you

  • now it shows a black square :/

  • Sebastian Mendez

    Do NOT do this, I tried restoring the registry editor after I backed it up, it got an error, then when I turned on my PC it wouldn't start so I had to restore a backup, and now my computer is slow, and Chrome and my anti-virus won't start, and I can't even uninstall them after so I can just reinstall. What a nightmare.

  • thank you 😀

  • working. thanks

  • It still works, thank you very much!!!

  • It works!
    There's only one problem. I simulated importing the saved Registry file to see if it worked and i was met with a "Cannot Import… Error accessing the registry" error.
    Is there a way to manually undo this in case I need to?

  • im getting these black squares now instead of the short cut icon

  • thx. . also for other fix and nice Windows customization, google for Folderchanger

  • Thanks so much, those little blue arrows annoyed me so much!

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