How to share printer in windows 10, 8 & 7 without hub, switch or router | Also Print from smartphone

guys do you have only one printer and
multiple computers at your home or office then this video is for you. Hello friends this is Abhishek here and welcome back to my channel technical
tech. In my today’s video I’m going to show you how to share a single printer
with the thousand of computers at your home or office and this trick is going to
work without a router. How to do these let’s find out before starting this video I would like
to tell you guys, we are having our website and also an
Android application Networking Plus where you can get the soft copy of
networking and you can also easily practice online networking quiz and it
is absolutely free. So guys you can download the application from Google Play Store and also the link is given in the description section below. So friends as
here you can see we are having one desktop one laptop one is smartphone and one
printer and I have to print from all the devices using this printer I mean to say
in this video I will show you how you can connect all these three devices to
this single printer if you are having thousand devices this trick is going to work too.
Just you have to follow the same steps for all the thousand computers so how to do this
let’s get started. So guys, If you have Router at your home or office then it is fine, you can do the same trick with the help of router but most of the basic
users don’t have router at their home and also they don’t have any switch hub
so without the help of that they are thinking they cannot share the printer but
guys smartphone is with everyone. Now a days
smartphone is a device which you can find easily in the hand of everyone. So
in this video I am going to show you how to share a single printer with
thousands of computer with the help of your smartphone. So guys, the first step
what we have to do is make sure to turn on the hotspot on any single smartphone available with you and the step number two is connect all the available devices to this particular hotspot. So that they can communicate with each other. Make sure you have to turn on the hotspot of only single smartphone not multiple
smartphone, okay make sure, turn on the hotspot of any
single smartphone and connect all the devices to this particular hotspot. If
you want to give a print job with your smartphone then you can also connect the smartphone to this particular hotspot
too because I will also show you how to print from your smartphone step number
three is connect your printer to any single computer you have multiple
computers right but you have to connect your printer to any single computer this
is the step number three step number four is you have to share your printer
to all the connected devices so how to share let’s find out so I’m going to
configure something in this laptop as you can see guys my printer is directly
connected to this laptop okay and it is not connected to desktop that is not
connected to smartphone now what I will do is I will share this single printer
to all these device so guys as you can see this is my laptop and it is get
connected to my smartphone’s hotspot So make sure all the devices from which you
want to give print out it must be get connected to the same hotspot and for
doing this you no need any internet connection I mean to say without
internet also it is it will work absolutely fine. you have to share this
printer to all the devices so what you have to do is you have to go to the
control panel just type in the search box control and here you can see it’s
control panel so go to control panel inside control panel go to device and
printers so this is the printer which is installed in this computer. this is
HP Deskjet printer so this printer is directly connected to this single
laptop. So what you have to do is just right click on this printer and
click on printer properties here we find option called sharing click
on this and click on share this printer click on apply and click on ok that’s
all now it’s all done now what you have to do is just close this so guys we have
successfully connected to all the devices to this particular
hotspot and also we have shared the printer, right. Now let’s find out how to
access this shared printer from other devices such as laptop desktop
smartphones or etc so guys I have configured the printer in this laptop
now I will access the same printer from this desktop computer. As we know that
this printer is not connected to this desktop computer but still now I am
able to access the printer. How, let’s find out. As for example I am going to
create one blank document going to create one text document and
let’s type here Hi and I am going to print this now. Go to file and print. By
default it will not show the printer here so what you could do is you have to
click on find printer or click on add printers and just click on find printer right click turn on Network Discovery and
file sharing now go to network, as here you can see, this is
my laptop from which I have seared the printer and its name is Abhishek PC so
just open this. As here you can see HP Deskjet, this is the printer name which
came here right. Click on select Click on install driver that’s all, now select this printer and
click on print. Bingo, it’s all done as here you can see the print job has started
and it is successfully printed. see high so if you are having thousand computers
you can directly access the computer by following the step which I had shown you
right now now I will show you how you can give the printout from your
smartphone yes guys it will work too. Even, you can print from your smartphone – let
me show you how to do this. For doing this, you have to install an Android
application which name is print share available in Google Play Store so this
is the application which I am talking about so open this application and by
using this you can print lots of things like picture contact
calendar or webpage messages if you have message in your smartphone you can print
that too. You can print the call logs documents from Google Drive for mail
anything you can print out okay so let’s take an example I’m going to print the
call log see you guys total 33 pages are available so I will select this single
page and click on print bingo it’s all done as you can see all
the call logs are get printed Give this video a big
thumbs up !!!


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