How To Solve Update for Universal C Runtime In Windows 7 KB2999226?

Today’s video will help you to solve Update
for Universal C Runtime in Windows (KB2999226) and This video is for Windows 7 users. I have abandoned to use Windows 7 since Windows
10 public availability. Last week After a long time, I installed Windows
7 for testing a software. Installation and drivers were done perfectly. But When I tried to install a third party
software, An error was waiting preventing me from installing the software. The error was Update for Universal C Runtime
in Windows (KB2999226). Well, Technically, We can’t call it an error. Actually KB2999226 is a Windows 7 update. Since I was in hurry I skipped Windows 7 updates
procedure and rushed to install the program. This is the hindrance Which does not let you
install a software which requires C Runtime library to work. Installing this Windows update is the simple
solution to this problem. But the problem arises when Windows update
does not work. As Windows update is notorious for ditching
When We need it. I tried Windows update But It did not help
me to get rid of this problem. Even I tried third party Windows update programs
to get this update but nothing worked. I Googled and downloaded an update with this
name and installed But It did not work. Then I paid close attention to error dialogue
box and found a link. I copied that link and opened in web browser. I downloaded this update for Windows 7 and
then installed it. Fortunately, It worked and I managed to install
my desired software. All the procedure is simple and very easy. All you need to do is download the offline
installer of this update from Microsoft website. You may find the download link in the description
below. Please download this update according to your
system type. As I have a 64 Bit PC and I will download
64 Bit. After download, Click to launch the installer. Please wait, It will scan your system. Click Yes to confirm. The update is being installed. It could take a few minutes. Installation is complete. Please close it. You may now install your desired programs
and should not face this error again. I do hope this short video has helped you
to get rid of this problem. You may ask for help using the comment section
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