How to stay safe this weekend #NZLvIRE

Kia ora, and welcome aboard
this quarter-final between New Zealand and Ireland. Having won two out of
the last three games, some Irish supporters may be
expecting a pleasant journey. However, we happen to think you might be in for
some upcoming turbulence. During the haka,
fasten your seatbelts tight so you don’t flee for
the exits too early. Before kick-off, stow all handheld
electronic devices in your pockets, as they may be dislodged and fly
into the screen in front of you. (CHILD WHIMPERS) Stow away young children
on the off chance that language may become
a little colourful. In the event of an
early New Zealand try,… (ALL GROAN) …lean forward into
the crouch position, with your head in your hands. Nice. Should those tries repeat,
make your way to your nearest exit. Here, here and here. Should the game go down to the wire, an oxygen mask will
automatically drop down. Otherwise, please remain seated until your disappointment
has come to a complete halt. Thank you for choosing
to fly Air New Zealand. To all our Shamrock-loving friends, we look forward to seeing
you again soon – in four more years. Kia kaha! Go New Zealand!


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