• 10 minutes in, I was 100% sure, it was Graham's channel lmao

  • 1. Sell your computer.
    2. Sell your car.
    3. Sell your house.
    4. Sell your kids.
    5. Sell a kidney.
    6. Buy an SSL mixing console.

  • UAD is better than waves though. Also you legally have to disclose if you were paid to promote a product on your video. It's been a law for almost a year now.

  • I don't really hear a snare drum in there. There's something that sounds more like a high tom. And the acoustic guitar seems pointless. Can't hear it and has no real effect. Any regular member of the public listener wouldn't hear or miss it.

  • UAD sound way better!

  • I spent a good amount of time with Reason when I got back into DAW's around Reason 3. After Reason 5, I stopped and moved to Ableton. What was interesting about Reason 5 and when it was separated as Record was the SSL 9000k. After watching years worth of tutorials an engineer who was born and raised mixing on the SSL 9000k did a youtube video on how to use it in Reason and he mentions to start with the Master Bus compressor turned on. I was like …huh? What frustrated me about the workflow is to someone who has not been to school for audio engineering it is not intuitive. My final mixes I abandoned in Reason simply because after getting everything sounding the way I wanted it to the exported audio would drop several db and didn't sound the way it was in the studio monitors especially when moved to another system. And so, I dove into the world of VSTs and Ableton. Now years later, I'm going to dive into Pro-tools with a ton of research into waves audio, uad and other things to help a mix. Ideally, I feel now I can finish my tracks but I'd rather hire someone who has been to school for this sort of thing or has a good ear and talent for it. Not everyone does. And I feel it is money well spent to send on your audio stems to a professional. I'd love to do it myself but an engineer is really best seeing their ears will be unbiased and that is just as important as the plug-ins.

  • Street Code Beats


  • I like these plugins and any other Waves plugin but if you want SSL buy SSL plugins.

  • its WANK.

  • charlesandhisworld

    One helluva marketing BS title

  • Henrik Petersson

    Graham recently made a podcast making a case against third party plugins, and here he is marketing third party plugins.

  • Boy, I bet if Graham shit into a bucket he could make it sound good.

  • 0:07 You can not get Software plug ins to replicate the an SSL. You can emulate it but there is no way in hell the caps, diodes, components on a motherboard and CPU are going to exactly replicate the SSL. This video is merely a sales pitch. However, these are great plug ins. they sound amazing. Just don't think your going to have an exact copy of an SSL desk.

  • What about waves nls?

  • I'm sure I read somewhere that the plugins add an analogue interpolation so that 2 channels with the same audio, same SSL plug in with the same settings will sound different to mimic the different in the analogue path. I also find that when wearing a button down collar, I think it sounds better when those buttons are engaged but that's just personal opinion.

  • And knowing Waves, it probably costs as much as an actual SSL 4000 console.

  • Ultimately if you are creating music for the youth market, you dont need an SSL (either real or virtual), super expensive monitors etc as most of the listeners will be playing your music out of crappy Apple ear plugs or worse out of the speaker on their phone from crappy MP3 files that have been compressed to buggery.

    Music has come full circle from the days when teens would play singles on cheap record players with built in tinny speakers to now where most dont even own a decent stereo and play everything on their phone or laptop.

    Now if you are mixing music for old gits (like me) or for film soundtracks, then thats another story.

    But visit most large studios now and most use their SSL/Neve desks as expensive coffee tables as most of their action goes via a ProTools rig. Unless you are regularly recording 60 piece orchestras or Metal drummers with their Double Kick 20 piece kits, you really only need about 8 channels of I/O at any one time.

  • How many albums has Graham produced using an SSL console?

  • Noiselab Project

    Now ……………… wouldn`t it be good if the visuals of the Plugins could be embedded into the daw so that you could see all of them at a glance like the real thing without having to open/close them each time ?

  • If you compared this with an actual SSL, the difference would blow your mind.

  • carlahaash_futbolera argentina

    WTF!!! this guy have not medium or major credits, his mixes are mehh and now is being glorified??? The audio World is becoming so lame and commercial. Plus this video is for Fools, nothing special here…Waves is so sad where you are going!

  • Purple Monkey Dishwasher PMD

    Hey Graham! Thanks for the great tips. I would love to try using this method as a starting point in my mixes.

  • how did you put the plugin into every track at the same time? keyboard shortcuts?

  • "How to turn your computer into an SSL Mixing Console for 800$ dollars"

  • Montgomery Haines

    Thanks, your the best. Keep up the good work.

  • inserting SLL 4000 plugs on 48 tracks….CPU(?) I Love U!

  • The "Hosa Guy" after watching his video about "Mixing in Mono, the secret" I lost total respect for this dude..what a terrible video, total no sense…the amount of BS
    there is just a fools catcher

  • Fantastic idea, but my questions are these, 1.)will it be using the computer's CPU?(2.)How many instruments can a plugin like that handle at a time?

  • Why can't I hear any differences? I think I have to change my monitor speakers.

  • Robert Tsuhako

    What would be great is if Waves had a "vertical" view mode on the SSL channel strip to look more like the console strip, the scheps 73 has a + – fader mode?!

  • if youre computer can handle this amount of indivudual channels.

  • Gabriel Noreña

    Just use Reason, then you PC will be an SSL with many more things. Reason 9.5 is coming with VST support.

  • Stenger Sound Source

    Dude! After reading half of the comments below. I think it's [email protected]#$in ridiculous that all the assholes are to busy hatin on the dude for trying lend a hand to people who may not have ever touched any kind of software or hardware for that matter. All he is doing trying to help people and, you do is pick out the stupid shit that you don't like about the dudes setup. Most of the haters are probably still your little bullshit room! Turning out bullshit music and only get on the computer to bash people and jack off! Keep doin what your doin Graham!

  • Remember guys, the recording are made with HQ instruments, mics, amps, processors, eqs, etc…

  • Man I just bought the E channel since it was on sale for $29. I really wish they would release the buss compressor outside of the bundle at some point.

  • And the secret is to mix in stereo using WAVES plugins. What !

  • Hello. If I have in my Waves plugins more options from one type (for example: IR1 efficient Stereo/ IR1 full Stereo/ IR1 mono-Stereo), how do I know which one I should to choose?

    Thank you for all your advices.

  • thanx for all the info on my e mail it helps

  • Is the channel strip in stereo across all the tracks?

  • KRK monitors are Awful for engineering.

  • Doctorfingertips

    Great vid, thanks for the tips.

  • I get hiss noise when I use many SSL plugin.. help pls

  • Why are people arguing what's best and what's not? Doesn't matter, analog or digital, because the mastering limiter is gonna grind your song into utter oblivion

  • I like it. Its no voodoo. Quick and it stands.

  • How you gonna have all that table, panels, racks, and be using KRKs? #Focals

  • This looks just what I'm looking for but I'd really appreciate if you would answer a question… i recently purchased the X32 compact by Behringer and for a smaller setup I purchased the XR18… I was so disappointed with their sound especially on vocals that I have to sell them on!!… question… what hardware do I need to use with this SSL softwares and is it similar to waves multitrack?? Will the vocals be good? This is fir a two vocal setup using backing tracks so I only need 4 channels but vocals must be tops!

  • great plugin. those interested might want to try the Harrison Mixbus 32C console. It was designed from the ground up by Harrison Consoles to simulate their analogue hardware right down to the electrical circuit. But instead of doing that per-track, the entire console is emulated. Correct me if I am wrong. I love using it. The workflow is immediate and fast. No need to display a plugin window floating over your daw. I think propellerhead does a similar thing?

  • Great videos. If I'm using the SSL channel strip Plugin, do I need the Slate VCC Channel (Brit 4K E or G) as well?

  • Reason has all those features built in already!!

  • to much rocket science to me. i'll stick to anolog.

  • I heard it would SSL-ing more by using NLS (Spike), Which is Waves, hence better than Slate VCC (Brit E). Why do you prefer Slate's over Waves ? Reviews said you could only hear a major change using their Neve (Oups! I meant their Brit-N). But Neve's sound is Fat and almost too 200Hertzy compare to Waves NLS (Spike)-SSL Clean-Pure-Raw-Power, after hearing both, on YouTube. I wouldn't use it for saturation, for when all tracks are saturated, no tracks are saturated.
    But only for the magical SSL-4k sound, that only Waves has managed too captured. (Even CLA uses Waves SSL4000 bundle! Plus all Waves CLA-76, 2A,3A and his Waves signature series. He uses his waves presets to use on his real SSL-G+ (boat-size) console.
    When will you have your Waves signature series ? OK cheap joke, but who knows ?????? 😉 Cheers Mate !

  • wow.  I can just look at him all day and never mind what he is saying.  Dude is HOT

  • This is utter bollocks. Some cheap (yet overpriced) Waves plugins will not make you DAW sound like a real world SSL- desk. Sorry.

  • Good King Entertainment Inc

    good video. i have this plugin but never used it

  • What keyboard with touchbar have you got your hands on there Graham.

  • Could you please talk about real outboard gear such as Warm Audio…Klark Teknik…Stam audio
    Universal Audio….not plug-ins please. Thank you.

  • I love this

  • Or… Just learn how to use your DAW, and pay remixing professional about 35 bucks an hour — over the course of five or six hours — to mix you a couple dozen guitars, drum kits, basses, mic settings for different kinds of vocals, and keys with different compression and EQs. Now use your couple dozen tracks to make as many songs as you need (and with a consistent sound) for your project’s songs.

  • What basically he is saying is……. If you want to know how your current song would sound in late 90's then use these plugins to give fake analog noise.

  • Or you can use channel strip plugins designed by SSL

  • Dont waste your time and money with all these plugins. Get a GREAT computer (build it yourself cheaply from tigerdirect or wherever), get a GREAT sound card (prisim?), get a GREAT preamp (neve, chandler, great river, Avalon etc.), and then grab a couple GREAT mics (sm57, 81, 7b, rhode, akg). That’s a GREAT start. Don’t skimp on guitars, bass cause what you put in is what you’ll get out. You’ll need a GREAT singer and a GREAT song too (if you have any hopes of going anywhere). The only plugins I would get would be superior drummer/kontact/omnisphere. You should really aim to have the perfect sound going in and then you won’t have to loose your life savings buying every dam pluggin trying to fix crappy sound. Truth. Plugins are not an investment as they become obsolete when new better ones come out or they stop being supported. DONT GET SUCKED I TO THE PLUGGIN BLACK HOLE! Invest in equipment that retains its value! Don’t buy into the pluggin hype!

  • By pass can't be used for a – b. It change the sound still. And in digital I like by pass for some. Even bank space between insert makes different timing

  • Thanks! Great song, mate! 🙂

  • Reason 10 SSL 9000K Mixer 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

  • now polarity-reversal is advanced? oh my lord.

  • Just for kicks I checked an SSL E 4000 G+ console price on ebay: €59000. And Waves' plug collection costs $299 at their site right now. So it's not the same sound as the console, but… with a bit of perspective, the plugs are useful and practical, especially if you're mixing on the go. Nice presentation.

  • ''And when you Stink… am i stinking ?''


    What about NLS ? you don't use with SSL Channel strip ?

  • It's like 90 % Soundgarden…if I could change just one thing to make it 100% it would be the snare

  • None of your Business

    Having gotten used to REAPER, I am really sorry to say: if your DAW does not have a phase button on its channels, you're not getting your money's worth. Phase is as basic as faders and panning.

  • Marcio Gimenes Ruiz

    I´ve added a Waves NLS, with SPIKE set.

  • Comparing a million dollar mixing console to a plug-in that cost several hundred bucks. 😂😂😂

  • Charlie Stewart

    Do you know the only thing that sounds like an SSL console….is….and wait for it…..AN SSL CONSOLE.

  • A classic.

  • On this topic, are there any good plugins designed to emulate components of those awesome old Neve consoles? I've got tape-simulation, tube compressor and "exciter" plugins that work okay, but none of them seem to add any warmth. Unfortunately, I have to use VST amp-simulation almost exclusively, since none of the amps/effects processors that would give me the versatility I'm after are in my price range, and it would be nice if I could find a plugin to tame the extraneous high-end sizzle that VST amp-sims like Guitar Rig and Amplitube are known for, while adding some warmth, if that's even possible.

  • Nice!!

  • Its also a good idea to use the Waves NLS on the last insert of your channel signal chains in the mix. Obviously the NLS would be set to the SSL configuration… And have the NLS stereo buss on the master fader for the true SSL experience

  • What's the difference between the mix buss and master fader? Why not just use your master fader?

  • I am not sad I don't have pro tools. I don't have pro tools because mac is a lie. mac is nothing but fashion. unfortunately had to use pro tools at work before but those days are gone. and on PC… hell of other choices.

  • Um right!… I have an SSL and no you can't ! Lol

  • i think he s trying to show people how to effectively use daws synched up with a
    modern panel and mixboard, weather you agree with his specifics is another thing.
    everyone has their own thing

  • graham is a douche

  • You have to be careful using SSL on every channel!

  • Here's the problem with this plugin. It's cheap right! Only $29 on sale! Except, I bought this when it was version 9. I just bought a new PC and guess what. While possible, it's very convoluted to install Version 9 and 10 Waves plugins together. Easiest solution is to update your version 9 plugin to version 10 for a fee of $20. (Then I'd have spent $49 on it, starting to get not so cheap). And when version 11 comes out I'd have to pay again. Even though it's the same exact plugin. I was so annoyed and didn't want to give Waves more money, so instead I bought the more highly regarded Brainworx SSL plugin with discounts it was something like $80. Well worth it imo. I thought I'd just sell off my Waves serial number to get just a little bit of money back. Well guess what, I can't sell a Waves plugin unless it's Version 10. PLUS you must pay a fee of 5% on the FULL retail price of $249. So in order to sell it, I'd have to pay more than I could possibly sell it for. So it's money completely lost. I have about 10 waves plugins. I now deeply regret buying them, I will never buy from them again.

  • With the board he is working with, is what we are looking at a digital representation of what is happening within an actual board that offers the actual FUNCTION of an SSL logic board or a digital readout of what is happening inside an Actual SSL mixer?

  • $200 folks

  • ……and then you speak!

  • Love it!
    I was kind of struggeling with having to much fancy plugins and WOW!-making machines in my DAW, when I tried this it was like going back to school and it was really exciting! Fixed my mix! Thank you Graham!

  • From my experience, the SSL plugins make my drums sound worse.

  • One question…. E or G?

  • LOVE my SSL —

  • Pro tools colors are fugly

  • The SSL bundle is nothing less than Waves’ crowning achievement. For the money, the single best plug-in investment I’ve ever made.

  • So, in short. Put the EQ on every channel, and a compressor on the master channel.

  • no fckin sense as Deadmau5 said

  • this guy has that vibe where its impossible for him to be real, and turn off the business persona

  • What if you don't have the cpu power to run SSL's on every track? 🤔

  • Pure bullshit
    A studio console have a massive power unit that gives you a huge headroom
    it change all the workflow

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