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  • I Am Trying To Learning Development
    To Be A Android Developer
    Love U Google

  • Even with 8GB ram gradle build time for multi module apps is very slow. Please let us know techniques that can use more ram and reduce build time. As running apps again and again become very time consuming.

  • Where's my sony xperia xz, it was stolen a year ago

  • We need a faster build/deploy/debug system. Please ALL developers agree with me for Google take serious Action to solve this.

  • hlo sir plzz help me. am convert a website into app but how to download a file in this app plzz give me this code please help me sir

  • even just trying to build one of the sample starter apps using Android Studio on a machine with 4GB ram is one of the most frustrating things Ive ever had to endure. Especially when it the build fails. My suggestion is if you dont have a ton of ram use the command line tools and a light weight but feature full editor, such as VS code.

  • Hahaha! I clicked on this thinking it was a video about how they've improved performance. Nope. Thanks Google.

  • 4GB of RAM is memory-constrained. How times have changed.

  • Не узнал ничего нового

  • I have a dream: A decent and simple to use camera API (like iOS) and a not slower build process (like iOS too)…. Well, I have more than one dream 😢

  • Thanks for this but I hoped google will do something more than this. Look Maybe in US normal people use more ram than 8gb, but it's not same in other country. I use 4 gbram. For example – If I ask my parent about upgrading the ram then my parents will ignore this because I am a student and will ask me why I more ram? They will think to play games even I said for development.
    Plz do something more. Those tweak already in web by many people who shared those. Didn't expected this from Google!

  • What as I do is turn on all of these options and increate heap memory…..is it fun? 🙂

  • I think we have a great chance 🙂

  • Ashwin Arunachalam

    I want it to run faster on 2GB Ram…

  • Wish I had 8GB RAM in my laptop 🙁


  • Haha thought they finally fixed it but no :)) well actually he mentioned everything I have already done. All except the last one about parallel compilation. And there's another trick he forgot to mention, if you got <= 16gb ram just use 32bit version. This will greatly improve the performance.

  • aapt2? It just doesn't work. so yeah – android.enableAapt2=false

  • None of those will help. Even if I give it 3GB of RAM, the IDE will in some time later take it all, becoming slower and slower.
    I think there is a memory leak on the IDE. Maybe for when using the preview of layout XML files.

  • just upgrade to SSD!
    Im using i3 processor 4gb ram + SSD and it's working fast! Better & faster than i7 – 8gb with HDD.

  • Gangadhar Lahane

    Close Chrome and switch to Firefox saves 10% of RAM usage

  • You can use a usb stick as Swap on Linux and as RAM on Windows, it slow down at first but goes well with time.

  • After a long we finally got proper guidance to run Android Studio on low config PC/Laptops. Thanks

  • Android Studio natively on the Pixelbook?

  • I was get used the Visual Studio before I learn Android. What I think is, Google needs to optimize Android Studio so it can be something like "lite". Even Visual Studio is run faster than it. I am looking forward for it… 🙂

  • Dwayne Briddell

    Sorry 20 tabs users…

  • Trias Andriani Soegiharto

    Keep update with your brilliant idea to add more and more and even more background process and more features so we can develop our project faster..

  • not easy to understand, a few years ago an aplication with two, four or inclusive one activity was developed with a ide using one, two o four gigabytes of ram… now come inside AS and a simple activity with a two textFields a buttom and a textview (just talking about a simple addition demo app)need 8 gb of ram and a lot of times for a "building proces" but if is not enought the way to develop in another ide is almost just deleted! 🙂 127 IQ is not enought to see the profit on that… because if you do this when more ram is easy to get for everyone, perfect!! but the case is not that…

  • people…fluuuuuuuuuutttter

  • I get constant freezing when editing xml layouts running on a mac with 16gb of RAM. So probably something wrong with basics

  • المدرسة علمني

    Stanishing paul

  • Android Studio is the worst application I have come across. I am shocked to see how developers produce such crap. It is like buying a Ferrari that goes at 1 km/h, blows an engine when turn the ignition and you have to change the wheels ever 100m. Microsoft Windows and applications are just as bad. This is what happens when you only employ people based on their qualifications and exam result. common sense = 1/Qualifications
    When you read any Microsoft support blog people say they have been trying to solve this bug for DAYS or even WEEKs. so much time wasted because of this idiots.
    For example this guy is this video is explaining how to improve the performance of AS. Well you wrote this software so why don't you do that automatically. That is stupid beyond belief.

  • Its funny bcs xcode runs like rocket on 4gb ram … Android studio need 8gb minimum to runs smooth ** android lag studio

  • For everyone seeking help with their machine, go get an SSD for your PC. Thank me later.

  • In total Tell me how much ram will require to work fast and smooth in Android studio

  • I have an laptop with standard 6gb ram

  • I'm stucked on first step when I close chrome tabs the video stops and can't continue.


  • 10 tab opened on browser + Android Studio and my pc with 8 gb and I5 processor freeze completly.

  • more module and line code, more long to build a project,
    especially when you debug a code. google please make it faster.

  • Dangerous Thunder

    Google, get rid of the shit like android studio please, i have 6 gb RAM, os is Gentoo that consumes 300 mb. But AS and Gradle take too much memory that it is getting full. Why can not you develop fast IDE consuming low memory? I don't like java anymore. Why did not you create IDE on C++?

  • I have 4GB RAM and when I open vscode and Android emulator my PC hangs
    (Doesn't even shutdown's 😳)
    After adding 4GB external RAM will it run fine.

  • Reducing the ram for the virtual device helped me a great time. Thanks.

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