Instagram Karanlık Mod Gece Modu Nasıl Yapılır İOS

Welcome to my pro channel channel friends today with you iOS operating system devices Instagram account and
may be applicable to oursome other applications screen dark mode night mode we can also say how we do it together to dowe
this operation need to have 13 iOS update screen brightness white
how night mode dark mode I’ll make it fromto bottomtop when I slide my finger this way the screen comes inthat here there is one optionis black and white After you choose it Top side gray bottom side white night mode off you are writing
now I’m leaving here again as you see my Instagram black of
course we can as you see my Instagram black of
course we can tell you about Instagram friends right now howreverse black
do wewhite how do we go to the settings section where we go to the screen and brightness part ni come again here in the upper part of the
light and dark in the form of
two mobile phone icon-like shapes are
light part of
selected when thethe background is again lightis when we select the dark partdarker I
hope you will have a good day of expression


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