Install a Moodle Norton Coursepack: A Step by Step Guide

Installing a Norton Coursepack to your Moodle
course is easy and gives students open access to high-quality self-study and assessment
resources paired to their textbook. There’s no cost, no complicated registraion codes
and access is easy. As an instructor, you’re in complete control using a system you already
know and understand. To install a Moodle Coursepack, go to
and navigate to your textbook title by discipline Under the “Coursepacks” heading, find the
Moodle Coursepack file that applied to you. If you’re not sure which file to download,
contact your school’s Moodle Administrator Login as an instructor and then download the
Moodle courspack to your desktop Next, log into to your Moodle course and select
“Restore” from the left hand navigation Select the Coursepack file you just downloaded
by clicking the “Choose File button. Alternatively you can drag and drop the file from your desktop
into the window pictured here. Next, select “Restore” Moodle will ask you a number of questions
before it installs your course. You’ll be able to select which student content and assessment
resources you’d like to install to your course. In the first screen, Moodle will allow you
to review all the content you’ll find in the cousepack, scroll down to review On the next screen, you’ll be asked how and
where your course should be restored. If you’re not sure, contact your Moodle administrator.
Then select Continue Review the settings on the next screen and,
once you’ve made your choices, select NEXT ON the next screen you’ll have the option
of removing content by chapter or by individual item elements. You can uncheck items to prevent
them from being imported into your course. When you’re ready, scroll down and select
NEXT On the next screen, Moodle will have you review
your choices. Scroll down and then select PERFORM RESTORE to start the restoration process. By default, Moodle may have organized coursepack
content by weeks. If you’d prefer to organize your content by topic, select “EDIT SETTINGS
from the left-hand navigation Scroll down and click on “COURSE FORMAT” and
then select “TOPICS FORMAT” from the drop down list. Next add a number of sections that
corresponds to the number of chapter in your textbook plus a few more for good measure.
This will insure that all of the coursepack content you’ve imported will be viewable to
you and to students Norton builds student review and assessment
natively into the Moodle environment giving you complete editoral control in an environment
you already know and understand. To edit your course select “TURN EDITING ON” from the left
hand navigation window. You’ll now be able to edit content in the various topic areas. Click the cog icon to edit Topic Titles Select these icons to move items, edit items
and make items viewable or hidden to students To preview student resources, simply click
on each to launch You can preview chapter quizzes and even edit
them all in the same window You can easily add your own activities, resources,
discussion topics, web pages or even YouTube videos by selecting the Add an activity or
resource link under each topic area. So long as students can access your Moodle course,
they’ll have complete access to resources and assessment–no additional purchase or
complicated registration code required. If you’d like to learn more about our open
coursepack initiative like the one you saw in this tutorial, go to

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