IntelStealer – A different take on Cyber Security [ An Award Winning Short Film ]

Again Saturday office ah.. Rating gone.. Hmmm…. Dating.. ? Ji! Ji!! “Red Alert” Calling ? Ouch… Yeah Rahul yeah Rahul, I’ve already done it. I was about to send to you Which one that Appil one? I’ll make the
changes from 950 to 850. I’ll send it across over the email or i’ll put on the Cloud. Yeah, sure. I will do it in some time. Yeah Thank you Ji Manager eah Scolding ah? I am not Scolding Bro. It is the Password. Honey, have you booked the tickets for my parents visit? I am very Sorry. I forgot. I asked you to do one simple work but what you did??? #@$% [BEEP] *&^%&* [BEEP] I’m really sorry
Tharu. In office that manager and here you, Please… [Phone rings..] Okay,fine. I will do it myself. Is it the same password? Hey, Machi!! Why so serious? How is work? Asusual machan, working on a project proposal. It look like all the
companies are working for a new RFP. I think my husband also working for a new project like Appil, Python, Saithan Some 850 million dollars. What to say All husbands are same. Come, lets go for a coffee Yeah, Come in Please take your seat. Thank You so how are the things going on? Things are going good. I was working on the proposal over the weekend and I’m expecting a
positive response from the client Do you know why I called you? Any guess? I have no idea sir. Few minutes back I received a call from the Senior Management Sadly we have lost our project seems to be somewhere Security breach happened Our Competitors have suggested the same solution for the lower cost. Information Security team is
investigating on it. shortly they will get back to you Yeah, Rahul. Hi Divaahar, change the cost from 950 million dollars to 850 million dollars Which one that Appil one? I do not have
access to cloud send me your credentials I’ll access through that. Yeah sure. I will do it. Thank You I’am not scolding Bro. It is the password. Is it the same password? Appil.. Python.. Some 850 Million Dollars Come let’s go for a coffee


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