Jennifer Aniston On The Friends Picture That Broke Instagram | The Graham Norton Show

– Jennifer Aniston, you know, we joke about this thing, but you did actually break the internet – Uh huh, I broke it – You genuinely did, didn’t you? – I guess I genuinely did, yes, not intentionally – Yeah, but do you know Instagram Julie? – Yes, yes – So uh, Jennifer joined Instagram and broke it – That’s how, that’s how I like to enter – Would you mind explaining that because – You’re asking the wrong person, but um I think what happened was too many people at one time. I think it just got clogged. I don’t really until somebody agrees on what happened – Well, you got to a million followers faster than anyone in history That’s what you did – That’s what – Yeah, and so people couldn’t, I think people couldn’t like or follow things because everyone was just following you at the same time I think that’s what happened – I think, I don’t know – But no, but you started big, you started your very first post. Of course at a Friends reunion. There you all are (awwing) And was that like an old picture you’ve been saving kind of, I’m gonna break Instagram one day – This is my weapon – Or was that a recent thing – It’s a recent picture – Because, I mean, you guys whenever any of you were here you got to think oh I can’t ask them of a Friends reunion But this is you fanning the flames – Well this is us, well no, this is just we love to get together whenever we can cause David lives in New York and Matt’s working I mean the girls are, we’re very good about keeping up with our – Yeah – Time together But, so when that happens, we just have so much fun


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