Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon Take A Friends Quiz | The Graham Norton Show

What we thought, well you could kind of fill in as your hosts’s quizmaster because we’ve got some questions, lots of questions Now this is a This is like a Friends trivia. Oh, oh, she’s gonna win. Oh I don’t know that. Well really I think you, there’s some that you’ll know, if they don’t know then I’m sure the audience will know Okay now here are the questions, okay Okay. All set, Judy no cheating You’ll all compete. Yeah, I know the answers, so i can’t So I’d like you to put your hand up if you know the answer Yes sir. And then I’ll ask you, is that fair enough? Yes Are you ready Judy. Yes, sort of, yes Question. What is Rachel wearing in her first ever scene? Oh, oh, I can’t answer that. Yes you can. A wedding dress. A wedding dress is the correct answer. Well done, well done. OMG look how cute that is Next question, what is the next line After ‘this is about you being a brat, wanting what you can’t have’? Reese. ‘Can’t have. The only thing I can’t have is dairy’. Correct Because I said it on the show. It’s one of the best lines. I said that line on the show. Yeah yeah Oh I see Question. How did Rachel ruin the British trifle? Ohh…ow I put… I put beef in it, beef at the bottom I layered beef into the trifle. You didn’t, you didn’t, you put shepherd’s pie. Oh. right. And shepherd’s pie’s not made with beef It’s made with lamb sheep lamb He’s firm but fair Wouldn’t expect a landlord to know that sort of stuff. Yes, yes. What song does Rachel sing to get her daughter to stop crying? Baby got back. Baby got back is the correct answer. Yes, that’s one for the audience. And for a bonus point Jennifer, would you like to sing the opening line of the song? Uh, I like big butts and I cannot lie Very good, extra point You’d sing that to a child. I know, yes. I thought you meant the opening line of the theme song. Ohh Cause I could have told you that. Do you want to sing that? ‘So no-one told you that it’s gonna be this way’. On it Have you got one last one? Yes, and this is for you. For me?! Judy. The question is, when Ross dated Rachel Why did he feel it was fine to sleep with other women? I know it, it’s Because he said we were on a break Correct! Is that right? Yeah. Well done.


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