Kartläggning av nyanlända elevers kunskaper – lång trailer

What is your approach to assessing— the knowledge of newly
arrived students at your school? Do you keep yourself
updated about changes in the— —Swedish Education Act affecting newly arrived students? Our online course will show you how
you can use the assessment material— —from the Swedish National Agency for
Education to support you in your— —work, both in compulsory school,— —as well as in
upper-secondary school. You will learn how to work with the
materials and use results to guide— —you when you take decisions
about grade placement, planning for— —educational goals and
writing individual study plans. The course will help you to
understand what effect the— —legislative changes have on your
work with newly arrived students— —in the upper years of compulsory
school or in the upper-secondary— —school introductory programme. It will also guide you to learn
more about adapted timetable,— —multilingual study guidance
and individual study plans. There are plenty of opportunities to
strengthen your knowledge in the— —areas that interest you the most,
and to share your experiences with— —colleagues, both at your workplace
and in other areas of Sweden. You set your own pace, and whether— —you would like to take the
course on your own or in a group.

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