Katam Forest App – Test av skogsmätning i mobilen

Hi there, today we’re going to make the first test of Katam Forest App for forest stand measurements. Katam sent us an beta version of the coming free version and I will try it in my own smartphone. According to the instructions this should be very easy, we’ll see how it goes… You take video shoots of the forest stand that should be measured and place a reference sign within the stand. 2/3 of the ground must be within the video and you should be at least 2 – 3 metres from the nearest trees. You should be able to walk about 20 metres and try to keep the phone steady in landscape mode. After the shooting the app itself will do all the calculations and present them within the app. The only parameters you need to give is tree species and tree height. I know this forest quite well, it’s approx. 60 years old stand of Norway Spruce. I’m going to prepare the app and place the reference sign so we can start measuring. So, time for test no. 1, we’ll see if you catch me taking the video. To honor the day I’m wearing this nice hoodie from KSE. KSE is a member of the moderator team on Skogsforum. Here is the reference sign provided by the app developer Katam. Unfortunately the first measurement failed. This is a free version of the app that only can make around 10 sek rec. I did not know that so I aimed for a much larger area to measure. We’ll try again. Each shooting has to be processed by the app, that’s annoying, you should be able to manually stop it. I guess that could be fixed quite easy for the developers of the app. In this free version you’re only able to do one measurement and delete this if you do another. In the Pro version which needs annual payment you’ll be able to record as many shoots needed. But that’s not the case in this free version … ok, now it seems to be finished, quite fast overall. No trees were found on this shoot. Now I’ll have to create a new recording from scratch. Ok, let’s try again! It’s quite hard to get a steady shoot, that’s for sure. Ok, now the shoot is finished and it will take a while for it to process, I’ll get back to you… I guess the process went on for like 5 mins Give and take because I got a call on the phone (of course). This is actually one downside of apps. Of course this has nothing to do with the Katam App, it’s the native function of a smartphone… It’s quite strange, you’re always getting a call for example when you run a drone or similar… Ok, let’s see if we can zoom in on the result. With this short video it now has calculated an average tree diameter of 28,1 cm. Average tree height of 27 m is manual data from me. Average tree volume of 0,8 cubic metres and an average stand volume of 580 m3 per hectares. And it calculates that there would be 684 stems per hectare. And all of this is calculated from approx 10 secs of video. A calculated basal area of 42 m2 per hectare. The app itself measured an area of 190 m2 The app found 13 trees to measure on the video and it found the reference sign. And you will also get time stamps of the recording itself. Pretty neat! I’ll have to check the manual data we have for this stand and see how it compares. Average stand volume seems a bit high, but it can be accurate for the filmed area, for sure. Average tree volume of 0,8 cubic metres was not my guess, however, it can be accurate on the filmed trees. Pretty cool to get all of this of 10 sec of video! In this free version you are limited to one measurement at the time. So, this data will be deleted if I would like to do a new measurement. With the coming Pro version that has an annual payment you will be able to store many measures. There is also a function were it seems that data could be exported to Eskog (a planning software for forests). That however, is a function I do not know anything about at this point. Here you also can see the area the camera has plotted and measured. This area I think has GPS coordinates. Here you can playback the video as well, and you can see that the app has plotted the trees in the video. And that’s despite a whole lot of shaking was going on while taking the shoot… Great work here Katam! If you plan to use this app on regular basis I would recommend a selfie stick or a real handheld gimbal. A handheld gimbal is not so cheap though. Despite it was the first time and handheld it seems to do the job quite well. Now I will do some more measurement, the battery in the camera is soon empty so I will report back in a way. This was an initial test of a beta version of the app. We used an forest that was easy to measure. Further testing showed that is was harder to measure as the forest gets densed and it was harder to measure younger forest.

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