KFC Chicken & Donuts Sandwich Review!

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running on empty food review I am your host the report of the week and welcome to this newest review this newest Spectacular we’re giving out a well. We’re giving a shot. That’s what I do want to say We’re given this new item from KFC a shot. There we go. Now we’re right now we’re in business You know, I have to just say it outright, I mean I just have I have to say it has is You know fast food right now, of course I’ve reviewed a lot of it I’ve tried a lot of it There’s a lot of it out there. There’s always these new creations these new ideas these new Things if you want to call them at times Sometimes you know fast food it builds up of course a reputation It’s like oh it’s um, well, you know the junk food. And sometimes you get this stereotype, right? So it’s like all this Fried I just stuff stacked up on top of each other This is probably the most stereotypical Fast food item I’ve ever reviewed without exaggeration ever Chicken and Donuts Sandwich, you know, it’s like it sounds like something that you would even make like a joke like oh, yeah You just got some fried chicken extra crispy and a slap it on top of a couple donuts But this is this is the real deal KFC. You know, we’re past the point of chicken and waffles We’re past the point You know just bread right forget about bread that’s that’s so you know 2019 and chicken and waffles is I guess so late 2019 early 2020 and Then there was a time where we’re KFC if they had like the chicken where it’s like the chicken that we remember the buns I don’t know That or not that’s like 10 years ago Now we’re a chicken and doughnuts So what this is is of course, it’s the very historic combination of chicken and Donuts Right that goes back into the back into the 1700s. So during the Especially I believe the American Revolution. So if they used to eat and just a lot of history behind it But I chicken and donuts. It’s you know, you get your doughnuts and then you got the chicken in between and There’s your meal. A lot of people have been requesting this though, and I wanted to give it a shot Wanted to see what it tastes like now you can get this though in some different ways You can get just your chicken with a side of a doughnut right or you can get the chicken and Donuts sandwich And now the chicken and Donuts, right? Does it just like your pieces of chicken? Um Whereas this the sandwich has extra crispy chicken tenders sandwiched between said two doughnuts These are glazed doughnuts. These are not jelly doughnuts. They’re not um, you know, the strawberry frosted doughnuts they know Donuts that aren’t donuts They’re supposed to just be your glazed doughnuts with the with the chicken in between it’s gonna be an interesting one That’s not that I think all that I can tell you you can see kind of the kernel looking at you’re right. They’re Very easy these she’s kind of been peering out at you the whole time delivery or pickup So I guess you can I don’t know what they’re insinuating there Looks like we do have some mild. Um, donut escapage right there. Let me right you see some donut Remnants, I mean, I hope I haven’t really hoped that’s from the donuts on the outside of the box there there’s The kernel right there once again think of this as a tiny treasure chest filled with chicken Treasures right? Yeah, why not? All right. This is like a treasure chest. So imagine Let’s just get into the groove here. Okay So imagine, you know, we’re like we’re pirates or something and you know, we’re on some island you know in the maybe the Caribbean a tropical climate and We’re diggin and we come across this. So inside this is the buried treasure, okay? Let’s see this Chicken and Donuts never thought I’d be trying this one out there, huh? Well, there it is it’s a doughnut and some chicken God I can’t I can’t believe this is it I don’t know why I just can’t get over it I mean I cannot believe this is a thing I Don’t know why Boy, it’s a messy item. Let me tell you that right off the bat This is not something that you want to eat in your your car. That’s very that’s for sure you can see already the glazed stuff is all over my fingers. I might even have to get up and get some paper towels for this one I don’t know if just the mere napkins or Tissues would be able to take care of this but you can see right there. There’s the doughnut I mean, it’s literally what they said. It’s gonna be it’s it’s chicken and Donuts Look at that I can’t I can’t I don’t know why I just can’t get over it. I cannot get over it Chicken and Donuts. The donuts are soft that. I mean you could see there is a lot of that glaze on it now it’s gonna be interesting, you know, I’ve never had donuts and Fried Chicken at the same time before so it’s gonna be unique. I’ll give you credit give him credit for that So well, yeah just sugary glazed donuts and extra crispy chicken tenders Well, let’s try it out. I don’t know. I’m at a loss for words Are you there’s nothing else? I can say it’s chicken and Donuts from KFC Going in Well, it’s interesting I’ll give it okay, I’ll say that number one Let’s take like two more bites. And then I’m just gonna pause the camera wash my hands and come right back Wow, it’s it’s interesting. I mean that’s that’s what I’m saying I’m gonna pause it. I’ll be right back Okay, so here’s what we’ve got number one I’ve washed my hands they even still like it’s a little bit of stickiness on them so, I mean first and foremost, you have to remember if you get this and you intend On eating this in your car. I Mean if you really want to you know, but I would say I advise against it because it’s a very messy item and I mean You know, it is saturated in that sugary glaze. Um, but as a result just given that consistency that kind of like liquid Consistency of the glaze that’s on this sandwich It’s going to get everywhere and again you could see how much of it was on my fingers as I was eating this So number one Expect I mean no matter where you eat this to have very sticky fingers after you after you chow down on this It’s a number one. Bear that in mind Number two one thing that I think you need to understand as you eat this This is the epitome of a novelty item. There’s different types of items that are released in the world of fast food of course you have items that I think are more practical and items that are done for more say Social media appeal again adds a novelty get people talking about it get people Post it on the gram right as they say and You know, just get that kind of viral marketing This is the epitome of one of those, you know type of novelty Social media friendly items it’s meant I think to not necessarily be a practical snack something instead that people are going to talk about well, just like I am and as a result Considering that it is a novelty don’t expect it to taste like the world’s best It’s interesting. I would have expected the flavors to tell you the truth. I would have expected the flavors of this chicken and doughnut sandwich To conflict more than they really did. It was a little weird Tasting especially the combination of the ever so secret herbs and spices on the outside of the end the the crispy chicken tenders Blending in just with that sugary dough of the donuts. I know they conflict a little bit but again, It’s not like it’s not at that point whereas I mean especially I remember when I was trying got an item from KFC the Nashville hot chicken and waffles where that just didn’t work and it just tasted off it tasted bad This again while there is that conflicting flavors? I mean, I wouldn’t say that it tastes bad tastes a little weird, but it’s not bad. I mean look the doughnuts Everything is very straightforward here. The doughnuts themselves are I would say they’re not very Airy. They’re doughy They’re oily. They’re very sugary the chicken itself is Crispy, its juicy its fatty and again has that that seasoning of course on it As a result, right? They taste exactly like how you would imagine it and They both they both have their distinct flavors didn’t really blend This is like a I’m having a bite of the chicken and a bite of the donut. They don’t blend in they’re like this new type of Donating used chicken or anything. It’s like air. All right, I distinctly taste the chicken. I distinctly taste the doughnut they don’t really work, but they don’t really You know taste repulsive either It’s it’s strange. That’s all that I’m gonna say, but it’s like it’s not really good, but it’s not really bad either It’s just like in that rare gray area where it’s like yeah, you know It’s weird But I’ll eat it and that’s what it comes down to I think Expected to be a novelty expect that sweetness to be very prevalent though And I mean if you eat it, I don’t think you’ll be throwing it up or anything but uh Yeah just just be just be ready that it’s just gonna be a it’s gonna be an interesting unique experience either way price for this was $5.99 a little bit expensive. But again, it is a novelty item chicken and Donuts as a sandwich I suppose so out of 10 Yeah, I’ll give it a yeah, I’ll give it a six point eight out of ten which is a little bit above average It’s a novelty it is what they said. It’s gonna be Not the best thing we’ve ever had definitely not the worst But it’s certainly interesting and you’re certainly getting a lot of that sugary coating. It’s a good portion size. That’s why it has Raining and then it has and with it. That’s all that I have for you Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week today’s review is for the chicken and donuts sandwich from KFC Give it a shot. If you want though. It’s certainly gonna be interesting that I think I can I can guarantee you without a doubt So with that, that’s all that I have Thank You. Just stay safe out there I really do mean it of course with the virus and everything stay safe be hygienic be informed and I’ll be back again in a couple days with with another video of some sort. Thank you and take care. Happy doughnut consuming


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