– Hello. Hi guys, sorry. It’s Barry here. Welcome to, My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we’re testing some
new kitchen gadgets. If you missed any of
the other kitchen gadget testing videos today, there is a playlist full of them. I think this is like number 20, something like that. But as some of you have been messaging me, what you tend to do is
start from number one and watch them all day
like a big marathon. Someone actually referred
to it as a non-gruesome walking dead. The zombie thing and I
caught a few episodes of that the other night. Fell asleep but I kind of get that. Don’t really get it, but
I know what you’re saying. So if you are one of these people and you haven’t seen these videos, do check out the full playlist. It means a lot. Before we get started,
just like all those other videos as well, some of
these gadgets could help people with disabilities, so consider that before commenting down below. But let’s get crackin’. Oh, I do just need to show you my kitchen. It’s halfway through
renovations at the moment. So I’m missing a cupboard
and wall units and stuff. But we’re nearly there. Rerp, see that? table over there, stuff like that. It’s gettin’ there, folks. So thank you so, so much
for the last six months, it’s been goin’ on, man. Thank you so much. I can’t believe we managed
to keep videos going, so cheers to sticking with me, and also, I’ve got a new kitchen
studio coming soon, too. So we’re going to be doing videos here and in the studio. WE’re gonna start with a novelty item. This from a company called Kikkerland. Maybe it’s full of
people that love football or something. Dachshund salt and pepper. (speaking foreign language) Dinners best friend. Stainless steel and rubber. Basically, if you’ve ever wanted, oh my gosh, yes they do. I wanted to double check. Does the salt and pepper come out of the gluteus Maximus, or the derrière. The derrière of the
Dachshund, yes it does. Yes it does. Thought it might be something a bit more innocent like coming out of, you know, his nose, or sneezing out salt and pepper which come to think of it
doesn’t sound any better but coming out of his
bum, its bottom, hmm. Hygiene. Now these actually cost me $10. I bought them last when I was in America. I was in a shop, looking
for something far more normal, and they just stood out. And I was like, really? Oh, here we go. So these bits of the tail and the feet, the paws, there’s that
funny image isn’t there about dogs wear jeans along the bottom or down, man. And so it sort of spins off into loads of other crazy ones. It’s quite good, cause these actually can double up. (grunting) As a bit of a dog lead. Come on then. Well, it does look a bit sinister. I’m going to try and catch it. There you go. S and P on there. Salt and pepper. Used to be like an 80s band. Gonna pop this off. Come on, there it is. It’s basically like a pipe. A dog pipe. (laughs) And yo can take off, oh yes. Let’s do this. You could have… You could have a dog,
(laughs), double dog. Oh, my gosh. Too much fun. So I’ve actually got some salt on hand. I’ve just got two
different colour peppers. There’s white pepper. (coughs) Try not to sneeze. Put his butt back on. Tell you what, if we do pug
ones, that would be good, I’d actually be interested in those. Wow, see this? And then. (laughing) Look at that. You shake him, yeah. Pepper out of a dogs butt. Put this on too. Oh, my gosh. There we go. Pepper out of the butt. I really wanna sneeze now. That’s gonna go everywhere. I’m going to try and
get that back in there after this video. But hey, hey, (coughs), hey. Not a bad start. We see these videos on Facebook where they change the lyrics where, you know, no I don’t want no scrub instead of no scrub they change it to someone’s profile pic
and it says Noah Scrub, for example. Come to think of it, I don’t know if that is actually one yet. If you all know a scrub, hi mate. This is julienne peeler. So I guarantee there
is someone in the world called Julian Peeler. Don’t tag them in this video, but, hey, if you’re watching Julian. Nice to meet you. Julienne, those lovely fine strands of vegetable goodness. I do it for a salad, stuff like this. This Sharp Peel is a super
sharp julienne peeler with precision and stainless steel blade for creating effortless julienne strips. I’m not even going to say what… (laughs) I’m sorry, Julian. Creates uniform strips,
perfect for salads, garnishes, and citrus zest. So, I have a Courgette
that needs stripping. I need to be really careful with this because it’s got the
blue safety tape on it which basically translates to, Barry don’t be a plonker with this one, be careful, you’re going to hurt yourself. Eww, wow. You can’t see that too well. I’m trying to get the angle there to sort of see. They do protrude very
slightly, those spikes. And they, they’re sharp. They’re sharp. The only problem is, it doesn’t tell me which way to use them. I’m guessing it’s this way. (gasps) yes, oh my gosh. Look at that. Courgette, or hair accessories. Wow, it didn’t feel like
it was working at first. Here you go. Oh, my gosh. Look, that is really, really cool. This is like your own handmade spiralizer. I’m done. Let me tell you something brother, the WWF. It’s my Hulk Hogan impression, sorry. Yes! So, so good. There’s nothing more to say other than it’s very, very sharp
and it does work a charm. Let me see if we’ve got a carrot a minute. Oh, my gosh. Look at that. That is so cool. That is really, really good. Cause it takes off,
you have to be careful. Look, see. Wow. That is, that is amazing. If you ever need a wig
made out of vegetables this is for you. But seriously, it’s so, oh. I’m going to use this
a lot with the summer coming up, to make some
really cool salads. Oh, let me see if we’ve got an orange. Sorry, the house is
upside down at the moment. We don’t have an orange at the moment. It’s actually shop day,
but I did get an apple out of the fridge. Let’s see if this works. (grunts) Come on. Oh, my gosh. Amazing. Let’s clean this up a little bit. And do something just a little bit silly. Because you know I’ve had problems in the past with the butter gadgets. Now this is a very, very
hard piece of butter that’s been in the fridge. I wasn’t planning on doing this. Very creative aren’t I sometimes? Let’s see if we can julienne butter. (laughs) Yes. It did, it has worked. Look. Look at this. Oh, my God. I men, julienne butter. You don’t have to do that. I’m going to put that back in thee fridge. But this is brilliant. I love it. This next gadget excites me a lot. It’s by a company that do lots of gadgets. I think they’re called Dream Farm and loads of you have been tagging me in videos going, Barry you
must get these gadgets. Don’t worry, I think I’ve got all of them in the videos you’ve been tagging me in. I’m just gonna get them through, as I can for these videos. Another one in a minute. But this one, I like the
names they call it as well. It’s for a tap so they call it a tapi. I like that. Kind of like a teepee or tapioca. Tap dancing which my tripod doesn’t like. Pepper, Tapi is a tap attachment that you squeeze this to
create a drink fountain. So rather than using
your tap and putting it into a glass or even old school like, (groans) like that, you use this thing. Yes, it doubles up still as a tap because you stick it on your tap, you give it a squeeze,
the water will pop out but if you just don’t
squeeze it, the water will still come through, see. The tap is still a tap. Creative, fun, and
convenient drink fountain from your tap by simply
squeezing your Tapi. Water safe rubber will never effect or change the taste of your water. Brilliant. Now, I’ve still got that square tap that caused me problems
with another gadget, the illuminate at night
thing which I’m going to do in my studio bit. But, yes, this, this
should work, apparently. It looks like a weird musical instrument. (simulates bugle) Let’s try it. Welcome to the new sink position which hasn’t been tiled yet and stuff, but don’t worry, it still works. The taps going in here. And the water will come out of here until I squeeze it at
the bottom which should push and force water out
of this little spout. There’s a phrase that
says don’t put square pegs in round holes, but we’re doing it, folks. We’re risking it. Oh. That’s going on like a dream. So, it is right up it, there is no sort of gap between as the water force, hopefully. It kind of looks like a nipple tassel for my tap doesn’t it? If I leave it like that. It’s fine, but that’s not why we’re here. When we push that bottom bit, pshhh. Let’s do it. It feels like a cows udder. (laughs) I’m like. I think I need to turn the tap on faster. It kind of works. That’s it, you’ve got
to pull it towards you. A lot of better ways of
doing that but it did work. Feel like I washed my face. Coulda got a soap up. Yeah. Now if you thought that one was cool, this one also by Dream
Farm, I’ve got about 10 more of their gadgets
upstairs to review which I’ll just stagger out through all of the videos. There’s still hundreds
upstairs to try out. Hi. Mrs. Barrows just walked
the dogs and just brought them back for me. All right, come on now. Not both of you. All right, down here. You’re probably going to hear tap dancing pugs now cause they just love running up and down this laminate. But we’ll carry on anyways. This one also by dream Farm. This is two gadgets from them today. I’ve got like 10 more upstairs. I’ll just stagger with the hundreds of other gadgets I keep getting sent and also sourcing myself. So if you do send any cool gadgets, either send me a link to it or if you fancy sending it like some of you do, that’s very kind of you. Get in touch by This one, is called Levoons. So, if I don’t show you and say the name levoons,
what could it be? Is that some sort of weird planet from Star Trek or something? No, it is measuring spoons. Yeah. They level spoons, levoons. Very cool, right? Measuring spoons that squeeze to scrape, level, and accurate measure. So you scoop it, you squeeze it together, and then that will level it off. So this, if you’re
particularly into baking things like when you need like a quarter of a teaspoon of baking
powder and you’re like, yeah, that looks like that. And then your cake goes pshhhht. This could be perfect for you. Levoons handles squeeze
together to scrap off excess ingredients giving a
level and accurate measure. Levoons snap together for
space saving nesting storage fan out for quick selection,
and easily pull apart for individual use. That’s quite cool, isn’t it? It’s good, isn’t it? Oh, wow. So here we go. They look quite dainty and normal. Ew, yes, look at that. They do fan out. Feel like Wolverine now. Can go like, kkkkkk. Line from the Wolverine
film I haven’t seen. (growls) Do they snap off? Yes, they do. Oh, wow. That’s awesome. So, I’ve got cocoa powder, a little bit on my hands here, because I just went and got it and the lid broke open. We’re going to use it. Cause it will show up
perfectly on this plate. But also inside it, this is one teaspoon. I don’t know if you
can see the front there cause it’s black font
on a black background. So, I love this, that
they can actually just sort of clip it. Ah, yeah. That’s actually very therapeutic. You can clip it all back together. And it does, come on, yes. There, that’s really handy. Going to just delve into that, get a huge scoop. Better bring this plate a bit closer. So, here we go. Now lift it out. Wow, so that looks like a tablespoon. But I’m not sure, so I’m
just going to squeeze. (gasps) Oh, my gosh. Look at that. It’s like a windscreen wiper. That is really, really cool. I feel like I’ve grown up by the beach, living by the sea all my life. I feel like I’m making a sand castle. And a solid bottom is a foundation for a decent sand castle, folks. Let me tell you. So here we go. Boom. I just pour right there, perfectly. Nothing else in there. That is a tablespoon of cocoa powder. And I’m looking at that
on my past recipe videos thinking, I think I’ve
wrecked it in the past. So these are going to be perfect for me. Teaspoon, scoop and swipe. Love that, love, look at that. That’s cool. Wah wah wah. Wah wah, wah. Doosh. Half a teaspoon. Oh this bits not filled completely there, but if I do that there, yes it has. It levelled it out and
filled it completely. So it’s now flush, boom. And then a quarter of a teaspoon, like I say, which is
really good sometimes, you need that for baking
powder or bicarbonate of soda, something like that. A quarter of a teaspoon. Who’s going to know what that is. Boom, straight down. (laughs) I love that. I love it a lot. Just before we do our final gadget, which is a pretty cool one indeed. I wanted to show you this mug which, to me, feels like a gadget because it is actually heat sensitive, but every time I make a
coffee before starting a video, I just get going
and coffee goes cold, inside, see that. But when the heat goes, it does say My Virgin Kitchen on it, so I’ll try and show you that sometime. I do like cold coffee though. Hopefully it’s not just me. So, we’re gonna finish with a bit of a finale. This is a German gadget. I believe it was created
or founded in Germany. I have a lot of followers from Germany so, bonjour if you’re watching. This is called The popcornloop. And I didn’t just get sent this. I got sent quite a lot
of seasonings for it and a recipe book. Did you know you can make
granola out of popcorn? That’s quite a cool idea. I’m probably going to do that. I’m gonna steal it and
pretend it’s my own. I’m not, but it’s cool though. And the coolest thing is,
I think I have been sent two of them, one in
German, one in English. Now, if you follow me on Twitter, if this is the case in a minute, I’m going to reward you. I’m going to give one away. While I just double check first. This is where my German
doesn’t work too well. There’s all the flavourings
they’ve given me are in German. (speaking German) Like Justin Bieber with
a zed on the front of it. I don’t know what that is. I need to google some stuff. Smells garlic-y. There is BBQ though,
so, I know what that is. (speaking German) – [Siri] Showing pictures
matching your request. Cooker Snooker, no. It showed me people cooking food on a snooker table. No, ah, sugar. (speaking German) I think it’s strawberry sugar or some sort of berry sugar. (speaking German) is like a spice a bit like gingerbread
sort of stuff, okay. Oh, I can smell it. (speaking German) That looks like chocolate sugar. And what’s the (speaking German) thing? I’m definitely not gonna
google (speaking German), I’ll tell you that. (coughing) Jesus. Whatever it is, it just went up my nose. I think I’m going to
stick to something normal. I’m going to go with (speaking German). Okay, so The Popcornloop, make
perfect popcorn every time. So, we have a pound of
popcorn and we basically have this handle-y bag thing which I think helps us do the popcorn loopy bit. Our innovative cotton
cover absorbs moisture giving your popcorn that crucial crunch. The inbuilt stirrer
allows you to mix flavours into your popcorn while it cooks without any kernels escaping. It sounds like something from war. The kernel escaped. (laughs) there it is. Oh, wow. It looks like some sort of mop or some fencing thing. Hey, hey. Now let’s just see,
have I got two of them? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. So, this isn’t just
for twitter by the way. But all social media. So if you’re on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, all that stuff. Make sure you’re following on all of it, cause I’m going to be doing giveaways on all of them. So, the last person to follow me was, how do I do that, oh, here. Bethan Davies, @06BDavies,
one of my friends thinks another of my
friends makes good wallpaper when covered in snow. Right, Bethan, get in touch. I’m going to send you
that because I don’t need two of them, all right? Cheers. I’m going to need a pan. I’m calling it a pan but I’m feeling so inspired by these other gadget names I want to call it a puhhan
or something like that. (laughs) Look at that. Duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh-duh. We put this back in the
bag and this drawstring just gets pulled tight
so no popcorn can escape. And this bit is very
stretchy and it’s going to go over our pan. Add two tablespoons of oil. So guess what I’m using. It doesn’t need to swipe
it but it’s never enough. If you’ve never made
popcorn with coconut oil, well this isn’t coconut oil, it’s amazing. Pour in enough kernels to
fill the bottom of the pan. Should always make your
own homemade popcorn as well, this is far,
far cheaper than buying the stuff in the supermarket
or even at the cinema. Like make your own and
shove it where no one can find it. This says at this stage to add the sugar, which I’m assuming is the flavoured sugar. That does smell really good
now that I’ve opened it. So I’m just gonna, I’m gonna
sprinkle a little bit in there. Oh wow, we’re making a
pinky purple popcorn. I’ve normally added mine
at the end to be honest, but we’ll go with it. It does look like a
man’s tap dancing feet, doesn’t it? So, we’re gonna put that in the pan now, and then we… Put our pants on. Okay, cool. Place over a high heat. Hop. Cool. It’s all very secure,
this isn’t coming off, and it’s nice at the top
so popcorn won’t escape, we just have to wait for
those kernels to pop. Continue stirring until
the kernels have stopped popping, pour the popcorn
into a large bowl and enjoy. Luckily the handle was
like silicon-y non-slippy stuff, so that’s good. If it was metal, that would be quite hot. I’m tempted to take a
peek, but then I know popcorn would just go
(imitates popcorn popping). (popcorn sizzling) Was that a sizzle or a pop? (popcorn popping) It’s popping. Down to medium heat then. What did you do today? (laughing) (popcorn popping) This is the strangest
thing I’ve ever done, but it seems to be working. Now, the thing about popcorn, it really expands, do you see this? It’s filling the bag up. (laughing) That was intense but fun. Take it off the head, and we let it cool a teeny weeny bit. Ooooooh. Letting that steam out, oh my gosh. Oh, wow. Look how much popcorn is in there. All of that just from that one layer on the bottom of the pan. It’s got that berry sugar in it, but I’m just scattering
a teeny bit more on top just to bring back that pinky vibe. Shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky, shaky. Well, good news and bad news. One, that looks good and smells great. Bad news is, whilst I was doing that, someone naughtily jumped up and knocked the sugar over. Didn’t they Boston? He’s feeling sorry for himself. I’m gonna sweep that up in a minute. Ooh. Oh, that’s really nice. The gadget’s worked a
charm, it’s all crispy, there’s no kernels left in the pan. I’m not sure if that is
strawberry flavouring, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. But there we go folks. Really hope you enjoyed
this latest gadget video. As I say, don’t forget to check out the rest of the playlist. Start from number one
and have a great day. Grab the popcorn, as I always say and I’m sure you will, enjoy it. Don’t forget to follow me on social media for loads of behind the
scenes bits and bobs, and of course, the chance to
win some gadgets and giveaways. Subscribe for regular
recipes and food fun, and I’ll see you again next time. Now if somebody could
invent a sweeping brush for pugs to use, that
would be really useful, because him and I, or probably more me, we’ve got some sweeping to do, boy, right? Stop looking at the popcorn, stop it.


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