Kvdpro – Test av bandgrävare – Så här testar vi

Welcome to Kvdpro. We test all the items which we receive from our sellers before they go up for auction. Here we have a crawler excavator, For us at Kvdpro who work with assessing the machines before they are sold it’s about locating values. On a crawler excavator or any type of excavator it’s about finding out what this machine has that is valuable. We look at the model, the size and mileage. We confirm if the object has been safety tested and we try to find documents to back this up. We check if the machine has a diesel heater and if previous owners have made sure that the machine has warning and working indicators. We confirm if these work. Before we start the machine, we make sure that there is coolant and oil. Then we start the machine. We usually know what we specifically need to check before the test starts. We can see that this excavator has a tiltrotator. A tiltrotator is a great attachment that will increse the selling price of the machine. There also lies a value in being able to show that it works as it should. We’re now going to perform an operating test of the tiltrotator. It may be hard to hear but the tiltrotator has a good sounds to it. It’s slightly loose but during our test it’s also important to show if such things are normal. We need to confirm if the machine is in working order. I think we’ve managed to prove that in this case It’s a very nice machine with functional hydraulics. This is of course very interesting for the bidders. An excavator is special as many settings and controls are placed individually by previous users, but we have skilled people who are used to this type of machines. It’s our job to make sure that we find and test all its functions.

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