La Marzocco GS3 MP Espresso Machine Setup Guide

hi I’m Charles with Clive coffee and
today I’ll be showing you how to set up your La Marzocco gs3 MP step 1
inspect the box and the machine for damage remove your machine from its box
and place it on a solid level surface we recommend holding onto all of the
packaging in boxes just in case you have to send the machine back for service or
repair inspect the machine for any damage if you find any contact us
immediately step 2 water quality and plumbing in your
machine before introducing any water to the Machine it’s important to test it
and make sure that it’s adequately soft use the included water test strip to
verify the softness of your water ideally we’re looking for a softness
below 50 parts per million for more information on water take a look at or click the link in the description of this video if
you plan to use the machine’s internal water reservoir simply fill the
reservoir now if you plan to direct plumb the machine however we’ll start by
removing machines left side panel start by unscrewing these chrome caps and
using a wrench or pliers to remove these nuts now the panel can simply be pulled
off the side of the machine inside you’ll find the machine’s rotary pump in
order to switch to using a direct water line well first need to remove the line
coming from the water reservoir to do this we’ll first remove the compression
clip attaching the rubber water line to the machines reservoir this is most
easily done by using a pair of pliers to pinch the clip and slip off the tubing
you can now set aside the reservoir as you’ll no longer need it next we use a
wrench to unthread this tubing attached to the machine’s pump once I’m threaded
you can simply pull the line through to remove it from the machine
now take the braided line included with the machine and route it up through this
hole in the bottom hand tighten it to the open end of the pump and then use a
wrench to give it an extra half turn ensure that the braided line is not
kinked in such a way that restricts water flow now that that’s done you can
simply reattach the panel to the side of the machine step 3 turning on your
machine and filling the boilers plug in your machine and turn it on using this
switch around back normally the gs3 expects to detect a water reservoir
beneath the machine so if you’ve direct plumbed we’ll need to tell it not to
look for it to do this we’ll need to put the machine into standby mode press and
hold the function button and then press the power button
now press and hold the function button for about 10 seconds to enter the
settings menu press the function button to cycle through the different settings
until you reach tank then press the minus button to switch the setting to
not present once you’ve done that simply continue pressing the function button
until you’ve cycled your way out of the menu and back to the off screen now
press and hold the function button and press the power button again to turn the
machine back on with the power on the machine will automatically begin filling
and heating the boilers you’ll know the machine has come up to temperature and
is ready to pull shots when the PID display reads temperature of about 200
degrees Fahrenheit and the steam boiler pressure gauge reads above 1.5 bar at
this point your machine is ready to pull your first shots with coffee in your
portafilter lock it into the group head and simply move the panel to the left to
begin pulling espresso a few tips before we go if you’d like to change the
machine’s brew boiler temperature that can be done in the machine settings menu
to get there simply press and hold the function button for about 10 seconds
until it says tea setting to cycle through the different menu options press
the function button again until you reach coffee boiler temp to increase or
decrease the temperature use the plus and minus buttons once you have the
temperature you want simply press the function button to cycle out of the menu
your setting will automatically be saved and the machine will begin adjusting to
that new temperature there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using
the machine’s manual paddle and a big part of that is finding its actual
effective range of operation about half the range will produce incredibly slow
flow rates that aren’t very effective starting at about half to two-thirds of
the way you’ll find flow rates that are good for pre-infusion any slower and
water will be in contact with the top of the puck long before it reaches the
bottom resulting in uneven extractions I like to start my shots right past this
post on the machines group head and then slowly ramp up the flow over the course
of about 10 seconds I highly recommend watching the flow rate from the group
head after you’ve pulled a couple shots to get comfortable with going through
the motions from there it’s all about paying attention to your shot output
while keeping an eye on that group pressure gauge for more tips on pulling great shots be
sure to watch our espresso essentials video for advice on steaming milk watch
our how to steam milk gun if this video helped you set up your gs3 be sure to
hit the like button if you have any other questions I’d be glad to filled
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