“LA with Christian Rosa” by Ace Norton

Who is Christian Rosa? Christian Rosa? Do you know who Christian Rosa is? Nah… – No
– No No, I don’t I don’t know What time is it?
It’s 11:40 I’m one and a half hours late
I’m sorry, guys! But… It’s like Austrian afternoon beer At twelve, we drink
the first beer in Austria so I’m late already When I was five
no, when I was seven I moved to Vienna, to Austria Arnold! He came to America and he’s the guy
that is living the dream, or not? From skateboarding I came to filming and from filming to photography I tried to study photography in the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna The professor didn’t like me, you know because I was a little bit
of a trouble child He thought like, “yeah
maybe you don’t fit in our class but try to go to this class
of Daniel Richter, the painting class” and he’s like a punk rock professor like an anarchist and he really liked my troubles If I make the right decisions
and if I do it all comes out pretty fast It’s more like working
against myself, basically It’s tricky Fuck! Sometimes I just forget words I have all my friends around me and my dog and it makes it bearable OK, so this is my house This is where I have breakfast and yeah, this is the living room It’s still a little bit messy
I just moved in This is my bathroom I got a pretty cool view from here when I shit and stuff It’s pretty nice, inspiring Do you come up with a lot
of inspiration from your toilet? Yeah, a lot! Actually, I want to have
a drawing board here and draw I got my Ferrari from a collector and I didn’t know
that I was going to get it Sunday he came with a flatbed
and it was there and, yeah, they were like yeah
here’s your Ferrari It’s pretty dirty
I broke it I don’t know,
I was kind of mad at the car and I just kicked it and yeah, that’s the truth I like to drive, actually I can think a lot when I’m driving so I don’t have a problem
being in traffic and all that stuff I think I can turn my head off
when I’m driving It’s kind of like ideas just keep on coming It’s fun! An Austrian that came with an idea and took everything
and made it happen Great guy


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