Layne Norton Biolayne (What The Health Clown #4)

So, I just had to watch What the Health. You “had” to watch it? Okay. So, it sounds like you were coming from a very open-minded, impartial, unbiased point of view. Let’s have a listen to what you have to say. Because we’re making a reaction video and then some other content based on it- And this is the response video he is just referring to. It’s like a Facebook live stream or something with this girl, and it’s really long. It’s like 33 minutes, and it’s absolutely full with nonsense. It’s really cringe-worthy. I’d love to respond to all of it point by point, but it’d just be so long, and I can’t be bothered to waste so much time on this idiot. But, so I’m going to respond to this him sitting in the car in that Facebook upload, rather than this. But there was just a couple of things right at the start that I wanted to address. Girl: For this first one, we are fact checking the new Netflix documentary “What the Health.” Spoiler alert, the next 30 minutes will not contain that many facts or fact-checking. In fact, it will contain allot of his own personal opinion, allot of rambling, allot of misrepresentation of science, a generous serving of straw man arguments, and saying things which don’t actually exist in the documentary. And to help us fact check this, we have PhD in nutritional science, power lifter, and co-founder of Avatar Nutrition, Layne Norton with us. So, this guy makes it very clear he’s got a PhD. If you go to his Twitter, even his name has “PhD” in it. His Instagram says “PhD,” and on his website LinkedIn he’s “Dr. Layne Norton.” So, what research did he do to get his PhD? My research that I did on protein intake and branched amino acids was funded by The Egg Nutrition Center and the National Dairy Council. So, this guy receives money from the very industries criticized in the documentary, bear that in mind. Also bear in mind that his livelihood depends on selling bullshit supplements to gullible people, and the supplements contain animal products. And, I can honestly say, it is the biggest pile of shit I have ever seen in my life. Simply saying something is a pile of shit isn’t actually a point. Please rebut it with a point. It is shocking to me that anybody believes anything in that film. You being shocked isn’t a point, either. Please actually make a point. There was a lie where they literally claimed that putting vegan blood on a petri dish with cancer cells would kill the cancer cells. Are you out of your mind? Well, here’s the science: here’s one study which says that, here’s another study which says that, here’s another study which says that. You can’t just debunk three studies by saying, “Are you out of your mind?” Can you actually, can you be more specific here? The hypocrisy in the film is unbelievable. First off, every single expert on the film, without exception, every single one is a vegan and has vegan based buisnesses. Well, what did you expect? Do you think they were going to get Loren Cordain and then preach the Paleo diet in a film where they’re saying that saturated fat and cholesterol is bad for you? Obviously not! In particular, True North, which is owned and operated by several doctors in the video, who showcases their patients in the video, somehow magically being cured by a vegan diet after two weeks. Well, hold on a minute. It was like 15, 20 experts in that film. How many experts do you need? Here’s some more experts; here’s 700 more experts which are saying the same thing: We’re working to change federal nutrition policy, but until that happens, we have hundreds of doctors from across the nation here to share this important message about taking your health into your own hands: “Prevention Over Pills!” Apparently, that conflict of interest is completely fine. But, The National Dairy Council sponsoring research, that is just beyond evil. Another straw man. No one’s actually saying that is beyond the evil. They were just saying that those particular industry funded studies were designed to be fallacious because, for example, the cholesterol baseline study was deliberately made to show that more cholesterol in the diet wouldn’t raise your LDL cholesterol. When that’s actually false. They were designed to be fallacious studies. It’s just, I am shocked that people buy into this garbage. Saying something is garbage isn’t an actual point. Please make a valid point. Then they go through the trouble of explaining why we are not evolved to eat meat, which was completely garbage by the way. Again, just saying something is garbage isn’t actually a valid point. You’re not debunking anything. You’re just calling it garbage. If you actually think it’s garbage, please explain why you think it’s garbage. Otherwise, you’re just not making any point at all. Next. And then they really quickly gloss over the fact that if you don’t eat meat, you won’t get B12, so you should probably take some fortified foods or supplement with B12. If we were evolved to eat a completely plant-based diet, why the fuck would you need supplemental B12 or fortified foods, hmm? Hello. I’m Dr. Karin Dina, and today we’re going to talk about vitamin B12 and the Framingham Offspring Study. 3,000 participants. None of them were vegetarian. They were all omnivores, and 39% of them were found to be either insufficient or deficient in vitamin B12. And the researchers found that there was no association between blood B12 levels and meat, fish, and poultry intake. Amongst other claims, they claim that dairy was racist. No, this is just a stupid straw man. No one actually said that dairy was racist. Let’s have a look at that actual clip. Greger: Most people in the world are lactose intolerant. I mean, that’s the normal state of affairs. Why would your body create these enzymes that digest lactose after weaning? After infancy, it doesn’t make any sense. 73% of African Americans are lactose Intolerant. 95% percent of Asians. Roughly 70% of native Americans and about 53% of Hispanic Americans are lactose intolerant. Our government is encouraging Americans of color to eat foods that it knows is going to make them ill. Ultimately, what that boils down to, is the government is telling me as an African American to eat food that’s going to make me ill for no health benefit, so that it will benefit dairy farmers as a form of institutionalized racism. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around how they made that leap, that Gary is racist. Well, if you just went back and watched the video again, you’d see that it’s actually quite easy to understand. I don’t know why you think it’s a massive leap. Just watch the clip again. It’s not really difficult to comprehend. I feel like, to address the level of bullshit in What the Health, it would take me 18 hours to make a comparable video dismissing every bullshit claim they made. Calling something bullshit isn’t an actual point. Actually have a point; I’ll stop whinning like a little bitch. Listen, if you’re a vegan because you decide that it’s how you want to live and that hurting animal’s unethical. That’s your decision. That’s totally fine. Don’t force your ethics on other people. So, you’re saying that ethics are subjective, and we should respect other people’s subjective ethics. Like, if I wanted to anally rape you, and I think it’s okay to anally rape people you should respect that and allow me to anally rape you. And if you don’t want me to do that, then you aren’t respecting my ethics. You see how that doesn’t work? This is completely retarded. And two: don’t bend scientific data to support your bias. By the way, I’m not doing weird editing to cut him off here. That’s his own editing, but to address his point, no they didn’t manipulate the data. So many people claim that What the Health manipulated data. No, they’re just going on the studies. You can see the studies yourself. You can just look up the same studies and read the same conclusions. Why isn’t it enough to just say, “You know what? This is what I believe, and it’s what I’m going to do”? That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. Why do you have to force your beliefs on everybody else? Well, I think it’s ethically okay to stab you in the face because you have an obnoxious pillock. Please respect my wishes. You’re no better than a religious zealot. Whether or not someone is religious has no impact on the environment, which is getting absolutely messed up from animal agriculture. It has no impact on the billions of animals which are killed each year. It has no impact on your health, which this documentary discusses. Being religious has no impact on any of those things, but consuming meat does. So, it’s a false analogy. Oh, I forgot one other thing. They talked about casein forming caseo mores. “Caseo mores?” No, they talked about casomorphins. Which is just as addictive as heroin, and cheese’s calling out to people in the middle of the night. Casomorphin is, by natural design, addictive. If you want to disagree with that, then you’re just delusional. Holy shit! How are any of you dumb enough to believe this stuff? Again, saying “holy shit” isn’t actually a point. If you’re too retarded to actually make a decent rebuttal of What the Health, then don’t bother making a video. If you enjoyed watching this What the Health clown video, click here for some other What the Health clown videos. It’s a whole playlist of clowns!


  • Vegan Footsoldier


  • A clown with a PhD…. If shills like that want to die eating eggs and choking on protein powder, that's their business, too bad they feel this urge to sell the crap to others….

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    That ending… I'm glad I wasn't wearing headphones lol.
    Great video. ^^

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  • Just when you thought they couldn't get any denser, along comes this fool.

  • Twigsen Berries

    "Why the fuck would you need supplemental B12" says the owner of a supplement company.

  • So funny he literally has nothing to say and just loves being in denial about this. Ntm he says it would take him 18 hrs to rebut the documentary, but not only is that impossible, it would only take him that long to formulate any clear thoughts with his slow brain clogged from cholesterol.

  • Mikkel Sørensen

    This guy is so ignorant.

  • The clown sells protein powder – he feels threatened – nuf said!

  • The Ethical Marshmallow

    I don't know if you saw this because of the troll, but, as Kaori stated, it is not possible for anyone to troll in the subtitles because they have to be reviewed and approved by the community that they are good subtitles. Sorry if it seems like I'm nagging you or something. It's one of my goals to subtitle as many videos that spread the vegan message as much as I can. I even want to learn many languages because of this.

  • Wow instead of addressing the specific content of what the health he just decides to insult vegans for believing it.

  • WTH hits a raw nerve, and makes these fools fear they have been lied to.😳😰😱😢😡

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  • I'm digging the teardown of these clowns. You have taken on an Ask Yourself dissection/annihilation form with an estranged British Footsoldier type twist.

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    Nailed It!

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    Great vid man. I thought his point in the other "fact checking" interview about Casomorphins being unable to make it through the blood/ brain barrier was somewhat persuasive however. Is there any peer reviewed science to the contrary?

  • So dancing clown #4 has a PhD bought and paid for by the egg and dairy industries, hmm? And he doesnt like WTH, go figure. Funny how he skirted any scientific rebuttals. Also funny how he claimed the Drs are biased, he should look in the mirror.

  • now we just need some acrobats and we'll have a complete circus😁
    phds don't mean shit ever since kent hovind got one

  • I hate the comment about vegan doctors being biased. "All of the doctors were vegan"
    You would have to be ridiculously dumb to find all of the evidence against animal products and not go vegan. The doctors/experts are taking their own advice. Why would they ever think "animal products are killing us, but I eat them anyway… but I don't recommend that you do" ?

  • Brian Jomansenstinesmith

    Thanks I started watching this guys video but couldn't get 10 minutes in. Glad I got the short version. Seems like the debunkers all have the same script.

  • Good work Footsoldier.

  • Plant Planet Earth

    Clown #4 is such a whiny biiiitch. He does not have any valid arguments. Good job Footsoldier.

  • funded by the dairy industry LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL whatevs

  • Lol I love this series of clown debunking! 🌱❤️

  • LMAO! Great video, you absolutely destroyed this guy! I found the WTH documentary inspiring, it made a difference in my life. None of these idiots have any sort of good comeback or rebuttal, they are just name calling and talking shit so they deserve to have their asses handed to them. It always surprises me that these people straight up tell you that they are funded by the dairy and egg industry. I mean I appreciate the honesty lol but they dont seem to understand that their opinions are basically null and void after they admit that.

  • I'm going to sell my vegan blood now.

  • i have big bicep because of lentils btw

  • "Actually have a point or stop whining like a little bitch"🙌🙌🙌 THIS!! Anything can be critiqued but to just talk shit instead of asking questions, creating discussion or looking into different studies etc just makes them look so stupid and no amount of PhD's can save him from looking and sounding like an idiot. You cant just dismiss fact/logic/science. If you're gonna talk shit, back up your shit with evidence or STFU.
    PS. Im back in Rottenburg. I hope you had better weather today bc here its been chilly, dark and raining all day. I fly back home tomorrow morning from the Munich airport. Gute Nacht Geheimnis Mann😘❤❤❤

  • Pat's Public Health

    maybe change the title to reach more people ? another fantastic response your really a natural at this hahah

  • does anybody have any good casomorphine links? I haven't actually seen any studies that provide convincing evidence that casomorphine is anything but molecularly similar to morphine. I haven't seen a study that demonstrates that it actually ticks the addiction checkboxes in human subjects.

  • Straight fire.

  • pseudo science cunts virtue signalling about pseudo science when it's actually real science

  • Everything Layne is complaining about he's done himself. Complete idiot.

  • Rectum? Damn near killed 'em.
    #ibelieveinanalrape #subjectiveethics

  • when you hear them introduce somebody as a "co funder" or "CEO" of a shit brand you haven't even heard of, you know that dude's just some Instagram celebrity wannabe who's not worth listening to

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  • Susy Languren Di Vegan

    please debunk GingerlyGinger. Great video by the way! 😀

  • Cristian Perelló

    I love your style, mate.

  • What can be so bad about promoting prevention over pills? Ask most senior citizens if they enjoy taking the 7 pills a day, and still feeling lousy?

  • Brian Clement, P.H.D. (Hippocrates Institute), has done research on the changes that have occured in the human body over time that make it difficult for modern man to assimilate, manufacture, and use B12 well. It has to do with changes in the appendix, I believe.

  • You should have linked Layne Norton's video in your video description so that more people could have down voted his BS vid

  • Wow they clearly give out those MD titles to any kind of idiot these days.

    And why are vegans zealots because they make a "pro-vegan" movie?
    Aren't Paleo / HFLC zealots when you have video's / books / lectures then? Especially considering the fact that its based on much less substantial science than the HCLF video's / books / lectures are – that sounds way more like i recipe for a religion to me

  • This guy is not just a clown, he's a ass clown ..

  • Does the PhD really think he debunked the film? Lmfao! Wow! What he's doing is trying to make people feel foolish for even considering the points made in the film.

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  • Ethics are personal? And animals are not getting B 12 supplements? Stupid idiot.

  • Does this guy really have a degree in anything?

  • Love it! Laynes a cockhead.

  • Your "Stabbing… Raping someone" analogies… just show how wicked your mind is.

  • Who is forcing "Doctor" layne and holding his dumb ass down forcing him to go vegan like he claims? What a jackass

  • I do feel from an ethics standpoint a vegan lifestyle is the better choice and I do respect vegans for their compassion towards animals.
    (But) I have seen many vegans drop dead from cancer -heart disease – and various other health issues during my 44 years on this planet.
    As far as that black gentlemen saying poor black people are forced to eat or targeted with bad nutritional education is ridiculous. Even the poorest person in this country on food stamps can eat healthy if they choose to. And in this day and age we (all) have the power to do our own homework and come to our own conclusions about what we feel is healthy.
    Prior to the internet every public school had the exact same food triangle which would mean (every) race was told meat and eggs ect. was a healthy diet. (Not only black people )

    But to each is own we all choose a path and deal with what it gives us. For me I have a very hard time with a plant based diet but I would rather be vegan just from the ethical perspective

  • I asked this about any science that would back up his "Carbon" supplements and he said that he followed the advertisement from the manufacture. This was about a year ago.

  • My cock got bigger by being vegan. Just saiyan.

  • I love hearing British people argue . Subbed

  • you're great, keep making these please

  • Religion doesn't affect animals? How about animal sacrifices? Halal meat? Kosher meat?

  • This video is joke.

  • I think its a total cop out you didnt counter anything on his real debunking of this documentary, only the quick reactionary video he put out while he was driving or what not…why? can you not stand up against that?

  • All experts were vegan in the film….did not start as vegans, only after they saw the science. Poor Layne.

  • Plant Based Primate

    Guess Layne Norton assumes if you believe in a certain diet, you'll just follow a different one. LOL

  • Why respond to the ramblings rather than the actual Q&A where he actually goes into the studies? You claim it to be a waste of time, but why not debunk and debate when he talks more in depth about the actual science. you will only convince people in mass by debating the science, why stick to the quick clickbait ramblings, could it be for the quick easy views where you dont' actually need to construct a solid and researched counter video, and essentially do the exact same BS that Layne is doing in the video you are making yourself. It's essentially clown vs clown at this point.

  • The real definition of foot soldier

    "a person who carries out important work but does not have a role of authority in an organization or field."

    Footsoldier the Youtube bigtime wannabe. A person who is unaccredited or qualified to give an opinion. Just a bullshit artist riding the trend wave of whatever to stir up shit on. His mindless followers give him a hell yeah due to their own lack of knowledge but awwwwh they feel all warm inside because they think they are "apart" of a movement, of something. Here our voices now!!!….. awwwwh.

  • These videos are so entertaining..

    Also I've a thought on the addictiveness of animal products;
    95% of people eat animal foods even though they are detrimental to health and cause unnecessary exploitation and death to animals.
    Sure, many people might not really connect with these things, but even when they do, or are informed, many people are still commited to the taste of animal products.
    80+% of those who are informed about the health and ethical implications of animal products continue to consume them.

    Only 10% of drug users get addicted to drugs. Drugs being something commonly known as addictive.

    How can animal products not possibly be seen as addictive? This isn't even accounting for any science whatsoever.

  • Thomas Kishman II

    People still die on a vegan diet.

  • He is scared of vegans and the vegan movement. My rebuttal?

    Over there! Over there!

    Send the word! Send the word! Over there!

    Yes the vegans are coming! The vegans are coming!

    The drum drum drumming everywhere!

  • This guy's intelligence level along with the fact that he managed to get a PhD just made me 100 times more confident for my Academic success.

  • I think your garbage lame norton!

  • Elena Korchuganova

    what does russia have to do here?

  • Nutrition Made Simple!

    lol his face when he made the inane b12 remark like he was making a devastating point

  • As a lifelong natural competitive bodybuilder I have very little respect for the good Dr Norton.
    Nice job


  • voluntarily watches a documentary promoting a vegan message
    "Stop forcing your opinions and ethics on me! 😣"

  • This is what happens when people with a YouTube, channel ~ especially one with a well trotted out PhD, (where it's unbelievably difficult to comprehend that the person somehow managed to even acquire a GED)…. do a response or a reaction video where that's actually all it really is. And the sad fact is that people are just going to see that PhD, forget that even people with advanced degrees can also be ignorant assholes, and just believe his load of " Oh wows", and "No way'"s, and "that's just bullshit".
    Come on people you've got to let common sense and the science rule the Day.

    He's so against supplementation? Well, it wasn't vegans who put fluoride in the water, so that now baby boomers all have to wear partial dentures or get dental implants cuz their poor misled mum's just believed what they were told. Oh, YES, Let little Johnny and little Jane eat all the candy in the world!! It's okay ~ there's fluoride in the water!!! And it's even in their toothpaste, so we're just so lucky for this supplemented substance nobody needed and caused the very problems it was touted to prevent
    But supplement a bacterial element, crucial to the health of all, because it no longer is obtainable by natural means and never was available from our food directly? No that's just horseshit.(claims the clearly B12 deficient PhD)

  • Bradley Martin

    Love how all the studies you claim to back the point of slowing down cancer growth have absolutely nothing to do with being vegan, but rather to do with healthy lifestyle changes in diet and exercise and a general low fat high fiber diet. Not even cherry picking information, but just blatantly talking shit. Furthermore, you have completely edited the video on the b12 study to sound exactly the way you wanted it to, very bad editing skills there pal. Never heard more shit in one video in my life. You claim he calls bullshit with out any explanation but if you actually watched the other video he backs up every point he has made here, so sit down pal, your the clown 👊

  • Brilliant video. Please debunk his newest retarded view on the game changers.

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