Mac OSX Catalina Security Settings

MacOS X Catalina recently introduced
new security features to protect your data and privacy. Since ProctorU needs to connect to your computer and webcam to monitor you during your exam, you will
need to perform a few minor additional steps to grant us access. After
downloading and running the LogMeIn Rescue applet, the program we use to
connect you to a proctor, you’ll be prompted by your system to open up your
security preferences. To edit these settings, you will need to have administrator access to the computer. If you are not an administrator, you will
need to contact the person who is and have them edit these settings for you. For your proctoring session to work
properly, please navigate to the PRIVACY tab, select ACCESSIBILITY from the
sidebar, and check the box next to BASH, AESERVER and SUPPORTLOGMEIN, if
available. You will also need to select SCREEN RECORDING from the sidebar and check the box for these same items, as well as GOOGLE CHROME or MOZILLA FIREFOX, depending on which browser you are using to take your exam. These settings do not
allow ProctorU to access your computer without your knowledge and are simply additional security steps to keep your data safe. You are free to revoke
these settings after your exam, as well as remove the ProctorU browser
extension. Please note that if you do revoke access, you will need to re-enable
the apps next time you take an exam with ProctorU and your session may be
delayed. To manually grant or revoke these security settings, click the APPLE
icon at the top left, select SYSTEM PREFERENCES, click SECURITY & PRIVACY,
click the PRIVACY tab, then click ACCESSIBILITY in the left sidebar. Check
the boxes for BASH, AESERVER and SUPPORTLOGMEIN, if available. Click SCREEN RECORDING in the left sidebar, check the boxes for the same items, as well as
GOOGLE CHROME or MOZILLA FIREFOX. Your changes are automatically saved and we
recommend you click the LOCK to prevent any further changes.

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