Martin (14) er en av verdens beste i Fortnite

I first realized I was good at this when I started playing
against professionals from Europe. Martin, aka MrSavage,
is a favourite to win the Fortnite World Cup final,
held in front of 22 000 spectators in New York this July. He is among the few qualified
to play in its two classes. I qualified to participate
in duo in week 2, the first duo week. Then I qualified to solo in week 5. On his journey to become world champion,
the 14 year old has a big support team. In January, he signed a contract
with the American e-sports team “NRG”. Is it like
signing a contract with Barcelona? Yes, for me it is. -What were your thoughts when it happened?
-I was very happy. It was something I really wanted. Streaming is essential in e-sports. You can see the mouse there,
thanks to this camera. I use this little key to… On, fans can watch
as the world’s best gamers perform. With this, I can start
advertisement breaks. Another key announces
that I am live via Twitter. He recently set a record when close to
50 000 people followed his live stream. It is quite surreal. I am not really able to comprehend
how many people actually watch me play. He is one of e-sports biggest stars.
He has over 600 000 followers on YouTube, and his last video surpassed
6 million views during its first week. He joined Instagram in March, and has since become
one of the most-followed in Norway. I have close to 620 000 followers. I have more than Petter Northug.
That is quite absurd. His life resembles that of a top athlete,
and he follows a strict training regimen. I follow a diet, and I have
both a mental and a physical trainer. You have to be dedicated
and really want it. There are many things
I might not want to do, but they are necessary
in order to improve myself. He does strength exercises
two times a week, and is joined by his manager-dad, Johnny. Very good! I think most parents
have children who enjoy video games. But some excel at it,
and they move on to e-sports. As a professional, not unlike Petter Northug,
you need a team around you. In July it will all be decided: Who is the best at Fortnite in the world,
and will win first prize, which amounts to 26,2 million NOK. When I am in bed, thinking about how fast
I have reached this level, my mind is blown. -What are your thoughts about the future?
-There is more to come.


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