Matt Lucas’ hilarious comeback to Peter Andre ๐Ÿ˜‚ – BBC The Graham Norton Show

Because, Matt, was it
your very first award that you got that didn’t go that well? What, the GQ Awards? Yeah. Yeah, I know you won
a couple of Oscars, but we won a GQ Award, and…
Well done! And, er… Well, yeah. Me and David won a GQ Award
for Little Britain. And, er, it was presented to us by Katie Price and Peter Andre,
who were married at the time. LAUGHTER
Don’t laugh! Don’t laugh!
We were held in very high regard! And I think Peter Andre
said something like… AUSTRALIAN ACCENT:
..”I love these guys, David Lucas and Matt Walliams,
they’re great.” Something like that. But he goes, “This is
my favourite show, Little Brian.” So I just said, “Thank you, “I’ve always loved your song,
Mysterious Grill!” LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE Yeah, yeah. So, that was our moment. Thank you, yeah. Yeah.


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