Matthew Broderick’s hilarious Marlon Brando impression | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Often on this show we talk to actors
and actresses about great actors they’ve worked with, often
it’s Meryl, but I don’t know if we’ve ever
had someone on the show who’s worked with Marlon Brando. Step forward, Matthew Broderick. APPLAUSE So, this was a moment
you didn’t think he would show up. No, no, definitely not. I was cast and they said, “Marlon Brando is playing the other
guy in it.” I was like, “Yeah.” They said, “No, really,
we’re going to go to the island
and get him and he’s coming.” His island. His island. They put him on a ship,
like King Kong. Like Goldfinger a little bit. Yeah, and they got him stateside
and we were rehearsing. This is The Freshman.
Yes, The Freshman. We were rehearsing in the
director’s hotel room and Marlon was supposed to show up. He was a little bit late and I was
again like… “He’s not going
to show up.” “He’s definitely not coming.”
A little more time passed. The doorbell rang. We all crowded around the door. The director opened
it and Marlon Brando, on his knees, because he was
sorry he was late… And he was only about four
hours late. LAUGHTER And he was wearing a tan
velour sweatsuit, a cowboy hat and some kind
of slightly pink tinted sunglasses. I feel like I might have
imagined that part. LAUGHTER He was wearing that, I think. Was this the part of his career
when he started using the earpiece and all those things?
He did. He was using an earpiece, yeah.
Which was actually… He was still fantastically good. And rehearsed a lot, too,
so he worked very hard. But he rehearsed with an earpiece? Sometimes he would rehearse
without the earpiece but then when we were shooting,
he would have an earpiece, so that he could hear his lines
being read to him by his secretary. Sometimes someone has to read
the lines, because someone
is too far away. This was just to remember, though? Maybe it was just to remember. He’s Marlon Brando.
Cut the guy a break! He said, “I don’t like
to do too many takes, “because I start to learn them
and I’d rather not know them.” Wow! He felt it was more organic
to just have the words appear. Yeah, that’s right. See, some actors are like that.
Yeah! Big stars who can’t be
bothered learning lines! But it is a great…
It seems like an excuse. Procrastination…
You guys are so nice! Between takes he could still
talk to his assistant, so they would say, “Cut,”
and he would say, “You have to start
speaking before he finishes.” You would hear a pause
and you’d say, “Are you talking to me, Marlon?” “You’ve got a magazine in one hand “and you’re not paying
attention to the scene.” “I’m not paying
attention to the scene?” “I’m speaking to my assistant.” And take a letter to Nick Mancuso. “The money is right.” But he would… That would happen
out of nowhere. You know? He’d be having a conversation…
It was a real conversation. Yeah.


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