Mike Perry on Paul Felder Fight with Matt Serra and Jim Norton

Platinum Mike Perry will be calling in
very shortly we’re actually calling him after a very very tough fight against
Paul Felder and you knew that would be a great matchup and a great fight
I did have mom Mike pick to win I just think Paul going up and weight
again and dealing with a guy like Mike Perry’s fists is a very difficult order
for anybody ah Mike highs is you yep he needs a fucking applause for this guy
what’s up man dude I’m psyched that you’re calling in I’m so happy for your
last fight man what a fucking fun fight that was a very tough ball Felder so are
you though man you can really take a shot too did what was he what you expect
excited that that fight was not at the original fight that was scheduled what
did Paul do exactly what you expected him to do yeah yeah yeah I guess though
I mean and he even came to fight a little more than I thought you know I
would be top of the possible I saw you backstage you and I have never
met I mean I’ve talked to you a few times you were walking away so I didn’t
know uh I was right after the fight and you looked like you were pretty banged
up but that was that was quite a war between you guys yeah man it was it was
a fun one uh I you know shit what can I say just on to the next one man it was a
good experience and it’s gonna take me further and people to talk about you and
sage possibly fighting and there’s that funny Photoshop of the tweets between
you guys but his game has changed a lot since he’s been over at alpha male have
you noticed the way his uh he seems to be a lot more comfortable on the ground
and he’s a little harder to figure out he’s a he’s a strong guy and he’s
growing every day for sure definitely any opponent I believe is standing
across from me on fight night is prepared and ready for war Paul Sutter
may have taken short notice but the way that things played out the sizes of us
you know we were both prepared to win a fight that night
and I walked away the winter so you know if I stand across from sage Northcutt a
kid’s athletic as hell I’m gonna be in for a little storm but I’m good in a
storm like I like that shit so I think I could I could bring them into a savage
little scrap and you know it wouldn’t go his way you know I think you and Steven
Tom shouldn’t be an amazing fight because you guys kind of play into each
other’s strengths like you’re like a pit bull and he likes to kind of counter
punch I think that would be an incredible fight you know well I’m down
for that too I was going now I’m gonna drag him to the floor he too good a
point fighting you don’t throw no leg kick so he’s throwing body kick side
kick head kick I’ll eat his head kicks you don’t think I’m different I walk in
and I’m gonna drag him to the floor and he’s strong I mean he got it with T
Woodley you know fuck Paul Felder was a zombie off pure adrenaline yep he just
kept getting up yeah you know Bachar lock him down I went behind the back
grabs the loop could be brisk walk and my weight down on him just right I was
trying to lock up his legs just get some good ground pounding I got like two
shots barely while he was scooting back to the cage that motherfucker didn’t
stop moving I love that you’re adding in the takedowns now when we’re since
working with Jackson wink are there they’re known for their their strategy
and their game plan planning and you you love the beam in the fire in the storm
you liked that you liked the battle you’re a warrior is it hard for them to
pull the reigns in on you and say listen I want you to look for the takedown here
I want you to smoosh among the kids can’t get that gets against the cage put
his ass down and try to make you a little more strategic because it’s
showing and it’s awesome I love with you a really quick got to get off off the
track ball you were going for that takedown and it looked like you were
doing just a traditional double something and then you put his fucking
feet to the ceiling food talk about strong that was all then you go back to
controlling it’s not like you just went into a berserker rage so ah is that a
big part of working with Jackson wink are they
are they getting you more strategic well that was that was me and my old camp to
be honest because they take downs were that was fusion Excel and Julian
Williams grappling and jujitsu that was I’ve always had all these skills but I
didn’t so much MIT and we were working all the things that I want to be better
at like closing that gap from a kickboxing distance and getting most
strikes in when I get my head inside someone’s chest and underneath their
chin and I worked those angles and I slip in side to side coming around with
hooks and the uppercuts I gotta work on that damn uppercut too
but but uh you know I don’t know how to be honest with you they didn’t ask any
of that from me they just made me think about things that might be good ideas
and they were like you know if you’re in a little scrap wood Paul Felder and you
grabbed a takedown it might be a good thing you know what I’m saying they just
they weren’t like you know go out there and get to take down that was that was
my choice at that time I just was in the position and and I lifted them and I’m I
do that takedown that everybody high crotch singles squeeze the leg and stand
up with them I do that to everybody in the gym it’s been a while I got to work
on the finish to look make them land on their head hey you talk to sorry man you
talk about John – John Jones being a factor in your decision how did that
happen man well he’s the best okay he’s the best so I was like well I
want to go train where that guy trained you know I want to see why he’s so good
but that doesn’t it I don’t know if it was genuine why John Jones are so good
you know and he was just he was just born to be the great fighter that he is
now you look like mesme so you look like a guy that like
the party Mike Perry now when you’ve got a camp coming up I see from your
Instagram pose that you like all I get to eat now food so fucking delicious
after you sacrifice well how are you in camp are you like oh you want lockdown
do you still go out and party for like within eight weeks or six weeks or you
just man I’m in lockdown mode I’m training cuz you see listen I seen you
fight and and you seem very extremely disciplined and you’re in really always
in good shape so are you going out when you’re in camp and and tell me about
your training camps which is like well they depends you know what going out
what you’re talking about I mean going out are you partying when you go out or
use are you by 30 days no alcohol okay 30 days and I don’t break that rule I
don’t have a sip enough enter and but like the week of the fight in Vegas I
went out driving race cars big guns and was at the pool I was the only fighter
on the card USD 226 at the UFC pool party it was a great time I was just
drinking water and dancing in the Sun I was cutting weight oh when was that
compared to the fight what how long ago how long before that was Wednesday
before the fight so the fight was Saturday weigh-ins Friday I was
Wednesday I was just I’m out of the pool I mean I can keep you relaxed don’t keep
you in a good state of mind yeah yeah man and did you know that Paul broke his
arm in the first round last night I guess yeah similar to spinning
backfist huh what a tough guy did you tell during the fight at all that
something was off or no no no I never knew I don’t I don’t think my corner
told me nothing I never knew he kept that thing locked by his chin and was
using his left his left real well timing me coming in with good little checkbooks
and and elbows even and and I slammed him on that arm that’s probably I mean
he probably cracked it when he hit me and then when I slammed him on it he
probably like moved the bone okay well that’s incredible that like he’s a
lot of times watching a fight I think Paige Vanzant
had broken something was the last one I saw you can kind of tell by the way they
are holding their armor they’re not throwing it and with Felder maybe by the
third round it was mentioned but it was incredible that the guy he’s fighting
didn’t even notice a change in his style like that’s how tough Paul Felder is
that you’re fighting him and you didn’t notice that he was laying off the right
good poker face he was he was still throwing it a couple of times you know
what I mean to make me I mean damn it it really was unbelievable like I had no
idea and I watched the fight and in the first round when he went back to his
corner he whispers something to his coach and Rufus kept talking and then he
must have said it again and he goes oh I heard you I heard you just keep on you
got it got a and got his head back into it is

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