National Security depends on Cybersecurity

(orchestral xylophone music) Strengthening America’s
Cybersecurity What’s the first action
President Trump should take? – We are focused on a
declarative deterrence policy where the president
should stand up and say, “It is unacceptable, no matter
what happened in the past, “going forward, it is unacceptable “to affect a United States election “and all powers of the United States “will be behind us if we do that.” Boosting the cybersecurity
workforce We recommend loan forgiveness programs and other ways to support students in getting into cybersecurity. One of the things I hear all the time when I talk to my corporate partners is that, “I have 30 jobs open,” or, “I can’t find anyone
to fill a particular post.” And as a person who works at a fantastic university like Berkeley, we need to be at the forefront of that. So, our organization is partnering with the School of Information and the College of
Engineering here at Berkeley to develop a master’s degree program, but that’s only one small slice of the pie and we need to do much better. And so, providing incentives for students to enter this field can
be really important. A cybersecurity
public awareness campaign One of the suggestions we made was a public awareness campaign really focused on comparing
ourselves to the environment or to anti-smoking
campaigns, to seat belts, past public awareness campaigns that have really helped
people take the invisible, see why it affects them,
and do something about it. The average person hasn’t
seen any real financial or even known information
loss through a cyber attack. They haven’t had identity
fraud or things like that. That could change very quickly, and so we’re really trying to advocate for making people aware
now, before it’s too late. A government-industry
partnership We propose a cyber incubator
out here in Silicon Valley where D.C. folks could be
secunded to this institution, as could people from the private sector, for one- to two-year stints where they get to know each other, where they have security clearances to work on common problems, but at the end they go back
to their old institutions and help really build that
culture from the ground up. Innovation going
beyond military defense Right now, most cybersecurity research is done through DARPA, the defense agency dedicated to research and innovation. And in many ways, that’s a
great place for some of this. There have been some fantastic programs that have come out of that
related to cybersecurity. But at the end of the day,
what is going to be focused on in a defense organization is offensive and defensive capabilities
for military purposes. And cybersecurity is
so much more than that. It’s a Homeland Security issue, it’s a individual consumer issue. And so, we need to invest research and resources into those angles as well. And so, we propose a cyber-specific
research organization that could really help
bring these issues along. For the full cybersecurity recommendations,

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