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Hi, Joe Glavin with City Floor Supply. I’m
in our Pro Shop literally right in front of our front counter, where contractors
come in and purchase all this great stuff. The reason that we’re here today
is to talk about Norton’s new hand scraper. They have a kit and in the kit are
two scrapers with two different sized blades. Very ergonomic handles, fit nicely
in the hand, have a really nice depression for getting pressure and
scraping that floor or getting into that corner. And speaking of corners, what a
really neat design. Whether you’re using the larger one or the smaller one, the
smaller one shows this angle profile really nicely and that allows you to get
into a corner like that so that you can scrape. And sometimes, you know, you need to angle that scraper kind of just slightly instead of with the grain,
against the grain to kind of get that little bit of corner out. So, really
really well-thought-out, nice design and I guess you’re wondering what that
little question mark in there, you know formed in that plastic, is, and that is to
sit on this jig just like that, right. It hooks in and we now have a perfect angle to sharpen our blade on that file. And all we do, that’s it. And I now have a
perfectly very, very sharp hook in order to scrape the floor. So you can sharpen
this larger blade the exact same way and kind of beauty of the design is we get
to move our file on, loosen these screws, loosen the nuts, the screws, and move our
file blade in and out so that we get a new spot as we wear the file out. I
mean, it’s just a great, simple design and you know, I know there
people out there that know how sharpen their scrapers but for the beginning guy
we are sharpening our scraper with a file this way and a lot of times you
know that this edge gets rounded over or the blade isn’t sharpened evenly and you
get an angle on it and as soon as that happens, it’s almost impossible to
recover that blade. Just to give you an idea of how sharp this stuff gets, I’ve
got, you know, aluminum oxide board here and we’re getting into that powder. But
more than likely you’re gonna be scraping bare wood and I get some really
nice shavings on that bare wood and these are just — I just sharpened these guys and, I mean, that’s the kind of curl you want. That shaving is exactly what we’re
looking for from a sharp scraper and again, once you’re dull or you’ve hit a
couple things you know, I hit that aluminum oxide and probably dulled it up. It doesn’t take much. Same here and you can do the full length. Once you get that rhythm down, I mean, you get a good curl out of that.
You’ve created a nice hook on that scraper. So that is the Norton scraper
kit with the sharpening jig and that is available at


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