#Newest F-15EX Fighter Jet

The US aerospace giant Boeing released video of its newest f15 ex advanced Eagle fighter jets Boeing posted a short promo video of a new fighter jet on social media pointing that new combat aircraft will be equipped with world’s fastest computer fly-by-wire controls and leading-edge electronic radar The company’s website said the Boeing’s f-15 X is the most cost-effective ready advanced solution to meet u.s. Air force capacity requirements and add capability to the fleet driven by Boeing’s active production line the next Generation jet enables pilots and mechanics to transition in a matter of days as opposed to years while delivering unmatched total lifecycle costs You You Complementing other aircraft the f50 NEX enhances the air combat capabilities of the fleet to ensure the u.s. Remains ahead of current and emerging threats with next-generation Technologies to provide unrivaled capabilities in a broad spectrum of environments Boeing’s f-15 X delivers more payload Capacity and range than any fighter in its class The f-15 NEX will can carry the full array of air-to-air air-to-ground and maritime strike weapons The aircraft can engage a multitude of targets on any given mission the advanced f-15s design architecture facilitates affordable low-risk integration of new weapons on September 10th members of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on defense appropriations subcommittee recommended 990 2.4 million dollars for 8 F 15 X aircraft of which to test aircraft are funded in research development testing and evaluation Rd T and D Air Force Boeing also said that in support of the National Defense strategy the United States Air Force must purchase an additional 24 combat aircraft per year F-15 X is the only way to rapidly and affordably meet the air force’s critical requirements You That does not mean that the f-35a is a bad aircraft as the service itself recognizes But while the f-15 NEX is expected eighty million dollar price tag is not so far below the lightning two’s Production target it will also offer significant savings and spare parts and maintenance and will cut the time needed to convert pilots from operating the departing f-15 see Besides the f-15 ex will also be able to carry weapons that the stealthy lightning too cannot accommodate within its internal weapons bays Notably a future breed of hypersonic missiles as well As providing the USAF with much-needed additional mass its f15 revival could help to secure additional exports from customers unable for reasons of price or politics to acquire the f-35 It turns out that the aircraft for the modern conflict might just be one developed almost half a century ago I Like to refer to the advance that the team as a jet that’s not your father’s f-15

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