Nicole Anderson – Faculty, Aircraft Maintenance Program, Norton Wolf School of Aviation

{Music} {Logo: Fanshawe College, Faculty Spotlight} {Text: Nicole Anderson, Faculty, Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance} {Text: How did you get your star in Aviation?} I started in nineteen ninety-nine working for a small
aircraft maintenance facility just north of London, at Centralia Airport. I got to
apprentice under my father as an AME, and I also had the opportunity to do some
flying for the companies. {Text: How did your Dad influence your career choice and work-ethic?} He kind of started a second career very late in
life and he spent a lot of time studying and working really hard to get his AME license and I just remember being so proud of him watching him do that.
It’s hard to change your careers later in life when you’ve got three kids you
know money is tight and he did it, he got his pilot’s license, he got his AME
license. Everything good that ever happened to me happened through aviation
and through my career. I have been so lucky and so blessed to be where I am at,
and if I hadn’t had my bush pilot mentor Ron Riley always just kicking my butt
and telling me to keep going don’t stop don’t don’t leave unfinished business, I
might not be here today. I think it’ll get easier and easier for
women. The more women there are to help promote and encourage, the easier it
will get for us. As the only female faculty here I do everything I can to
encourage those women because it can be discouraging when you are a real
minority in a very male-dominated industry. My goal is to see fifty-fifty
representation in this industry and it will get there,hopefully in my lifetime.
Aviation is really at an all-time high right now for getting jobs out there
there are so many opportunities that didn’t exist even five,ten years ago. This is
the time to be doing this job. Right now {Logo: Fanshawe College}


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