Nordkapp Teknisk: Vask av Aqua Track

This is an Enduro 605 RS with
an Aqua Track floor. We’ll look at cleaning and maintenance. There are three ways to wash Aqua Track. The first is soap and water, with a good scrub. For more stubborn stains, you can use- acetone or thinners and dry off. Now we’ve tried both scrub and acetone – but we still have some stubborn spots. Then we can turn to a sanding block. This one is 150 grit. Aqua Track is sanded with 120-150 grit, – -so everything within that range is ok. Remember to sand along the Aqua Track grooves. It is generally in the longitudinal direction of the boat. Here we have some marks and scratches that run across the deck. We will try sand it away. After you have sanded, wipe off with acetone again- to even out the color and make it completely clean. If you follow these three simple cleaning tips you’ll have a great Aqua Track in years to come!

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