Norton CloserPlus Ramp Arm | Norton Door Controls

The Norton Closer Plus Ramp Hold Open Arm represents the very best in Arm technology. Let’s take a closer look to understand why. Simply put, hold open arms prevent the door from closing. Typically, arms utilize a ball and plunger to hold the door open. Most designs allow these components to crash into the ball, forcing the plunger to lift before coming to rest on the ball. Over time, this damages the plunger. Once this damage occurs, the arm will not hold the door open. The Norton Ramp Arm features a patent-pending design that gently lifts and guides the plunger into place. By reducing the wear on the plunger, Norton’s ramp arm lasts 10 times longer than other hold open arms. This makes the CloserPlus Ramp Hold Open Arm the longest-lasting, most reliable assembly on the market today.

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