Norton secrity 22 delux Review

hello everyone, this is 1 PC USER. it’s been a really long time since I took a look at the AV- test. today, I just took a look at AV test result. and I found out that Norton security 22 got top result. so I thought, I should take a look at this antivirus software. so I will test this antivirus software against 161 malware samples and 6 malicious URLs. so without wasting any time let’s get started. first, I will open Norton security. this is the interface of Norton security. it is showing here that my antivirus is up to date, I have done quick scan 59 minutes ago. I am using the Delux version right now. so I can install this same antivirus in 5 devices. currently, I have installed in 1 device out of 5 devices. let’s take a look at first option which is security. here you have some scan option, you can update your antivirus from here. you can also take a look at history. here is some advance option. let’s take a look at the scan. here is a quick scan, full system scan, custom scan, custom task, Norton power eraser(you can delete threats.), Norton insight, diagnostic reports. I think you already know about all these features. let’s cancel it. actually, I have to set it, but I have not done that. if you click here, on performance. then here you will find some tune-up utilities. you can optimize your disk. you can clean “not required” data on your computer. you can also take a look at the startup manager. if you want to monitor computer activity then you can do it from here. let’s close it. and I will open it. it is very easy to use. and I like that. if you want to change setting then you can change it from here. you can change setting of antivirus from here. but I am going to use default settings. for testing it. so I will start with web prevention. I have total six dangerous URLs. I will first open this in my browser. let,s see if it can prevent it from this site or not. I will click on start download. let’s see, if it is downloaded or not. it is downloaded and Norton did not detect it. so it failed to detect one URL. so I will simply write here one. (out of 6URL) let’s take a look at another URL. Norton failed again. why this is happening? No, it is not failed. it is showing here “it is not safe”. let’s go to this URL again. it detected it again, so t blocked it successfully. so let”s take a look here. go to this URL it is blocked by Norton again. it has blocked again. I will take a look at anther URL because it is taking a very long time to load. I will click on start download. we are protected from it. it has done a really good job. it failed t block 1 URL out of 6. so let’s take a look at the web prevention rate. it got 83.33% web prevention rate. this is a very good result. let’s take a look at the detection rate. before I grab all the malware here. I will delete this malware. after that, I am going to disable my “auto-protect” for 15 minutes. and I will also disable my firewall. now I will grab all he malware samples here. first, I will delete this because t is already detected by Norton. let’s extract all the files here. as you can see here, I have 161 malware samples. I will do here right-click scan. let’s take a look at performance of my computer. Norton is using around 32.2MB of RAM. and it is not using that much disk. and it is my normal CPU usage, which is pretty good. this is something, which is using my computer very high. it is using around 67% of my CPU. around 150MB of RAM. it’s using this much amount of my disk. so this is I think almost normal in all antivirus software. it has started detecting some items. it has detected 3 items. and it has resolved 3 items out of 135. it has completed scanning. and it found this many items. it is failed o resolve 2 issues. let’s click here. I will click on a fix. I will also take a look at the result summary. it has scanned a total 161 items. and it has detected total 142 items. let me write here. I will click on apply now. all threats are resolved. I will click on the finish. then I will turn on this virus protection again. let’s take a look here. how many items are there? there are total 10 items. it got total 93.79% detection rate. let me write here. so it got 93.79% in detection rate and it got web prevention rate 83.33%. which is a very good result. I can suggest you this antivirus software. and this is something which I prefer personally. and detection rate and web prevention rate is also high. and it is almost same as other antivirus software. and it does not affect the performance of your computer. and this is just my personal review. I can not tell you, just use his particular antivirus software. you can use whatever you want. I have tested this antivirus software with this many malware samples n malicious URLs. so you can decide by yourself. you should use this antivirus software or not. so decide by yourself and let me know in the comment section. will you use this antivirus software or not. and if you want me to make a review video on any other antivirus software then let me know in comment section. This is it for today. thank you. GOD bless you.


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