Norton sub Hamdon and West Chinnock Primary Schools Federation

We are two small schools, Norton sub Hamdon and West Chinnock. What we try to do is we actually support each other across the Federation so the two schools work in tandem with each other and we share good practice across the two schools; I am head at both schools. We’ve got the same governing body and we also have staff that work across the two schools so we are very much linked together. It is a lovely, lovely place to work. It’s definitely been my top school! We have children here from beyond our catchment area. So we do have children come from Crewkerne area and out towards the Yeovil area too. You don’t have to live in the catchment area to attend the schools. We have children from different ages that work together. We are part of the community so we run lots of PTA
events where the community are involved. We’re also church schools so we
do have a Christian ethos behind us for the behaviour in the
morals and we also achieve very highly. For the last two years,
both schools have been in the top 10 performing primary schools across
Somerset but we also think very much about the holistic aspects of the children
so their well-being as well is very much part of what we do. We do lots of clubs and activities which encourage children to take part in sports and different activities as well. Yes there’s actually Nature Club, we
learn about animals and we sometimes make homes for them. I was talking to a
young man earlier called Danny and he told me that his favourite thing about
the school is the sport. So I do football, hockey, (what else?) football, hockey, cricket netball and basketball. Wow! Which is your
favourite? Probably football. What do you want
to do when you grow up? I would be a football player or be a fireman.
They do actually do really well with the sport, particularly West Chinnock. If there is a team going, the whole year group or
even the whole key stage is in the team so we don’t have a boys’ team or a girls’
team – we have “everybody’s in the team”, which is quite nice because it means
that the children get involved in things that perhaps in a larger school they wouldn’t be able to. The younger ones then have the older ones to look up to, role models if you like, and the older ones enjoy it because they look after the younger ones and also they can help the younger ones and by explaining things to them they learn about activities in greater depth as well. Yeah, it’s nice because it’s nice to understand them
and how good they are reading and just like including vocabulary and get better at reading. Do you enjoy the
reading tree? Yes. I like it
because when we read around it it makes me feel happy.
Are you enjoying your book? Yeah. How does the mixed age group work? It works quite well because we’ve got some year 6s & they
will help the year 5s so we’ve got some year 5s will help the year 6s
because they have to explain what they’re doing and by actually
verbalizing what they’re doing they can do it better. Fantastic. Thank you again Liz for having us, it’s been really interesting to meet you all.

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