Osteopati – Behandling av stel bröstrygg

Today we going to treat thorax Starts here and go down to this point Know we looking for blockings and stiff joints. Know you can lean to you right shoulder Here we can see some blocking in th 5 and 6. Lateralflexion to the left looks better. Know you but you chin to the chest and do a flexion. And then go back up again Cross your arm over the chest and rotate to you right And you do the same on but to your left The finding is around this area And we also find some blocking around this area Know we going to do some adjustment in the thorax. First we going to do the adjustment in the upper thorax And i am going to do a push in this direction. There i can find your spot I can feel that the ribs are looks to the vertebral transverse. Take a deep breath And relax in you shoulders. We do an after check, feels better And know directly after you can feel that its much more movement in this area. Know we going to have a look at the part further down You can please cross your arms behind your neck Then just relax here, please down help me Please lift your head up Take a deep breath and breath out Knock Knock Well done Thank you for watching


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