Pigman Malayalam Movie | Scene 12

Sree, I went to your place
They told me you’d gone for a walk Please go back It was I who pulled you into this
Your life is not meant to be wasted here That’s okay, the job is important If dad comes to know my research
is incomplete…I dread what will happen The MD is coming in a day
Let me ask dad to talk to him… …to take you back into office – Shall I drop you somewhere?
– No Shall I go? – What are you doing here?
– I just went for a walk Get on to this bike Why sir? Come on, I’ll tell you Shall we go? Do you recognize this place? Many people have lost
their lives in suicide here Lovers who have lost their loves
People who went bankrupt This place is not only to commit suicide
But also to prompt a suicide Death is only
an arm’s length away No Mr Sreekumar, I don’t want
to push you down and kill you But I have to tell you something I know you and Sneha are
great friends…fine But see that it does not
go beyond that, okay? Do you understand?
You son of a gun! Manika? Manika, what have you done? I had tied your hair up so well
What have you done? It’s alright I’ll prepare something
to eat and tie it up again, Okay? Here eat this
Eat…come on dear Thimannna Hey! Who is this?!
Sir? Please sit She is Manika, my wife
She won’t speak Come on, eat Eat She’s not normal I have tried all kinds
of treatments but with no effect Now-a-days it’s worse When I go out I have to lock her in
Otherwise she’ll wander off – Shall I give you a peg?
– No, I don’t drink I too used to be a teetotaler But now without a peg or 2
I can’t sleep You can at least eat this tapioca, sir How long since your wife became ill? Nearly 15 years, it’s a long story I have not told this story to anybody
But I will tell you sir I belonged to a place called Paivalige
We were daily wage earners From there we went to Kodagu
To work in ginger cultivated fields I met Manika there
She also had come as a worker She was not like this
Do you know how beautiful she was?! By the end of the ginger season
we got married How happy we were! Stop – Who is this?
– My wife – Where were you?
– Went for a movie Let’s go Feeling very hungry Catch him Who are you? My wife!
Don’t hurt her Go Oh Manika! Let me go Don’t harm her Leave me Don’t do anything please After that night
she has not uttered a word She has not even smiled Did you not file a case? Case?
All that is of no use sir They are big people Police and law is always on their side My people insisted that I leave Manika
Poor thing! How can I do that? I left my native place
Wandered Finally landed up here Are you bored?

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