Pioneer AV receivers – Advanced Video Adjust and Stream Smoother

Although the term “home theatre”is
used to indicate any type of AV system, viewing environments vary widely depending
on the type of display and the room. In addition to picture differences depending on the projection method,
such as plasma TV, LCD TV, or projector, viewing distance is also a factor that
has to be taken into consideration. To experience optimum picture quality, the on-screen image
must be adjusted according to the viewing environment. Pioneer`s solution is Advanced Video Adjust. Simply by selecting the display type, the system is set to
offer optimum picture quality with the display you are using, eliminating the need for detailed picture quality adjustments. The function also adjusts the on-screen image when differences in visual effects and variations in distance from the viewing position to the display occur. Based on data obtained by measuring the distance with the Advanced
MCACC automatic sound field compensation function, the picture quality is set to its optimum state. We`ve also considered the problems associated
with viewing network content in a home theatre. With the unique Stream Smoother function, the conspicuous block
noise and mosquito noise seen in network content are reduced, achieving pictures with heightened clarity. Pioneer uses its unique video technologies developed for plasma TV,
Blu-ray and DVD players in its AV receivers, in order to provide more natural and beautiful pictures. Thanks to Advanced Video Adjust and Stream Smoother,
you’ll be able to enjoy better pictures in all types of environments.

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