Pioneer AV Receivers – MCACC

For multi-channel sound, using the same type of speakers at the same distance from the listening position is ideal. But in fact, this is almost always impossible, due to the size and shape of the room, the position of the furniture, and so on. Advanced MCACC automatically performs accurate and detailed adjustments of various parameters to optimize the multi-channel sound. Using a custom microphone, sound is measured directly from the speakers. The distance from the speakers to the listening position and other factors are analyzed in various ways. Advanced MCACC then automatically aligns speaker sound pressure levels and the distances between the speakers. Speaker frequency characteristics are also aligned based on the direct sound. These adjustments result in an ideal surround sound field with smooth sound movement and optimum balance. Optimally-tuned sound with minimal effort.


  • Next time i get a confused look from someone when I'm explaining speaker placement, I'm showing them this. Visually presented very well.

  • So where do you get the microphone to be able to conduct the fine tuning?

  • I've always wondered what the heck that little thing was for, apparently it's a good thing I saved it…

  • omfg i bought poioneer vsx924 and i was looking at its packaging and saw this little black thingy and i was also wondering wtf it was for. looks like it's absolutely necessary for the home theater setup

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