Pioneer AV Receivers – Philosophy

Advanced Multi-Channel Stereophonic Philosophy Discover authentic sound. Providing an immersive sensory experience as close to the original as possible. That’s our goal. A true masterpiece, made from the finest components, that finds its origin in the careful selection of materials. To give our AV receivers a strong foundation we’ve used only high-grade materials that can deliver precise performance. All in order to accomplish our ultimate goal: truthful expression of the artist’s intent. Built on ICEpower analogue Class D technology, the Direct Energy HD Amp successfully recreates studio quality sound. Its expressive power can convey the full surround atmosphere of powerful sounds as well as delicate whispers. Our natural ability to select only the finest materials is what we call our “minamoto”. The skill of the craftsman lives on in his masterpiece. It derives its unique character from the craftsman’s knowledge and experience. To reproduce artistic expressions as true to the original as possible, we purify and control the soundstage with advanced sound field correction technology. MCACC and Full Band Phase Control: amplifier technology that adjusts speaker phasing to provide the ideal sound field, letting you experience sounds and their stereophonic feel exactly as they were intended. The acoustic research and technological resources nurtured by our audio heritage is what we call our “waza”. Within this masterpiece lies a spirit that moves people. It elicits a feeling that deeply resonates with the creator’s spirit. In order to convey the emotions as the artist intended, we refined the sound by exhaustive sound quality tuning. Based on the input of professional recording engineers, we perform intensive sound quality testing and tuning. The result is extraordinary sound that expresses the message as instilled by the artist. Expertly fine-tuned sound that evokes intense emotion is what we call our “tamashi”. We strive to achieve perfection in these three domains. Only then can we reach our ultimate goal: providing an immersive sensory experience as the artist intended. Advanced Multi-Channel Stereophonic Philosophy


  • I enjoyed your presentation for Pioneer AV Receivers and Amplifiers. I purchased the VSX-S300-K several weeks ago and my family and I are enjoying the quality of sound for my CD, DVD and Plasma TV . Thanks!

  • 🙂

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