Popeyes Chicken Sandwich vs Chick-Fil-A TASTE TEST

Popeyes has created one of the largest chicken sandwich debates ever causing lines around the block and mass sellouts of chicken sandwiches They are now competing with chick-fil-a considering themselves as the top chicken sandwich in the world They’ve been going back and forth on Twitter and even Wendy’s decided to chime in People have been going crazy on social media trying to determine which one is better Popeyes or chick-fil-a It’s up for you to decide but for today, we’re gonna tell you which one we think is best. I Like the fact that they got this foil kind of paper So let’s say hot hotter in there. You see the big other here. Well, they got the same thing We got the whole kind of paper afternoon geez Look kind of soggy and smashed up It’s nice and moist they would throw up. You have a headache you probably Found how long five years so we’ll see what it’s like No cheese on the right in okay, so so about this chick-fil-a. I haven’t tried either Till one So I got to try to chick-fil-a first just because it’s roast camp, but it’s got no sauce a little toast to it and pickles chicken right off the bat just When you look at these two sandwiches enough y’all can see when you just look at these two sandwiches, I just look way better just off looked so there’s no sauce on This sandwich. That’s a she the bread lettuce rock Angus is moist moist but this looks fire. Oh my gosh. Don’t look like you got too much Chris to it. But uh, Okay so much that This is a solid first bite in it, it’s kind of like the white mom made it It’s a lot of bread compared to chicken tribe That’s pretty good it’s I don’t taste a lot of sauce or nothing like that on there I’d like to have some sauce on it So I definitely need some sauce on for sure It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s kind of like the lunchroom lunchroom sandwich. See we’re talking about See this one’s just bigger But overall taste is good Um Yeah we go damn I’m off the truck Look at the size difference, uh tea sandwiches, that’s the Wow I’m off to split this outfit technically ever out of 10 The skill of going back there again I’ll probably wouldn’t Like before I’ve had worse, but it ain’t the greatest at all my chicken 207 though presentation-wise. Whoo Chick-fil-a almost made me choke. I Sound like I’m hating on chick-fil-a, but it really wasn’t that good. I’ll give it like a 6 I’m always already out of 10 based off of this one just cuz I don’t know exactly talk taste and if you gave me a like Oh 1/2 a team Then I get a strong eight right there. I Bite out of you But the Popeyes one got a diaper around it. So that means it’s secure you know saying Little healthier looking though Popeyes Nice and flaky this look like a problem right here. This looks like the ideas Oh Hmm So right off on the first bite this sandwich just killed this seller No like this notebook this challenge right here hmm. Oh Yeah odds lot Mm-hmm way more flavor to see this tastes like a real chicken sandwich. I’ll take another bite of this one I’ll see waiting one crazy right now. This is fast food so I’m gonna give it a nine and everything that goes with a nine you got to have a six so I’m gonna getcha class six. I can see why people go crazy for this. Is this the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had No, but for four dollars, I’m definitely going back for sure. This is a good ass challenge I will buy this twice and eat both them this right here I’ll buy again later, but I’ll take time to go get it. Come on Popeyes It’s just a scrunchie. I I Enjoyed that bite a lot for and it’s not as dry. This chick-fil-a sandwiches dry is tough to hear eat the whole thing I’m going with the Popeyes for sure tastes better meats better quality Chick-fil-a’s kind of dry. I’ll see why they online for this one That mugs is good. I’m gonna eat this motherfucker. I meet this mug, right? Damn Mm-hmm. There’s no way they were saying that this was actually a competition This is a great replacement for a po-boy like remember they got ready to pop one They did their thing now that’s hatin right there like Chick-fil-a is pissed off right now This month looking good If I had to choose between chick-fil-a or Popeyes You’re definitely gonna pop onto the shelf. They did a pup. I did it my turn It’s no question Absolute legend. I’m glad I bit this one second. I’d have been mad We bought it This was more than this yeah You guys need a Josh This shit is really not good. I swear so base from all of our reactions We can see that it was a Popeyes unanimous decision. I don’t think anybody you picked chick-fil-a Nah, not today at least get out of that Popeyes You know, I’m saying fresh hot Mama’s little moist But fresh how to offer the fryer with that a Yoli that bread Man, I need another one. Another we go slide the pump. Is it a video what what are the polls looking like? Okay. So on Instagram we ask the people and we have 46 percent saying Popeyes in 54% of saying chick-fil-a. All right does ethnicity play a factor in most personally? I feel like it might y’all to drop a comment down below and let us know which I think about it But I’m telling you right now. I feel like that drives a huge factor. I can understand why maybe your option it’s cliches How many people have really tried to pop isomers that bode right? probably the you know I’m sure there’s yeah a good amount of obviously that Peak chick-fil-a just because that’s the only thing they’ve truck and you know, the hood is just gonna naturally pick pop I’ll just go sniff. This is out of nature so I can see how where that could come from now Well, you took it to Twitter and we know Twitter is a lot more hood than Instagram. That’s where it gets real ratchet So we took it today or do we see on Twitter? sixty-two percent on Popeyes favor and 38% on chick-fil-a’s favor. That sounds a lot better, even though I wish it was 69, but hey, it was close Yeah, so Popeyes clearly wins on twitter. I’m a i’m a fan of Popeyes personally. So yes, I’m rooting for Popeyes I’m definitely going to get another sandwich after this Ziwei, I need to already have both of them. I’m gonna need two more after this tonight So what do you guys think drop a comment down below? Have you actually even tried the sandwich like really have you tried it? What is the best meme that you have seen so far this week? Because it’s been crazy people jumping through windows people getting advice people making skits all different types of stuff Let us know what you seen down below because it’s getting wild out in these streets this for a chicken sandwich Is this the best chicken so much in the world right now fast food fast food? No No, we there’s a lot of fast food spots that we don’t have in Portland. So Yeah, that’s like makes it like dark We just makes it chick-fil-a and Popeyes at the same time that chick-fil-a is terrible compared to Pablo’s like I’m deaf You don’t want to explain anymore So make sure you like yep comment, yeah sure We gotta go see how the nights I ain’t sharing this video finish the chief will am Popeyes put it on You


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