President Trump Delivers Remarks at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit

The President: Well,
thank you very much. Thank you everybody. What a group. What a group. (applause) What a group. I also want to thank a
true American legend, and a beloved national
hero, Rush Limbaugh. Thank you, Rush. (applause) You know, I
don’t know if you know it or not: He’s got like 39
million people listening. He’s been — from day one,
he’s been so incredible. Good times, bad times, he
doesn’t waver because he’s tough as hell. He makes like — they
tell me he makes like $50 million a year. And it may be — that
may be on the low side. So if anybody wants to be
a nice conservative talk show host, it’s
not a bad living. I will say. (applause) But I have to
say, he’s a very unique guy and he’s a great man
and he’s been a great friend. So thank you to Rush. Thank you. (applause) And let me
begin by wishing you a beautiful — look,
do you remember this? Do you remember they were
trying to take “Christmas” out of Christmas? Do you remember? Audience: Booo — The
President: They didn’t want to let you say
“Merry Christmas.” You would go around, you’d
see department stores that have everything — red,
snow, beautiful ribbons, bows. Everything was there, but
they wouldn’t say “Merry Christmas.” They’re all saying
“Merry Christmas” again. You remember? (applause) I went through
that, during the campaign: “They going to say
Merry Christmas again.” And they are. That’s the least of it,
too, because we got a lot of things that they’re
doing that they weren’t doing. And we got to keep the
country — we got to keep what we’re doing. Please sit down. We got to keep —
(applause) — we have plenty of time. It’s a Saturday night. See, if I were Sleepy Joe,
I’d say, “It’s a Saturday night in Ohio. We have plenty of time.” (laughter) And he
wouldn’t say it that way. They’d say, “No, no,
we’re in Florida. We’re in Florida.” He’s only done that about
four times, where: “It’s a Saturday night. It’s great to
be in Delaware.” “No, we’re Iowa.” “Oh. Oh.” (applause) You know, if
you’re speaking and you do that, it’s over. You can’t make — you
could be Winston Churchill and the speech is no good. Once you do that, it’s
over and he does it a lot. There’s something
going on up there. (laughter) And there’s
something going on with the rest of them. I mean, they want to
take away everything. They want to destroy
what we’ve built. But I’m thrilled to
be here tonight with thousands of proud,
patriotic young Americans at Turning Point USA
Student Action Summit. (applause) Incredible, the
job that Charlie’s done. You’re the fearless young
leaders and warriors who stare down the hatred
of the radical left and bravely fight for our
liberty, our values, and our God-given freedom. (applause) Each of you
is a fighter on the frontlines of defending
our way of life. And I am profoundly
grateful to all of you. The whole country is. And by the way, your
crowds are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. (applause) I see on
television, where Charlie had a deal going on where
they had 4- or 5,000 people standing outside. I get a little angry
because that’s supposed to be only me. (laughter) But they had
thousands of people on one of the colleges where they
couldn’t get in, and you have that. You have that. We’re sort of different. We don’t do it quite the
other — you know, we do the nice way. But the truth is,
you’re tougher. You’re smarter. You’re far more elite. Don’t you love it when
they say “the elite”? They’re referring to the
others — “the elite.” No, no, you’re the elite. (applause) The elite. But I want to congratulate
my friend, Charlie Kirk — (applause) — for
mobilizing students on more than 1,500 high
school and college campuses all
across the country. Amazing. (applause) And I see my
son Don is standing with Charlie. They like each other. (applause) And Kimberly,
did Don speak? Did you speak, Don? Because I heard
— did you speak? Audience Members:
Tomorrow! The President:
Oh, tomorrow? Oh, I — I’m
going to come. (applause) Oh, I want
to put pressure on him. You got to see how
they handle it. I’ll sit there and I’ll
say, “Come on, let’s go. Let’s go.” (laughter) No,
people love him. They love him. They love him. He’s a good — he’s
a good young guy. He’s a little — I’m
a little prejudiced. You know, he’s my son. But he’s a good guy, and
he loves this country a lot. And he loves you. So thank you very much. (applause) Thank
you, Kimberly. Great job, Kimberly. The radical left doesn’t
stand a chance against young conservatives
who put America first. We’re putting
America first. You know, we weren’t —
(applause) — America was not considered — these
people, what they were doing to our country
was just unbelievable. We’re putting
America first. And you know what? Other leaders should put
their country first. Why not? What are you going
to do, put it second? Put it ninth? (laughter) They
should — I tell them. Because it sounds very
insulting when you say, “We put America first.” I say, “Do you know what? You should put your
country first, too.” But if we put America
first, and they put their country first, we win
every single time. (applause) And we’re
joined by a man that I’ve gotten to know
and respect. And he’s highly, highly
— this is a very capable person who has really
developed a voice that you rarely develop as such a
young person, and so new to this whole crazy
political game. But I’m new too,
Dan Crenshaw. I’m new too. (applause) Where
is Dan Crenshaw? Where is he? Where is Dan? You are great. Thank you, Dan. Thank you, Dan. What a voice
he’s developed. What a voice. Thank you, Dan. He did it quickly. Some guys are in Congress
there — they have 40 years, they don’t
have your voice. Thank you. And I don’t mean the
voice, speaking; I mean people listening
to what you say. Thank you very much. Great job. (applause) And, by the
way, I have to say, while Dan is here: What kind of
great support did we have from those incredible
congressmen and women this week? (applause) They got up and
they spoke and they were fantastic. And I guess the vote was
like 196, or something, to nothing. We had three Democrats
coming to our side. So we have to say it
was a bipartisan vote. (laughter) You call
that bipartisan? Hey, no Republican
went to their side. We had like 195, Dan,
to nothing, right? Something like that
— 195 to nothing. You don’t see that. You don’t see that. What a great
group of people. Come here, Dan. What do you have? (applause) Audience: USA! USA! USA! Audience Member:
We love you, Trump! (applause) (Representative
Crenshaw gives President Trump a piece of paper.)
The President: I said, “This better
be good, Dan.” (laughter) That
took a long time. (laughter) I said, “Dan,
what the hell is it?” He said, “It’s a no vote
on impeachment day.” That was a no vote. (applause) I’ll
save that, Dan. I’ll save that, Dan. (applause) Well, we
had a lot of no votes. And the Senate now is —
how about that deal, where they had nothing? There’s no crime. There’s no nothing. How do you impeach? You had no crime. Even their people said
there was no crime. In fact, there’s
no impeachment. There’s no — their own
lawyers said there’s no impeachment. What are we doing here? (applause) The
world is watching. Crazy Nancy. She’s crazy. (laughter) No, no, so now
she says — you know, she has no case. She has no case. So let’s not submit it. That’s good, right? That’s good. But you know what? So unfair. It’s so unfair. She has no case. Did they look bad? They got up — the same
thing, the Constitution. They are violating the
Constitution totally. Totally. (applause) They’re
violating the Constitution. In the meantime, our polls
have gone through the roof. (applause) And the Senate,
like the House — we’ve done great work together. You know, today,
with the judges. Last week, we did 13
judges — 13 extra. (applause) We’re going to
talk about it in a second. But we’re doing like no
other party has done in the first, think of it,
less than three years, and what we’ve done. Last night was so
exciting, with the National Defense bill. The greatest
military ever. Ever. (applause) New jets, new
ships, new rockets, new missiles. (applause) All made
in the USA, folks. Made in the USA. (applause) But as we
near the end of another extraordinary year, we
celebrate America’s incredible comeback,
and that’s what it is. Our country was down. We were depressed. We were depleted. Our military was so,
so down and so out. I mean, I could tell you
stories, and I won’t tell you because it’s
embarrassing to tell you, but we’ve rebuilt it. Two and a half
trillion dollars. Somebody said, “Well,
that’s bad for the budget.” Let me tell you about
budgets: I’m a big budget person, but when it comes
to the military, there is no budget. There is no budget. (applause) There’s no
budget when it comes to the military. Somebody says, “Well,
we’re doing really badly in the war. We don’t have
enough ammunition. But we’re losing the war. But you know, we had a
good budget last year.” No, it’s — you have
people that think that way. You know, it doesn’t
work that way. We’re so powerful,
militarily, now, especially at the end
of another six months. This stuff is all pouring
in: brand-new jets, the most incredible stealth
jets, the F-35 fighters, the F-18, the F-16s, the
— (applause) — nobody has ever seen
what we’re doing. Ships, submarines — I
won’t even tell you about the submarine. The most powerful
ships in the world. The most powerful boats. The most powerful weapon
in the world is our submarines, and they’re
under construction. And we just hope to God
that we never have to use them. (applause) We hope that we
never have to use them, and we do. And the way we won’t have
to use them is if the power is so great that
nobody’s ever going to say, “Gee…” You know, we learned
that a long time ago. We learned that
in high school. We learned it in
grade school, right? But we will have — and
we have now overwhelming power, and just hope we
don’t have to use it. Our economy is booming. (applause) Wages
are rising. Crime is falling. Poverty is plummeting. And our nation is stronger
and more powerful right now than it has
ever been before. (applause) And we’ve
achieved more in this month alone than almost
any President has achieved in eight years in office,
if you think about it — if you think
what we’ve done. (applause) We reached an
agreement to replace one of the worst trade deals
in the history of the world: NAFTA. (applause) Remember when
all the companies were leaving our country,
Charlie, and they were going to Mexico and a
couple of other places, frankly? But they were leaving,
leaving us with no jobs, no income, empty factories
all over the country. You go to Ohio, you go to
New England — you saw that. It was like a empty —
everything was gone. NAFTA. Remember a certain man
said it was that “sucking” feeling? You know what that — do
you remember who said that? It was that — Audience
Member: Ross Perot! The President: Right. He’s a student. It was Ross Perot. He said it’s got that
“sucking” feeling. All of our jobs, all of
our companies were being sucked out of our country. We’re replacing NAFTA and
the NAFTA disaster with the brand-new USMCA, which
is an incredible deal. (applause) Except
to globalists. You know, you have some
globalists that don’t like it. You know why? Because they think it’s
okay when a company closes its doors and opens up in
Mexico or another country. They think it’s okay, as
long as there’s a company someplace. I say, “No, no, I want the
companies to build our products here.” (applause) Okay? We don’t need those deals. I mean, these are people
that — they’re called globalists. Anybody a globalist here? I don’t know, you know. Audience: Booo — The
President: We tried that. Not too many globalists, I
don’t think, in this room. I think, frankly, once
they understand what’s happening, there aren’t
too many globalists, period. But the only one that
would be opposed — and I think NAFTA passed
by a number that was incredible. There were only, what? Forty-one votes
against it? And people, for a trade
deal, that’s almost impossible. We got labor support. We got support, and the
farmers are going to do so well. And what it does
— (applause). And I asked for one thing,
I said, “Look, I want to make it very prohibitively
expensive for a company to leave our country, go to
another country” — let me be nice — “go to
another country…” You know, 32 percent of
our car industry has gone to Mexico over
the last 20 years. Can you imagine? 32 percent. And it was heading there. They going to
have all of it. And that’s about
the end, folks. That’s about the end. (applause) So we’re
saving the American auto industry, keep — creating
— and, very importantly, creating countless number
of American jobs, and opening vast new
opportunities for America’s farmers,
growers, and manufacturers. (applause) For years,
politicians came and went, promising to
replace NAFTA. Remember that? All the time. It’s probably
why I’m here. Probably. I was honored about 10
years ago — long before I thought of coming down
that beautiful escalator with our great
future First Lady. (applause) But NAFTA is
probably — I used to go — I just used to say — I
was honored in Michigan. I just left Michigan. (applause) We just had —
they had me “Man of the Year” in Michigan. (applause) And I made a
speech and a lot of people were shaken up. They said, “Why are you
allowing this to happen? Mexico is taking all of
your car companies and so is Canada.” Canada sells us tremendous
numbers of cars that they didn’t used to sell. “Why are you letting
this happen?” And it was a rough speech. But the truth is, that was
the way I felt, and I’ve never changed. I’ve never changed. And the new
USMCA stops that. (applause) But the
politicians, they talked about it, but they never
did anything about it. Absolutely nothing. And they just kept
selling America out. But where other
administrations failed, we delivered. So I guess we had, Don,
385 — or something like that — to 41. Something like that. Oh, there’s
Laura Ingraham. How good is Laura? Come here, Laura. (applause) How
good is Laura? You know, now the CNN —
(applause) — the CNN cameras — all the
cameras just turned off. That’s okay. (laughter) They don’t
want to promote Laura. She’s got — what
a job she does. And, by the way, look,
it’s still always about the ratings. Her ratings are
through the roof. Congratulations. Through the roof. (applause) She’s great. She’s great. Great person, too. We also took the
toughest-ever action against China. And as a result —
(applause) — we just achieved a breakthrough on
the trade deal and we’ll be signing it
very shortly. They’re already buying
billions and billions of dollars of products —
agricultural products. (applause) I spoke to
President Xi yesterday. And you know, he’s also
coming down — and clamping down,
Laura, on fentanyl. I said you got to do that:
fentanyl coming out of China. (applause) They’re
clamping down, and they’re clamping down strongly. That’s a big thing. It came out of China and
it hasn’t been — hasn’t been good. It’s been terrible,
actually. And I said, “You
got to do that.” And they have
been doing it. They’ve been going very
strongly against it. We’ve had a big —
it’s had a big impact. Yesterday I signed into
law the largest-ever investment in our military
— 700 — it’s $738 billion. And I also officially
created the sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Forces,
the Space Force. (applause) Audience: USA! USA! USA! The President: And I’ll
tell you — you know, I’d go, and a lot of times —
a lot of times, I’ll say something, and
you’re like a poll. You’re like a free
poll for me, okay? (laughter) It’s true. I’d ask questions like,
“What do you like better for this campaign? ‘MAGA’ — ‘Make America
Great Again,'” which we always like. We’re never — (applause)
— “or ‘Keep America Great.'” (applause) And
it’s very surprising. So normally, most
candidates like, you know, the people that don’t know
too much — they’ll go and do a — they’d
hire a pollster. The pollster goes
to about 92 people. (laughter) Then they
wonder why the polls are wrong. “How come the
polls were wrong?” In my case, they do a poll
and then they add 10 or 12 percent now to it. They’ve learned that. Took them a little while
to figure that one out. But you know what? I do it. And I say — look, I
have these room full of incredible people — I
say, “What do you like better?” Now, I’m a little
superstitious. I’ll never give up “Make
America Great Again.” I can’t do that,
Dan, right? (applause) I
can’t do it, Dan. So I’m never
going to do that. So we’ll have it. But I was thinking, we
have the highest stock market in the history
of our country, by far. (applause) One hundred and
thirty-five times, since I’m President — which is
less than three years. Substantially — well, you
know, it’s January 20th. That’s a long way away,
meaning not too long. But think of it: One
hundred and thirty-five times, we broke a record. We had a stock
market record. And that to me is not
a stock market record. It’s a record for 401(k)s. It’s a record of
people owning stock. It’s a record of
jobs, jobs, jobs. (applause) So we have
this great country. Our military is rebuilt. We’ve never done better
than we’re doing right now and our country is
respected again. And I said, “Well,
wait a minute. If I say ‘Make America
Great Again,’ that’s like we’re continuing.” We just set the record
in the history of our country. Hey, excuse me, African
American — Terrence — African American —
they all know him. (applause) African
American unemployment is at the lowest level
it’s ever been. (applause) Hispanic
American employ- — right? Right? (applause) Hispanic
American unemployment: lowest level ever. Asian American:
lowest level ever. (applause) By
the way, women. Women. Women. (applause) I failed you. I failed you — lowest
level in 71 years. I’m sorry. I failed. (applause) But, remember
this, you’re going to have — very soon, you’re
going to have “historic.” Lowest in 71 years. African American. Hispanic American. Asian American. So, and poverty levels are
the best numbers they’ve ever been for African
American, for Hispanic American. (applause) For young
African Americans, our numbers on employment are
the best they’ve ever been. So, I mean,
we’ve done great. So I’m saying, “Make
America Great Again.” Well, we’ve
already made it. We’ve had such an impact. So, in a way, it’s sort
of competed with the real message — right? — of what we’re
trying to do. So I said, “You know, how
about the” — and I didn’t pay millions of
dollars for this. Remember, Hillary? She came up with a phrase;
it was a disaster. They paid millions, then
she had to change it one day into the campaign
because I attacked it. I said — remember, I
said, “See it’s all about her.” They changed it. They paid a guy
millions of dollars. He walked away — retired. (laughter) I like to
make it up myself. But “Keep America
Great,” right? “Keep America Great.” (applause) So,
let’s have a poll. Ready? We’ll go first “MAGA.” And “Keep America Great”
— I didn’t like it. It was “KAG.” But KAG is now
becoming cool, right? KAG. KAG. (applause) It’s okay. So let’s have
a quick poll. You ready? But I see a lot of these
“Keep America Great” hats. Stand up, sir. Look at that
beautiful hat. (applause) Got
the higher front. Gives you an extra
couple of inches. That’s not too bad, right? (laughter) Got
that high front. Got big letters. But “Keep America Great.” “Make America…” Okay, ready? Who wants to keep “Make
America Great Again”? (applause) See? Who wants to have
“Keep America Great”? (applause) I’m
telling you. I’m telling you. No, it’s an amazing thing. One more shot at it. Who wants “Make
America Great Again”? (applause) Who wants
“Keep America Great”? (applause) Okay, so I’ve
done that like 10 times with audiences —
and smart audiences. This is my poll. Thank you. You just saved me
a million dollars. (laughter) But I’ve done
that like 10 times with big audiences, right? And every single time,
it’s “Keep America Great.” Now, at the same time,
none of us want to lose “MAGA.” So Kimberly, Don, Charlie,
all of you people, let’s do both, okay? Let’s do both. (applause) Because if
you’re superstitious — because, look, let’s face
it, when we came in, and when we started that
campaign, like four years — even more than four
years ago — “Make America Great”, that was probably
the greatest phrase in the history of politics. Really, right? (applause) So
I’m a loyalist. I don’t take things and
just throw it to the side. But the truth is, our
country is doing better than ever before. We’re so respected again. Leaders come in from
other countries — prime ministers, presidents,
kings, queens, dictators, in some cases — they
just don’t know they’re dictators — (laughter) —
or our people don’t either — but they come
in and they say, “Congratulations. What you’ve done
is amazing.” They’re talking
about all of us. And you know what? It is. But we’ll keep both. We’re going to probably be
focusing a little bit more on “Keep America Great,”
but we’re going to keep both. This week, we confirmed
13 more highly qualified, brilliant federal judges
to interpret the law as written — (applause) —
bringing the total to 187 federal judges right now. One hundred and
eighty-seven, right? (applause) Including
two great Supreme Court justices, Neil Gorsuch
and Brett Kavanaugh. (applause) You know, I was
going around — yesterday, I heard about this,
we just got 13 more. I think it might
even be 15 yesterday. But they always say judges
are the most important thing a President can do. And I disagree, I think
defense — okay, you got to have a country, right? (laughter) So I always
think defense and all of that. But judges are right up
there — probably, maybe number two. And maybe — I mean,
people say it’s the single-most important
thing you do: judges, and especially, obviously,
Supreme Court justices. So we have a number that
can never be surpassed. We could have more than 50
percent of the judges in the United States. And one of the things that
helped us so much is that President Obama left
us 142 federal judges. Think of that. Who would think
that’s possible? One hundred and forty-two
federal judges. So we want to thank you
very much, President Obama. Thank you. (applause) I mean,
normally, when you leave office, you leave none. You leave none. That position is so power-
— it’s so important for the future of the country. I said to a gentleman — I
came in, I said — by the way, first day — “How
many judges do I have to appoint?” “Sir, you have 142.” I said, “You have
to be kidding.” (laughter) Right? You understand that, Dan. Can you believe
he gave us 142? And I think now — I
thought it was going to be — we’d be up to 182 by
the end of the year. I was expecting
to be at 182. Yesterday, we hit 187. Can you believe that? (applause) Pretty amazing. And when the left-wing
arsonists came for Judge Kavanaugh, we refused to
back down and he refused to back down. (applause) And
that’s what they are. This week, I also signed
legislation delivering record funding for
our nation’s amazing historically black
colleges and universities. (applause) We secured
full funding for our bold campaign to end the AIDS
epidemic in America. (applause) Who would have
thought that could have been done? And to top it off, this
week, the Dow Jones broke all of those records. (applause) The fact is,
America is winning again. America is
respected again. We’re respected like never
before, I can tell you that. (applause) And, you know,
I went to NATO and they weren’t carrying
their way. They weren’t putting
up the money. The press didn’t want
to talk about it. But there — oh, that’s a
lot of press back there. The fake news, yeah. Audience: Booo — The
President: It’s a lot of press. It’s always a
lot of press. You know, with these guys,
you can speak for weeks; if you make one little
statement, they go after you. Because you know why? They’re fake news. You’re right. (applause) But we are
together, all of us — and you are such an
important part of it. And a number of you will
probably be here someday standing in this
same position. (applause) I mean, it’s
where a great group of people are going to come,
but we’re saving the Republic. But there’s still
much to be done. You know, we have to
win this election. (applause) That was the
most important election and I’ll always — look,
it’ll always be — how exciting was that
night, right? Right? (applause) How
exciting was that? Remember that great
evening in November of 2016? That night — and
everybody was saying, “We don’t think he’s
going make it.” They were so happy. “We don’t think he’s
going to make it. It’s going to be a short
evening for Donald Trump.” They didn’t call me
“President Trump.” “Going to be a
short evening.” Because remember? The exit polls
weren’t good. Do you know why
they weren’t good? Did you know? Because people would walk
out — they’d walk out of the voting booth, “Who
are you voting for?” “It’s none of
your business.” (applause) And they had
like 35 percent of the people said that. So they didn’t count that. They didn’t know that 100
percent of the people who said that voted
for us, right? So they didn’t count it. (applause) But we’re in a
battle of survival of this nation. We really are. When you look at these
people talk, with their Green New Deal. But I don’t want to knock
it now, if you don’t mind. I don’t want to knock it. I knocked — I knocked the
hell out of Pocahontas. I got her down. (applause) I don’t
want to — too early. It’s too early. They can change. I don’t want say “the
Green New Deal.” I think it’s a
wonderful thing. I do want to
think about it. I want to study
it closely. (laughter) I want to see
whether or not we should ever use airplanes again. (laughter) How about the
senator from Hawaii? Nasty. Nasty. Horrible. Gee, what she says — what
she says is so mean and angry. She’s not the smartest
person on the planet. (laughter) She wants the
Green New Deal, and then they informed her that
that does not include airplanes. And you’re the
senator from Hawaii. So they said, “What
are you going to do?” And then they talked
about building a train to Hawaii, can
you believe it? (laughter) No, no, she
wants it, even though you can’t — you’ll never
get to Hawaii again. Say goodbye to Hawaii. No, it’s crazy,
isn’t it, though? But I don’t want
to knock it. All of these things have
to be st- — it’s too soon. It’s too soon. Let it go. Let — let it seed. Like — just like our
great agenda has to seed like a tree. It has to seed. Let the Green
New Deal seed. (laughter) And then about
two months before the campaign ends, I will rip
that sucker like you have — (applause). We’ll let it seed,
the Green New Deal. (applause) We’ll have an
economy based on wind. I never understood wind. You know, I know
windmills very much. I’ve studied it better
than anybody I know. It’s very expensive. They’re made in China and
Germany mostly — very few made here, almost none. But they’re manufactured
tremendous — if you’re into this —
tremendous fumes. Gases are spewing
into the atmosphere. You know we have
a world, right? So the world is tiny
compared to the universe. So tremendous, tremendous
amount of fumes and everything. You talk about the carbon
footprint — fumes are spewing into the air. Right? Spewing. Whether it’s in China,
Germany, it’s going into the air. It’s our air, their air,
everything — right? So they make these things
and then they put them up. And if you own a house
within vision of some of these monsters, your house
is worth 50 percent of the price. They’re noisy. They kill the birds. You want to see
a bird graveyard? You just go. Take a look. A bird graveyard. Go under a
windmill someday. You’ll see more birds than
you’ve ever seen ever in your life. (laughter) You know, in
California, they were killing the bald eagle. If you shoot a bald eagle,
they want to put you in jail for 10 years. A windmill will kill
many bald eagles. It’s true. And you know what? After a certain number,
they make you turn the windmill off. That’s true, by the way. This is — they make you
turn it off after you — and yet, if you killed
one they put you in jail. That’s okay. But why is it okay for
these windmills to destroy the bird population? And that’s what
they’re doing. Audience Member:
Because they’re idiots! The President: (Laughs.)
This is a conservative group, Dan. (applause) No,
but it’s true. Am I right? (applause) I’ll tell
you another thing about windmills. And I’m not — look, I
like all forms of energy. And I think (inaudible) —
really, they’re okay in industrial areas. Like you have an
industrial plant, you put up a windmill — you know,
et cetera, et cetera. I’ve seen the most
beautiful fields, farms, fields — most gorgeous
things you’ve ever seen, and then you have these
ugly things going up. And sometimes they’re made
by different companies. You know, I’m like a
perfectionist; I really built good stuff. And so you’ll see like a
few windmills made by one company: General Electric. And then you’ll see a
few made by Siemens, and you’ll see a few made
by some other guy that doesn’t have 10 cents, so
it looks like a — so you see all these windows,
they’re all different shades of color. They’re like sort of
white, but one is like an orange-white. (laughter) It’s my
favorite color: orange. (applause) No, but — and
you see these magnificent fields, and they’re owned
— and you know what they don’t tell you
about windmills? After 10 years,
they look like hell. You know, they start
to get tired, old. You got to replace them. A lot of times, people
don’t replace them. They need massive subsidy
from the government in order to make it. It’s really a
terrible thing. And what they want to do
is they want to get rid of all petroleum product. That means you basically
won’t have any factories in the United States. So tell me though, how are
you going to win Texas when you say, “We’re
going to get rid of all petroleum,” right? (applause) If you win —
how about this guy, Beto? Beto. He was a beauty. Audience: Booo — The
President: Beto came out — he’s from Texas. He came out against
religion, he came out against guns, and he came
out against energy — oil, right? So he’s against oil,
guns, and the Bible. Abraham Lincoln can’t win
with that platform in Texas. I can tell you, right? (Laughter and applause.)
No, we’re doing it right. We’re doing it right. And you know, our numbers,
environmentally, right now are better than they’ve
ever been before, just so you know, because I’m
an environmentalist. I am. (applause) I want the
cleanest water on the planet. I want the cleanest air
anywhere — crystal-clean water. I want perfectly
clean air. And we have the best
numbers right now that we’ve ever had, meaning
in the last 40 years. (applause) I assume the
numbers a couple of hundred years ago were
better because we didn’t have anything. So, over the last 40 years
— we’re in very good shape. The coming months will
decide whether our country will be governed by a
corrupt, failed, and far-left ruling class or
whether we will govern our country. Will it be governed of and
by the American people? That’s what we’re
talking about. (applause) On every front,
the extreme leftists — and they are leftists —
Audience: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! The President: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now, if you want to drive
them crazy go, “16 more years.” (applause) “Sixteen
more years.” You know, you heard me say
though — there’s this whackjob on television,
and he’s sitting down interviewing a guest, and
he’s a crazed lunatic. These people — we have
driven them crazy. I — you know, at first,
I didn’t really like the term “Trump
Derangement Syndrome.” I didn’t. But it is — it’s true. People actually go
see psychiatrists. And all we’re trying to
do is make our country better. I just — is there
anything wrong with that? (applause) You
know, it’s crazy. Think of it. We want great education. We want low taxes. We want a strong military. We want homes. We want low
mortgage rates. What are we
doing that bad? What are we doing? And yet they have Trump
Derangement Syndrome. It’s crazy. It’s so crazy, but it’s
going to all work out. But, you know, this guy
is sitting down — he’s interviewing a guest and
he’s saying, “You know, he’s going to
win, don’t you? He’s going to win.” Just a couple of months
ago: “He’s going to win.” The guest says, “No, we’re
going to fight very hard. We have a good chance. No, no, we’re going
to fight very…” “No, no, he’s going to
win, and in four years he’s not leaving.” (laughter) “He’s
never leaving. I’m telling you,
he’s never…” And I thought
he was kidding. You know, he’s a
comedian, I guess. I don’t know,
he’s nothing. (laughter) But
the guy is a zero. But he’s going — he’s
going, “No, no he’s never leaving.” And I started thinking,
and the guy really believes that, okay? So from now on, start
yelling, “16 more years.” You’re going to
drive them crazy. (applause) You’ll
drive them crazy. On every front, the
extreme leftists who control so much of the
media, which is — I can’t say “totally corrupt,” but
I’ll say “almost totally corrupt.” And you see it now more
than you’ve ever seen it. And you know, I see it
better than you because I’m involved. In other words, we call up
and we say, “That story is wrong. Would you please
make a correction?” And they say, “No.” We say, “But the
story is wrong.” They say, “We don’t care.” They don’t care. These people are really
corrupt and dishonest, okay? And it’s a shame. And we have some
great journalists. We have some great people. But the level of the media
corruptness — and you know, it would be so great
for our country if they, in fact, were straight and
honest, but they’re really not. And nobody can — I can’t
tell you how bad it is. (applause) The Washington
swamp — and nobody knew how bad that was either. We used the word “swamp.” It thought it was okay. We’d wipe it out. These people are crazy. (laughter)
They’re vicious. They’re totally out
of control, but we’re knocking them down
pretty good right now. (applause) They’re waging
war on the values and principles that have
always defined America. They’re trying to silence,
censor, and punish anyone who dissents from their
oppressive ideology. You know that. They want to hound
conservatives. You see what they do. You see what they do —
the reporter who was beat up, but so many others. But they only go after
people that aren’t fighters. They only go after
the non-fighters. I could tell you
some stories. They don’t go after —
they don’t go after the tough ones. We have the toughest
people, but our toughest people don’t need to do
that and hopefully they never will. Hopefully, they
never will. But we have
incredible people. But they always go
after people that are non-fighters, people
that are not going to do anything bad, other than
they’ll write or they’ll put down their feelings. And they just
decimate them. And they have to be
careful, because you can’t do that. You can’t do that. Audience Member:
Where’s Hunter? The President: They want
to — where is Hunter, by the way? Where is Hunter? (applause) Where is he? Where is Hunter? Here’s a guy who made
no money, then all of a sudden he’s
making a fortune. And I watch as Biden is
being interviewed: “While this claim is totally
unsubstantiated…” No, it’s not. And when Biden got up and
made the quid pro quo, the likes of which I’ve never
seen before — right? They’re not going to get
the billion dollars — a billion dollars — unless
they get rid of the prosecutor. You see it? Everybody saw that, Dan. And if you say it, they
say, “Oh, it’s terrible what he said.” You see the debate
where they practically apologized? “I’m sorry, sir, for
having to ask you, because while it’s totally
unsubstantiated…” — and then they
talk about his son. Here’s a guy who made
no money, had no energy experience, no nothing,
and he’s making millions. But, you know, forget
about Ukraine; how about when he went to China? Okay. And he walks away with
$1.5 billion to manage. And I went to the biggest
guys on Wall Street — the smartest, the biggest —
guys you all know of. I said, “Let me ask
you a question: Is that possible?” “No, we can’t do it.” And these are the smartest
guys — most respected. They have, you know, many
trillions — billions of dollars of funds
that they manage. “No, it’s not possible. Not with China. They don’t do that.” He gets $1.5 billion. And then if you say — oh,
by the way, that’s not all. Other countries
are now coming out. And it only took place
when this guy became the Vice President. Oh, I hope he wins because
he will never ever be able to answer these questions. Okay? Ever. The fake news can do
whatever they want to do. He will never ever be able
to answer why a guy who was making absolutely no
money is making millions and millions of dollars a
year on companies that — there are those that they
say they were corrupt. But they want to
blame all of us. And I’ll tell you what,
what we’ve done is we’ve kept our country
solid and grounded. That’s what we’re doing. (applause) We’re doing a
very important service. We’re performing a very,
very important service for the future of our country. I can tell you, Charlie
Kirk and the whole group, very important. (applause) Because the
radical left socialists, or in many cases — I hate
to say this — beyond socialists. You know what the
next word is, right? Beyond — Audience
Members: Communists! The President: (Laughs.)
You guys — I won’t say it. If I say it, even if
I — Audience Members: Communists! The President:
I’ll retweet it. (Laughter and applause.)
He goes — I won’t say it, there’s too many cameras. You know, I said to
Charlie, last time I spoke, I said, “Let’s not
have any press, so we can have…” — but you know what? There’s always press. There’s always press. There’s even people
here with a cell phone. You think you’re doing us
favors, and you’re not doing us any favors. But there’s always press. But, no, I won’t
say that comment. I can imagine, what most
of you are thinking. But anyway — he’s going,
“Come on, please.” (laughter) But they want
to ban believers — you know, that — from
the public square. They want to indoctrinate
children with a far-left ideology in our schools. You see what’s going on
in the schools: Kids come home and they tell their
parents, “What the hell is happening here?” No, no, it really is true. It’s a problem, and it’s
a problem that has to be taken care of. The Democrat Party is
trying to shred our Constitution, tear down
our history, erase the nation’s borders. They don’t want to
have any borders. By the way, didn’t you
love the fact that I got funding for wall? We’re building it anyway. I — you know,
didn’t matter. (applause) Audience:
Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall! The President: We’re
building it anyway. You know, the only thing
more popular — then there’s Space Force. You know, I do — go
back to polling, right? So I would say “Space
Force,” and everybody went crazy all the time. The first time I mentioned
it, like a year and a half ago, I said, “Someday
we’re going to have a Space Force.” The place goes crazy,
probably Star Wars people or something. Who the hell knows? (applause) No, but
the place went crazy. I said “Hey there’s
something to that.” And I’m not doing this for
political reasons; we need that. That’s the next frontier. But the only thing more
popular always is the wall, and it’s
being built. (applause) But now
we have funding. And you know, it’s funny. I got that one through, as
part of the defense bill, because you know what? The Democrats don’t like
the issue anymore, because they know we’re right. When you see what’s
happening over there, they know we’re right. They sort of let that
one sail through. They got tired of
that wall fight. That wall fight was
not good for them, politically, I can
tell you, right? So we’ve built almost
100 miles already. It’s going up rapidly,
and it’s the real deal. (applause) So do you
remember when they always used to call themselves
the “Democratic Party”? It sounded better, right? The Democratic —
everybody — you, me, everybody. You know, the Democratic
Party — no, no it’s not. It’s the “Democrat Party.” Doesn’t sound as good;
that’s why I use it. It’s not as
good for speech. I hate it, you know, in a
way, because I’m saying the “Democrat Party.” The “Democratic Party”
sounds better, but we’re not here to make them
look great, right? (applause) And you know,
Schumer — Cryin’ Chuck? This guy — no, this guy
gets angry at people when they say the “Democrat
Party,” because it doesn’t — you know,
it doesn’t go. They should probably
change the name; I’ll give them a little free idea. But they call it, the
“Democratic Party,” but it’s actually the
“Democrat Party.” So let’s call them
the “Democrat Party.” That’s what I do. I don’t like it, because
in a speech it’s not as beautiful. They’ll say, “We didn’t
like Trump’s speech.” You know, it’s a funny
thing: They never talk about my speaking ability,
and yet I’ve never had an empty seat. I’m trying to
figure it out. It’s true. (applause) No, it’s true. I don’t know how you
figure that out. We’ve never had — from
the time we came down. But — but, think of
it: So we call it the “Democrat Party.” It doesn’t flow the same
way, but that’s okay. But their radical judges
invent laws that Congress never passed. What we’ve gone through
with immigration is terrible. These judges come up,
and they want to set immigration from a certain
area — let’s say — well, okay — how about
the Ninth Circuit? Do you know that, as of
— Audience: Booo — The President: — next week
— do you know that we’re going to be even on
the Ninth Circuit? This was a disaster. (applause) We put a lot
of judges on the Ninth Circuit. A lot of those judges that
we mentioned are on the Ninth Circuit. But they have these
radical judges and radical prosecutors. They ignore the laws
that they don’t like. And their unbelievably,
crazy partisans seek to nullify elections
they didn’t win. Remember that we
won an election? And I’ll tell you what,
it’s never been so much in the fore- — not only did
we win the election, we had an Electoral
College landslide. Okay? It was a landslide. (applause) And when all
else fails, they pursue an illegal, unconstitutional,
and hyper-partisan impeachment. They go with the
impeachment thing. Audience: Booo — The
President: Some of these extremists may call
themselves Democrats, but they really don’t
believe in democracy. They can’t. They can’t believe
in democracy. Generations of patriots
before us didn’t work — look, we had people
— they want to work. We have people now that
maybe it just doesn’t work for them. But generations of
patriots before us did not work, fight, and sacrifice
so that we could surrender our country to a
raging left-wing mob. And that’s what’s
happening. (applause) While they want
to punish America, we will fight to preserve America. And that’s what
we’re doing. And you’re doing it
incredibly well. Together we’ll stand
up to socialists. We will defend our nation
— the greatest and most glorious republic in the
history of this world. (applause) And
you know what? The best is yet to come. You know that, right? (applause) Each of you
is coming of age at a critical moment in our
country’s history. And your spirit is
so unbelievable. Your spirit through
thick and thin has been unbelievable. The level of excitement in
the Republican Party today is greater, in my opinion,
than it’s ever been in the history of the
Republican Party. I really believe that. (applause) Never
been this way. In fact, they have polls
— “enthusiasm polls,” they call them — that
have us at a level that we’ve never
been at before. The Democrats always
had the edge on that. We are higher than them. We have more enthusiasm. They are cutting
themselves up. They don’t know if they’re
down the middle, if they’re far left. They’re fighting
with each other. And that’s okay with us. But you know what? After we win the election,
let’s see if we can put everybody together,
because it would really be a great thing. Let’s see if we can put
everybody together. (applause) But we have
to win the election. And I think we have to
win the election big. And you know what — what
does bring together? Two things: Bad things —
really bad things happen, and people come together
— and really good things. And let’s do it
the good way. We’re doing so
well as a country. People are doing so well
that I think it’s going to bring people together. It’s starting to bring
people together, believe it or not. (applause) We’re facing an
opposition willing to use totalitarian methods to
get their way, and you see it. Think of what the
Democrats and their deep state allies have
been caught doing. They spied on my campaign. So you know, we have a
reason to be angry, folks. It’s not — we have a
reason to be angry. They spied on my campaign. And I said it
two years ago. I said it two and a
half, three years ago. But now, it’s come out:
They spied on my campaign. If this were reversed, you
would have had people in jail for years already. Years. (applause) They defrauded
the FISA court. The FISA court is
highly respected. They totally defrauded. The FISA court. They concealed
exculpatory evidence. They knew, a few days into
the Russian witch hunt, that it was nothing. It didn’t exist. Did you see the other day? Crooked Hillary came out. Did you see the other day? She said that Jill Stein
— Jill Stein, from the Greeny Party — she said
Jill Stein was a Russian agent. Now, I don’t
know, Jill Stein. I’m sure she’s
a fine woman. But I know she’s
not a Russian agent. Then she said Tulsi
Gabbard is a weapon of Russia. And they lost also
credibility, because we know that Tulsi Gabbard —
and I give her respect. She didn’t vote
the other day. I give her a lot of
respect — (applause) — because she knew
it was wrong. She took a pass. But I don’t know her. But I know one thing: She
is not an agent of Russia. Now what they said about
me three years ago — took me two and half years ago
— two and a half years of phony, horrible hits,
where they hurt a lot of people. They hurt a lot of
innocent people. Two and a half years. But then, when they said
Jill Stein — they mean it, too. They even said it
about Louie Gohmert. You know Louie Gohmert of
Texas — the congressman of Texas? (applause) The difference
is he’s such a tough guy, he started
screaming at them. He made a statement. It was like a
perfect statement. He made a statement, and
they start screaming, “He’s an agent of Russia.” These people have
gone crazy, okay? They’ve gone crazy. They perpetrated the
Russia hoax — the biggest lie ever told to the
American public — and they encouraged an
unelected group of bureaucrats to thwart
the will of the American voters. Our opponents have spent
every waking minute of the last three years trying to
overthrow the election of 2016, and, at a minimum,
to sabotage the election of 2020. That’s not
going to happen. We’re not going
let it happen. (applause) And if it did
happen and if they were successful, they will
destroy this country. Remember that: They will
destroy this country. And that’s why it’s more
important than ever to drain the swamp, and
we’re doing that. (applause) Despite
everything the failed ruling class has thrown at
us — and don’t forget, when I came here, I didn’t
have great experience. I mean, I learned quickly. I’ve been a very
good spokesman. Have I done well
as a spokesman? (applause) But — but, we
went through eight years of Clinton, eight years
of Bush, eight years of Obama. Audience: Booo — The
President: So we have Bush and Clinton and Obama. So I — that’s 24 years. That’s a lot of
people they put in. They put in. They put in. It’s thousands and
thousands of people, and they fight you. And we have Republicans,
frankly, that are worse. These Never Trumpers. You have Never-Trumper
Republicans. Audience: Booo — The
President: In some cases, they’re worse than the
Obama and the Clinton people. They’re Never Trumpers. These are the dumbest
human beings on Earth, okay? (applause) They’re the
dumbest human beings. We give them the judges. We give them the
great military. We give them low taxes. We had the greatest tax
cut in the history of our country. We give them all of
these things, right? And they just hate me. If it was Jim Smith,
President of the United States, they’ll say he’s
the greatest President that ever lived. But with me, they
can’t get over it. But there, fortunately,
aren’t too many of them left. But they are sick people. There’s no
question about it. But despite crooked
leadership at the top of the FBI — they
were crooked. There were dirty
cops at the top. FBI: great people. But at the top of the
FBI, you had dirty cops. Deep state sabotage. Eighteen angry
Democrat prosecutors. These were all put in
there to destroy us. Think of what we did. You heard Rush. Think of what we did. Think of what we’ve —
where we’ve come, how vicious it was. They had 13 angry
Democrats that were smart, vicious, evil — and
it built up to 18. They had 49 FBI agents,
thousands of subpoenas, hundreds of people, and
they found nothing. There’s nobody in this
room that could have gone through that and
found nothing. I really mean that, too. It’s incredible. They found nothing. How clean am I? No, think of that. (applause) But
endless congressional investigations —
but think of it. Hundreds of people,
interviewing everybody that I — and they
found nothing. The Mueller report came
out; it was a total dud. After two and a half
years, they have a baseless impeachment,
millions of pages of fake-news propaganda —
because the news was totally on their side. It’s a Democrat — it’s
part of the Democrat Party. It’s a wing; the media is
a wing of the Democrat Party. And all of the Washington
powers — they were all arrayed against us. They’re losing. We’re winning. And we’re succeeding
in our mission to make America great again. (applause) And just in
closing: Look, there has never been a better time
to be young and to be American. (applause) Your future and
the future of our nation is unlimited. We’ve created more than
7 million jobs since the election, including
266,000 new jobs last month alone. (applause) For everyone
graduating into the workforce this year, there
are now more job openings than jobseekers for the
first time in the history of our country. (applause) Young people
like you have seen their wages rise by more than
10 percent since the election, a number that
has not been surpassed. Median household incomes
are the highest in the history of our country. Real household take-home
pay gains will reach up to $10,000 a year. Never happened. Under President Obama, it
was $975 for eight years. Right? Median income. Under President
Obama: $975. Under President
Bush, it was $450. Under President — and
that’s eight years, eight years — $450, $975. Right? Three years — but really,
less — two and a half years, when the
numbers came out. Under President Trump, per
family, more than $10,000. That’s why the
economy is so good. (applause) Unemployment
among young Americans has reached a 63-year low. (applause) And I just want
to tell you — look, I am so proud of what we’ve
done with the employment numbers. I am so proud of what
we’ve done with African American and Hispanic
American numbers. (applause) When you look
at the unemployment rate for youth, and you look at
the fact — for youth, so important — remember,
three, four years ago they couldn’t — there
was no work. Now it’s the lowest
they’ve ever had. So while our opponents
have abandoned African Americans — and they
have; they’ve abandoned. You know what
they do, Terrence? They come up and, before
the election, they start courting the
African American. The election is over and
then they leave them. We did just the opposite. What we’ve done for
Hispanic, for African American, for minorities
— what we’ve done is unprecedented. It’s unprecedented. And you remember my phrase
— you remember the phrase, right? “What do you
have to lose?” Remember that? I was reading stats, and
the stats were terrible: highest crime rate,
highest this, worst income, worst this, worst
edu- — I’m reading these stats. There were 10 of them, and
I looked at the audience; it was largely
African American. I say, “Vote for me. What the hell do
you have to lose?” Remember? Right? (applause) And some of my
people didn’t like it, but I said, “I have to say
it, because it’s true.” And they did vote for
me and we won the race. And now we’re
setting records. And I’m so proud of those
records that we’re setting with African American at
every category, and with Hispanic American
and Asian American. (applause) Every day,
we’re welcoming more and more people to our
movement from every background — traditional
Democrats, independent, union members. You see the way
we’re growing. And we’re growing
untraditionally. We’re taking
in workers now. We’re taking in people
that had great jobs and didn’t have them any
longer because the fools that ran our country we’re
letting these companies leave. And they were leaving, and
everybody was out of work. But we’re not
doing that anymore. So we’ve changed
the system. And the Republican Party
is growing like nobody’s ever seen before. And you’re going
to see that. And remember: We did well
in the ’18 election. I wasn’t able to go out —
other than Andy Barr and a couple of people, I wasn’t
able to go out and work for the House members
because I had to win the Senate. And we picked up two seats
and nobody talks — we picked up two Senate
seats; we got up to 53. And nobody ever
talks about that. And it’s the Senate that
has to confirm the judges. But the other thing is, a
lot of the voters said, “But he’s not
on the ballot. Trump isn’t on the ballot. We’re not going to vote.” I wish they would,
but they didn’t. That’s what they say. They said, “He’s
not on the ballot.” But I’m on the ballot this
time, and I think we’re going to have numbers
that are going to be record-setting numbers. We’re going to have
record-setting numbers. (applause) We passed
massive tax cuts to bring back jobs and factories
home from other countries. We’ve cut a record number
of job-killing regulation. We ended the war on
American energy. And the United States
is now the number-one producer of oil and
natural gas anywhere in the world, by far. (applause) While the
socialist left is trying to take away the doctors
and healthcare plans Americans know and love —
you know they’re trying to take away your plan. Medicare for All: Do you
know how bad that is? Audience: Booo — The
President: I’m fighting to let you keep your doctor,
keep your plan at lower cost. You look at what’s
happening, how we’re doing it — we want all
Americans to have great healthcare at a price
that they can afford. And for the first time
in half a century, we’ve lowered the price of
prescription drugs. First time — 50 years. (applause) Through our
Pledge to American Workers, private sector
partners have pledged to provide training and
career opportunity for 14 million Americans — where
private companies teach these people that
did not have work. They couldn’t get a job. They’re being taught what
to do, how to do it, how to use computers. Government can’t do that. Fourteen million people
are in those programs and they’re working today. (applause) After years
of rebuilding foreign countries, we are finally
rebuilding our country. That’s what
it’s all about. (applause) And thanks to
our tireless efforts to secure our southern
border, illegal crossings are down 75
percent since May. And we have ended
catch and release. (applause) We have cracked
down on illegal welfare abuse. (applause) We have
massively reduced asylum fraud. (applause) We have
achieved record prosecutions of chronic
immigration violators. And the southern border
wall is going up at a much faster rate than anybody
thought possible. (applause) One of the
gravest dangers we face is the menace of a thing
called “sanctuary cities.” Audience: Booo — The
President: The far left’s embrace of sanctuary
cities demonstrates their scorn and disdain for
everyday Americans. Sanctuary cities
deliberately release dangerous criminal aliens
out of their jails and right onto our
city streets. I want to commend Florida
and its terrific new governor, Ron DeSantis,
for banning sanctuary cities. (applause) And our very
tough and very patriotic ICE agents are now
removing countless dangerous gang members,
drug smugglers. Look, you take a look at
what’s going on with the drug smugglers. And we are sending MS-13
out of our country by the thousands. (applause) We’re getting
rid of criminal aliens from Florida communities. We’re sending them back
home, and we will not let them back in. They’re not
coming back in. We’re taking
them far away. (applause) We believe
our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding
Americans, not for criminal aliens. (applause) The
open-borders agenda of the radical left causes
profound harm to poor, working-class Americans. Their extreme policies
overcrowd schools and hospitals. They drain vital public
resources, deplete healthcare dollars, and
place enormous burdens on taxpayers of
every background. It also brings them
to our country. If they didn’t get it, we
wouldn’t have millions of people trying to get in. By one estimate, illegal
immigration costs Americans more than $200
billion every single year. When it comes to setting
immigration policy, we always remember this
sacred truth: Our first duty and our one true
allegiance is to you, the American citizen. (applause) Throughout the
Western Hemisphere, we are facing down the evil
forces of communism and socialism. I’ve taken historic
actions to confront the brutal regimes in Cuba,
Venezuela, and Nicaragua. (applause) And we stand
with the people of those nations and their
righteous struggle for freedom. (applause) To those who
would try to impose the horrors of socialism on
our country, I say to you again tonight: America
will never be a socialist country. (applause) Right? Never. Audience: USA! USA! USA! The President: We will
always defend our beloved Constitution. In the face of belligerent
left trying to crush organized religion, we
are standing strong for religious liberty. (applause) We are
protecting the conscious — you know this — and
the rights of doctors, teachers, nurses, and
groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor. And we are fighting for
the lives of the unborn. (applause) We are also
firmly protecting the Second Amendment and your
right to keep and bear arms, and it
is under siege. (applause) It is under
siege, but we are protecting. Don’t worry. In addition, we’re
safeguarding your First Amendment right to free
speech, including online and on campus. And Charlie Kirk
knows that very well. (applause) I’ve issued a
historic executive order, stating that any college
that refuses to let you — meaning you, but anybody
— speak, stands to lose billions and billions
of taxpayer dollar. (applause) We give them
all of this money, and then they don’t
let you speak. Well, we just ended that. (applause) I also took —
we call it “bold action,” but let’s just call it
“action” — this month to confront anti-Semitism
on the college campus. (applause) Our message to
these universalities is simple: If you want to
accept federal funding, you must reject
anti-Semitic hate and hate of all kinds. (applause) Few Americans
know more about oppressive tactics of the radical
left than conservatives on college campuses with
what you’ve been through, especially the intrepid
young men and women of Turning Point USA. (applause) With us today
is Laura Schoeck, a student at North Carolina
State University, who was violently attacked by
Antifa thugs while promoting a Turning
Point event on campus. Where is she? Is she around
here someplace? Where are you? Audience Member:
She’s back here! The President: Where
— is that you? Oh, hi. (laughter) Good. You okay? You good? She’s good. She’s tough. (applause) Despite these
vicious tactics, Laura’s event was so popular that
they had to turn away almost 1,000 people. (applause) So, Laura —
come up here, Laura. Please tell us
what happened. (applause) Audience: Laura! Laura! Laura! Ms. Schoeck: Thank
you, President Trump. What an honor it
is to be up here. As you know, I go to NC
State, where our friend, Lara Trump, went. (applause) Members of
Antifa and other socialist groups violently attacked
Jack Bishop — Dan Bishop — Congressman Bishop’s
son, as well as pulled people’s hair — even my
hair — and mocked people for their medical
conditions. But at the end of the day,
we have a responsibility. Us Turning Point USA
members have a duty to stand up for what is right and continue to fight for freedom. (applause) The President:
Thank you, Laura. Great job. So earlier this year, at
Binghamton University, a few conservative students
were promoting an event featuring the renowned
economist at Art Laf- — does an- — where —
is Art Laffer here? Art Laffer. Where is Art? You know, we gave him the
Presidential Medal of Freedom. Everybody loves
Art Laffer. (applause) They were
surrounded by hundreds of radicals, screaming at
them in vile terms. On the day the event —
and this was incredible — occurred, a mob flooded
the place wearing masks and red armbands,
and acting tough. Take the mask off, take
their jackets off — you’ll see the arms
are about this big. (laughter) They
swing clubs. They swing bats. They swing everything. One brave freshman student
who faced them down is with us tonight:
Lacey Kestecher. Where’s Lacey? Lacey, come up. Lacey, come up. (applause) Come up, Lacey. Come up, Lacey. And by the way, what
President gives you this kind of time? (applause) Does any
other President? I said to Charlie: Could
I give you the “B” or the “C” or the “D” or maybe
even the “F” job? The “F” job, you
know what that is? I stay up here for
about a minute. I say, “Hi, everybody,”
and I’m gone. He said, “Could you
give us the ‘A’ job?” We’re giving
you the “A” job. We’re giving you
a lot of time. (applause) Lacey! Ms. Kestecher:
Thank you so much. Thank you so much. The President:
Congratulations. Ms. Kestecher: Thank you
so much, Mr. President. So what a lot of these
protesters — these leftist tyrants,
ultimately — what they didn’t know about me
is I do jiu jitsu. (applause) So even though
they’re protesting me, they don’t really know
that I’m just standing there completely calm,
while they’re going off unhinged, ultimately. Really what we need to do
is we need to bring back freedom of speech
on our campuses. (applause) We cannot let
these radical leftists continue to
suppress our speech. Given that we’re at a
Turning Point event, we all have the God-given
right to express our point of view, and to be able
to have our inalienable rights. (applause) We cannot let
our individual freedoms, in terms of liberty, be
unhinged by these leftist liberals, who are going
to try and shut us down. We need to fight
back together. We need to come together. We are America. We’re conservatives. We need to join as one and
fight back against this nation of liberals who are
trying to suppress people like me and you. (applause) God bless you
guys, and thank you so much, Mr. Trump. The President:
Thank you, Lacey. That was a great job. Every young person in this
room has a vital role to play in the never-ending
mission of defending the America we love. The future of our nation
depends on the courage and devotion of its
young people. It depends on all of you. Conservatives and patriots
cannot and must not surrender our cherished
institutions and culture to the radical,
America-hating left. We must have the heart,
which we have, and the tenacity, which we have,
to preserve them, protect them, and reclaim them. Our nation badly needs
more young people like those here tonight to
study up, work hard, and then go into government,
go into journalism, go into media, go into
teaching, and, yes, go into academia, and retake
these institutions, rebuild our culture, and
take back our country. (applause) In everything
you do, wherever life takes you, each of you
must be a proud voice of our great nation. (applause) You must be
a powerful fighter for liberty. You must be a confident
champion of justice. And you must never lose
faith in our values, our nation, our destiny, and
in our grace, and the glory of Almighty God. (applause) With your help,
we are making our nation safer, and stronger, and
wealthier, and prouder, and greater than
ever before. And as I look around in
this big, beautiful, very full room of brilliant
young people — a couple of older ones that I know,
but we won’t even talk about them. (laughter) They’re good
people, but you had your chance. (laughter) But I have to
tell you, you have great people in this room. You have our great future
leaders in this room. And you are going to have
an incredible life, but you’re going to do very,
very important things. And there can be nothing
more important than protecting our
great country. Thank you very much. It’s been an honor. Thank you. (applause) Thank you. Thank you, Charlie.


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  • North American Mounds

    Judging the reasons behind a European attempt to suppress Native American knowledge is a topic of vital discovery for understanding archaic history.

    Ancient Agenda's CSI History investigators look high, low and wide to reveal ancient mysteries and present undeniable facts. As always we put the facts on the table for you the public – Judge and Jury to decide.

    Earth's reconstructed story is a long one. Here we are presenting rarely if-ever seen or realized evidences at North American Mounds. Tribal Codex part II will be Chaco Canyon and a select few surrounding 'sister' sites. We'll culminate this series with Petroglyphs, Medicine Wheels and various other rock art and structures.

    In a different article/series we will present the evidence as it pertains to the invasion of the Americas and what was at stake in the European conquest..who done it and why, looking at indigenous suppression bordering on an all out genocide of people, culture, ceremony, sacred places, knowledge and wisdom supplanted by western European religious dogma (15th to 17th century).

    NA ancient cities and burial mounds numbered in total over 200,000, an amazing number unregistered still by many people today, include Natives.

    It was as recent as 1991 that the Director of the Smithsonian's 'National Museum of American History', historian Mr. Roger Kennedy was shocked to learn, for the first time that 'massive' ancient remains existed in North America. Likewise at least one President for the 'Society of American Archaeology' had never been to Cahokia – even by the time he had retired at age 70.

    Indeed most Americans were unaware that North America was dotted with advanced ancient architecture.

    Kennedy states “we now know there were more people in Cahokia than there were in London or Rome at the time”.

    The estimated and often argued total population of the Americas, pre-1492, is between 50 and 100 million, of that between 2 and 18 million in North America.


  • The sheer number of mounds had to point the Founding Fathers to the recognition of large populations on the lands they were about to confiscate.

    The estimated and often argued total population of the Americas, pre-1492, is between 50 and 100 million, of that between 2 and 18 million in North America.

    Ancient Mound sites, simply lost to history, memory and vision or the result of 19th century political and scientific agendas?

    Oddly enough the ancient architectures were known 200 years ago. The young Mason George Washington undoubtedly had met the Indigenous Shamans, whom erected their sacred Tee-Pees with 13 ceremonial Poles, with Tee-Pee entrances facing Eastward.

    Did George face east when he laid the U.S. Capitol cornerstone in his loin cloth?

    The largest mound site George Washington visited was on the Ohio River and yet curiously he opened the Ohio Territory for frontier settlers to venture westward via his military without protecting or informing of these sites. As an unfortunate consequence many mounds were used as fill for small towns and villages as they sprung up and grew.

    This continued into the 20th century. At St Louis in 1904 in preparation for the World's Fair, 16 mounds were destroyed. At this time and era, St Louis' nickname was Mound City.

    Likewise, Thomas Jefferson was personally well aware of large Earthworks in the Ohio Valley and thanks to Lewis and Clark he became aware of the largest Earthwork in the western hemisphere in the middle of the continent (Cahokia). Were Lewis and Clark secretly sent on an ancient artifact-finding, ancient knowledge-discovery mission? Jefferson's passion was knowledge.

    The sheer number of mounds had to point the Founding Fathers to the recognition of large populations on the lands they were about to confiscate.


  • Of the modern day large cities on the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys only Marietta, Ohio somewhat retains its center-city mound identity.

    Marietta is also defined in other ways so in essence, culturally, the once mighty Mound Cities are gone. Since around 2012 there has been a push to build Mounds in Forest Park St Louis.

    Early archaeology by people like Atwater, Squire and Davis noted from the artifacts at the Mounds, that these were likely built by highly advanced cultures but eventually this knowledge went underground around 1920, except for prior publications which were somewhat hidden (and still today) in certain 'special' libraries….perhaps due in part to John W. Powell's paper to the Smithsonian regarding the proposal to limit presenting artifacts from Pre-Columbian periods AND his appointment in 1881 of Cyrus Thomas as the director of the 'Eastern Mound Division of the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of Ethnology'.

    Shouldn't Americas heritage monuments have been protected, studied and presented to the public as they were excavated?


  • Great Mounds of Truth

    Is this not our birthright to know..?

    Sorting fact from fiction requires astute investigators and sometimes being an academic has its drawbacks.

    When Thomas came to the Bureau of Ethnology he was a "pronounced believer in the existence of a race of Mound Builders, distinct from the American Indians."

    We are in fact in agreement with this statement and belief of Mr Thomas.

    It is from this position that we respectfully put forth Tribal Codex: NA Mounds to all those who came before us and to all that will follow..

    Mounds were made for solar alignments and astrological dedications.

    Long straight rectangular Mounds create 'horizons' for astronomical forecasting.

    Round circular-hill Mounds 'capture' astrological arrangements.

    Woodhenge's project the identical solar practices as Stonehenge's astrolabe, establishing Lunar and Solstice/Equinox knowledge.

    Hopewell Earthworks


  • Hopewell Earthworks sites were nominated by the U.S. Interior Dept for World Heritage status on May 25, 2018 to be included among sites like Grand Canyon Arizona, the Pyramid fields from Giza to Dashur, Egypt; Machu Picchu, Peru; the Taj Mahal of India and Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

    Hopewell Mound Earthworks: Astrological Center

    Hopewell calculates the full 18.6 year Lunar cycle. It lays out maximum-minimum Lunar rise and set points..showcasing Hopewell's sacred geometric Th1rt3en point Lunar Transit.

    The earthen created geometrical banks at Hopewell's astrological center incorporates a highly advanced unique octagon Lunar astrological center to calculate and establish long term Lunar practices.

    The long rectangular banks are created as a 'false horizon' for accurately sighting the circular oblong motion of our Moon around Earth.

    This enables the full calculation of 18.6 years during a 13 month lunar year calendar.


  • Hopewell's most esteemed mounds are the connected great Circle and Octagon. The great-circle encloses 5 to 13.5 foot embankments (30 acres). A ditch measuring 8 to 13 feet deep runs inside the perimeter of the great circle.

    (8 imperial = 13 metric = Codex 13)

    The Octagon has Eight internal points where two squares can be inserted/overlaid via alternating points. Within the square whose center axis-point is 51.8 degrees east of north four smaller squares can be drawn.

    A Greek/Roman measurement known as a 'Stade or Stadium', is 606.9 feet (6+6+.9=12.9 or 13).

    606.9 feet is 184 meters (1+8+4=13). One of the small inner squares is One Stade , which equals the side-slope length of the Great Pyramid's angle of 51.8 degrees.

    High Bank Works

    High-Bank Mounds align Lunar minimum and maximum 'standstill Moonrise and Moonsets' as well as 'Solstice Sunrise and Sunsets'.

    We find this same example exemplified at locations such as Newark's great Circle with Octagon Mounds.


  • High Banks to Newark is 58 miles (5+8=13). Newark to Wright is 35 miles [3+5=8]. Wright to High Banks is 57 miles. (58+35+57=150 miles, 150mi=241.402km, 241.402 reduces to 13). High Banks great Circle is 20 acres = 8 Hectares.

    From center of great circle through opening points to center of smaller circle with a 250 foot diameter (250ft is 76m, 7+6=13).

    Mound City

    Mound City Group is the only fully restored Hopewell earthwork complex. As such, it is a national treasure.

    Here, visitors who walk quietly through the enclosure and among the mounds can still experience a sense of what it may have been like to gather at a Hopewell ceremonial site two thousand years ago.

    This earthwork consist of a 13-acre rectangular earth enclosure with at least 23 mounds.

    The height of the earth walls of the enclosure is about 3 to 4 feet, with an entrance or gateway on both the east and west sides.

    All the mounds are dome shaped except for one that is elliptical.

    The largest mound of the group was described by early explorers as 17.5 feet high [5.3m, 5+3=8] and 90 feet in diameter [27.4m, 2+7+4=13]. There are two additional mounds just outside the enclosure. All the walls and mounds have been reconstructed and are clearly visible.


  • Wright Earthworks

    The Wright Earthworks consist of a fragment of a geometrically near-perfect square enclosure and part of one wall that originally formed a set of parallel embankments, which traveled from the enclosure to a large oval yard.

    The Newark square's sides formerly ranged from about 940 feet (290 m) to 940 feet (290 m) in length [9+4+13], enclosing a total area of about 20 acres (8 ha).

    Th1rt3ens everywhere… diagonal diameter is 328 feet (3+2+8=13), at a heading of 42.34 degrees (4+2+3+4=13) – southwest to northeast (winter Solstice sunset).

    Cross Mound

    Ephraim George Squier and Edwin Hamilton Davis visited the site in the mid 1840s. They would discuss their survey in their 1848 publication Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley.

    They describe the location of the work as occupying a "narrow spur of land,". They describe the design of the work as a Greek cross.

    The work was three feet high and 90 feet apart (90 feet = 27.4 meters, 2+7+4=13), on each end and closely matches the cardinal directions.

    A small ditch surrounded it, following the design of the cross. In the middle of the cross was a circle shaped depression.

    The depression was noted as being 20 feet in diameter and 20 feet deep. Towards what they describe as the "back" of the cross was "a small circular elevation of stone and earth."

    One of the many enigmatic effigy mounds in southern Ohio.

  • Ohio & Ontario Serpent Mounds
    Ohio Serpent Mound

    Serpents Winged Disc Sound of Silence ..
    Serpent Mound impact crater is an 8 kilometer structure ..

    Ontario Serpent Mounds

    Serpent Mounds National Historic Site of Canada is located in an open oak savannah setting on Roach’s Point and East Sugar Island in Rice Lake, Peterborough County, Ontario.

    Traditionally recognized as a burial site dating from 50 BCE to 300 CE, it is a grouping of Eight separate burial locations forming a serpentine shape that is approximately 60 metres long and almost 8 metres wide, also registering a height between 1.5 (4.9ft, 4+9=13) to 1.8 metres high.

    (speculation of 'approximately 60 meters long and almost 8 meters wide' could very well total 67 meters computing as 6+7=13)

    Serpent Mounds incorporates a 4.4-hectare area [4+4=8] on Roach’s Point, as well as a 49-hectare area [4+9=13] on East Sugar Island.

    Ohio's Serpent Mound 'triangulation' connects from center of spiralled Tail to center of Serpent's Egg allocating a triangle above the body, which points a direct North-East heading of 53.5 (5+3+5=13) to Ontario's Serpent Mound at a distance of 724 kilometres. (7+2+4=13)

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  • Andre Mak-ka-back Millenia INC

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  • Cahokia

    Cahokia is the largest North American continent Mound site and the largest world-wide earthen pyramid known as Monk's Mound. This Mound is centered on 13.9 acres (13.9 = 1+3+9=13).

    The center 'downtown' area is built upon 13.2 Kilometers. (5.1 Miles squared)

    The site is aligned 5 degrees East of North forming a central-axis point 58 foot (5+8=13) wide elevated road extending 1 kilometer through the 'center' of Cahokia City.

    Monk's Mound is constructed with 814,000 cubic yards of fill (8+1+4=13).

    Cahokia's Woodhenge Astrolabe is 850 meters (8+5=13) from the center of Monk's Mound. Likewise a large square mound is 1480 feet (1+4+8=13) Southwest from Monk's Mound.

    As seen from the Grand Plaza South of Monk's Mound, the great city of Cahokia calculates Luna's full 18.6 year Lunar Transit.

  • Emerald Mound

    Located 8.5 miles (8+5=13) from the Mississippi river in southwest Mississippi, Emerald Mound reaches a height of 35 feet (3+5=8, 8 imperial=13 metric) base. It's built upon 8 acres once housing 8 mounds. The mound measures 770 feet (230 m) by 435 feet (133 m) at the base.

    The larger of the two platform mounds atop the main mound sits at the western end, and measures 190 feet (58 m, 5+8=13) by 160 feet (49 m, 4+9=13) at the base and is 30 feet (9.1 m) in height.

    Located 8.5 miles (8+5=13) from the Mississippi river in southwest Mississippi, Emerald Mound reaches a height of 35 feet (3+5=8, 8 imperial=13 metric) base. It's built upon 8 acres once housing 8 mounds. The mound measures 770 feet (230 m) by 435 feet (133 m) at the base.

    The larger of the two platform mounds atop the main mound sits at the western end, and measures 190 feet (58 m, 5+8=13) by 160 feet (49 m, 4+9=13) at the base and is 30 feet (9.1 m) in height.

    This Mound was fashioned in a distinctive 'Pentagon' shape.

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    Mr. Trump surround, your self with real servants of God those who are before God, because 2020 is going to be the fiercest battle, that we ever fought in our entire life, is not against flesh and blood, is not against Democrats, but is against satan , death, and all of their kingdom, but if we stand firm, we will see very mighty things.

  • He is SO GOOD at SIDETRACKING the masses, making them believe that he is actually maintaining our sovereignty, MEANWHILE U.N. Agenda 21 and 2030 are STILL being IMPLEMENTED NATIONWIDE and WORLDWIDE, overthrowing all of our governments at all levels. If he were a true patriot, he would REMOVE the U.S. FROM THE ABSOLUTE EVIL UNITED NATIONS, and he would STOP ALL of their agendas IMMEDIATELY!! And our SHERIFFS need to make him do that or arrest him for the treason he is guilty of by ALLOWING these agendas to CONTINUE being implemented!!! Agenda 21 ELIMINATES our right to own ANY private property! It STEALS all of our LANDS and NATURAL resources, including WATER. It gives the U.N. complete control of everything on the planet, INCLUDING YOUR CHILDREN, and even your FUTURE WAGES if they claim that they NEED them. In South Africa, (where their corrupt leader ALSO agreed to Agenda 21, they took the citizen's firearms. Two weeks later, their govt STOLE THEIR HOMES AND LANDS. The people REBELLED, and now they are GENOCIDING THEM!! LOOK IT UP! South Africa. praised so highly at the U.N. for doing such a GREAT JOB of implementing Agenda 21!! Trump ALSO needs to reveal the FACT that the Deep State now has WORLDWIDE TUNNELS that put humanity in more danger than they have ever been in before!! And those tunnels are being used for many evil purposes, including the stealing of our natural resources.

  • REPEATED COMMENT …ITS CLEAR THAT DESPITE AMERICAN HAVING TO BUILD THEMSELVES BACK UP FROM SCRATCH AFTER 9/11 AND AFTER THEY pay out enormously the highest aid and support to other unappreciative countries in need , THE APPLE MAN apple Pro Mobile phone is still the number one best seller in the world and in the UK and .despite stiff competition from other countries with watered down laws of other on manufacturing MANUFACTURING is being put back as the focus of growing the economy by this President …it means that small town people living nearer to factories in their neighbourhood will get to work from the ground up to find straight forward work and feed their families.. Don't worry Mr President a lot of people GET what you trying to achieve for the first time in a while for the American people both high and low all across the USA. Just carry on!!!

  • We want to see some black birds, Mister President. Thank you very much. 😎

  • How can anyone with 2 functioning brain cells, listen to this dribble? Says a lot about the intelligence of his supporters. Travel. Read books. Turn off Fox News.

  • Dan "Red flag" Cringeshaw

  • Great job Mr. President….now let's KAGA

  • He WILL go down in History as the Greatest President Ever!!! Children will read about his great deeds a 100 years from now ,when all the Leftist clowns are long forgotten!!!

  • Trump 2020 ….. 12 more years

  • Oh my God ı can't believe this is real

  • What a total A hole, lol.


  • Can I have a President like this in my country. Fearless, funny, stable genius, Trump is son of God..❤️❤️❤️. Lucky you Americans.

  • God bless you, Mr. President. We need a strong USA here in tiny Costa Rica.

  • DON TRUMP JR 2024…..

  • orange is my favorite color, TRUMP is my favorite person.

  • Listen to Alex Jones he’s trying to tell you start in Go F the China that trying to destroy you they’re doing this impeachment against you and so is all the Democrats all the people you work with start cleaning the house destroyed them get rid of them they’re not your friend oh shut up what are you serious you little fuckers

  • Try not to get rid of everybody in the White House everybody who is against you who are not with you put Hillary Obama all the Democrats who are against you in prison George saw a big one start poisoning people now

  • What about Alex Jones what about Alex Jones start listening to what he saying do you listen to Alex Jones now right now president we need your help America need your help now America need your help they going to destroy you

  • Our Lincoln Lincoln President Lincoln he destroyed everybody in the White House he got rid of everybody in the White House who were against him Donald Trump you got to be just like him Alex Jones will tell you everything you need to know listen to him call him invite them to the White House who gives a shit you’re the President of the United States invite him

  • Mexican Americans for TRUMP! PURO PINCHE TRUMP

  • Step 1. MAGA
    Step 2. KAG
    Step 3.?
    Step 4. Profit



  • marry christmas from rhodes island greece

  • you will know the tree by its fruit the accomplishments of this donald trump presidency are , in number, and significance simply mind boggling , who wouldn`t want this man to be PRESIDENT FOR LIFE

  • Cactus Pete's Beef Jerky

    Keep America GREAT!!!

  • Cactus Pete's Beef Jerky

    16 More years!

  • Mr. President pleass dont keep me in your "prayers" your so full of bullshit

  • The united nations will not disarm anyone Mr. President

  • Pray for President Trump and his family for wisdom to lead America and the world, for protection.




    ( COR 2 : 6- 7 )

    ***** ***** *****

  • Angelia Parker-Savage

    This man is an idiot. I'm so embarrassed that he's our president.

  • The man is a moron. Stop voting for him.






  • David John Thistle The Elite? Really? Those people don't even know you stole your campaign slogan from President Ronald Reagan. You never put America First when you dodged the draft during Vietnam. Did Dan Crenshaw had deliver your Texas Big Oil Christmas Bonus so you could avoid the TAXES?

  • Fisrt Name Last Name


  • Ironically, while the conservatives scream about "liberal" professors tainting the minds of students, they worship and expose their own kids to THIS guy. 😂😂😂

  • You’re the best President Trump 2020 god bless our President Trump and first family god bless USA ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹it’s time charlatan crazy Democrats be impeached Lier loser fool sick all charlatan Democrats they are soros puppet shame on tham it’s time 2020 vote charlatan crazy Democrats out out

  • Dan Crenshaw the gun grabbing RINO

  • Mr president please help concerning Virginia and the laws tht Northam and company r trying to enact. Prayers for you and your family


  • URGENT ALERT FOR ALL SHERIFFS AND POLICE. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO and be sure to watch the videos I link to in comments to get full understanding of the dangers we are facing.

  • Dumb fatass. Not only the fattest in a century, but the most inarticulate president we've ever had.

  • Donald jerked back when she went to smack him! Don't blame him!

  • Sang Raja Dewa Dewa

    open …

  • We have a wonderful President and the Trump family! Y'all are amazing 🇺🇸 You took a broken American economy and made it Huge. We have never had a President work harder than you for the American people! I hope you know that we support you and will work hard to keep America strong.

  • America was never greater than now

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