Proper Way to Protect Your Data When Disposing of an Old Computer

Hello and welcome again to another
episode of Five Minutes with Franza. Today’s question is, “How can I make sure
that when I’m getting rid of an old machine I know that my data is going to
remain safe?” Well we don’t even need five minutes for this video.
First things first, open up your machine and pull the hard drive.
Never just throw your machine out to the curb.
Somebody’s gonna drive on by and they’re gonna pick it up. They’re gonna take your
hard drive and they can recover the data off of it. Okay it’s gonna happen so just
don’t do that. Pull the drive out. The best thing to do
is physically destroy the data. So to that end, I recommend the mallet technique.
If you have a son or daughter or younger brother or sister here it’s a great way
to put them to work. Okay, so first things first, take the drive and proceed to
throw it to the ground, thusly. There you go. Step two take your drive find the mallet for the appropriate
individual and begin whacking, vigorously. You may want to wear ear protection. I
strongly recommended it. Eye protection is a must. Because, you never know if a
little piece of plastic or something else is gonna fall off. But, that is all
there is to it. My son also mentioned this is a great way to get rid of
frustration. but you can see we’ve actually smashed some of the chips on
the drive and we’ve actually made a beautiful dent in the side. Can I wack it again? Yes, you can.
But you could also when you shake it sometimes you’ll start hearing a noise
of internal parts moving around. Normally that’s not a good sound, but in this case,
it is. Shake it. Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Five Minutes with Franza. I
must say that this has been the most fun episode we’ve had making so far. Do you
agree? Thank you. I’m your host Doctor Thomas Franza
and I’m Tommy, his son. Thank you for watching.


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