Quadrant 3 Leadership – Stock Stories

– But typically at a conference
like this that’s the case. So think about your stock stories. When I was in college I was dating this really, really awesome
girl, woman, young lady and trying to impress her
so I told her something. And my roommate rolled his eyes
and looked at her and said, “If you’re with him any length of time “you’re gonna hear that story a lot. “That’s one of his ‘stock stories’.” And she has, it’s been
24 years this past May. She’s definitely, she’s the
one rolling her eyes now. So think about this as you’re
going through the breaks and lunch and the happy hour at the end: what are the stories that
you use to identify yourself. To help people understand who you are? Start cataloging those. When I went to my first
Nonprofit Storytelling Conference I thought, I should get
in touch with these. I ended up listing over
the course of a few days 600 prompts, story prompts
of different stories I tell myself and it moved
into a second area of stories that we tell ourselves, the ones that we’d never tell anybody else but are going on in our head all the time. “Oh, I always do that.” “Oh man, I’m so bad with names. I remember faces but not names.” As you go through looking at your stories, Jessica Sharp, if you
ever want to learn more about how your brain acts on stress, Jessica Sharp of Sharp Brain Consulting has her clients go
through the stock stories and listening to – either
for a day or for three days or a week – just writing out: “what are you saying
to yourself right now?” And then she has this powerful question. Review the list, look at it and say, “Would you ever say that to a friend?” Typically, no. Typically we’re much harder and more brutal on ourselves
than we’d ever be on a friend. So one of the things
that you might want to do as you walk through the rest of this day is try to be your own best friend.

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