QUICK n EASY Bodyline Crease Removal

Hi everyone is Jake here from First Track
Dents and welcome back to another paintless dent removal video today it’s
just a quick one this was a sharp body line crease I did
a couple of days ago on a 2016 Skoda Fabia we think it was caused by some
plastic gutter and falling from the side of the house in some high winds it’s not
the biggest dent you’ve seen me do although it’s not the smallest but it’s
a really good example to show you that if you apply the right techniques when
removing a dent like this it shouldn’t take too long to do the results shown
here was achieved in well under an hour stay tuned and I’ll show you how I did
it okay as you can see the impact point
is right on the body line which has taken in an area of approximately
6 centimeters by 25 centimeters so from a small impact point it’s created a
fair sized repair area the impact created a figure of eight shape across
both sides of the body line which is very common on body line impacts so how
we’re going to fix this well with a good game plan the right tools and plenty of
patience it’s worth mentioning that for some reason it doesn’t have an internal
bonnet trim which would normally been situated here however as this error is
visually exposed it’s important not to use any sharp metal tips that could
leave any scratching underneath so I’m using my edgy tool push perfect hanger on
this one which fits nicely into the factory holes here after applying some
gentle heat I’m using a nylon tip with my ultra dent screw on tip bar to start
working the middle of this crease out so I’m choosing to position my tool tip just
behind it then and bring the bar towards me this is just what works for me other
techs may choose to go the opposite direction but there’s no right or wrong
way here for the sake of keeping this video nice
and short straight to the point i’ll speed some of these slow parts up using my knock down I’m tapping down any
areas that have come out too high which will happen on a dent like this because
the metal was really locked up in this middle portion and needs a huge amount
of force behind it to get it moving I’m still using plenty of gentle heat
here to ensure the paint is flexible and won’t split now as you can see the main
bulk of the dent is out so it’s time to switch up to my root beer tip this will
get into any tight areas on won’t leave any scratch marks underneath the panel now for me looking into LED fog board
from the front it looks as if this dent is almost done but this shows the
importance of always cross-checking your work because after moving the light to a
different angle and checking over the repair it’s highlighted some very minor
low areas that need to be lifted up as you can quite clearly see here okay so offer a little bit more
fine-tuning this job is done well thanks again everyone for watching
I hope you found this video interesting as always I’ll link all the tools used
in the description below if you have any questions feel free to leave me a
comment and I’ll try my best to answer as many as I can if you like the video
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