Remove Computer Viruses Free Windows xp, 7, 8, and 8.1!

Hello welcome to the video. Today we will
be going over how to clean out viruses on your personal windows computer for free. I
wanted to thank you for giving this video a chance I greatly appreciate it. I wanted
to urge you to watch the whole video before you follow the steps, because some of the
programs will require you to restart your computer. Keep in mind there are different
kinds of computer viruses. Not all viruses are the same and may require different solutions.
So today we will be going over a few programs that remove junkware, malware and spyware.
Three of these programs you are able to use on all the windows operating systems above
windows xp. However the fourth program does not currently support windows 8.1.
Now we will get started! We are going to start by downloading all the programs that we will
need to run today. Start by opening your favorite internet browser. Look up bleeping
and hit search. Here under bleeping we will go to the downloads tab. Now under
the downloads tab we will locate the search box to the right of the screen. We will now
search for our first program called Rkill. Click on the name You will be brought to a new page where you will find download now at bleeping computer Click that Now go back to the search box and type in AdwCleaner Click on the name Click the download now at bleeping computer Go back to the search box Type in JRT Click on the name Click download now at bleeping computer Now if you are on windows 8.1 ignore this last download Now if you are on windows 8 or below go ahead and type in ComboFix Click on the name Click download now Now you may close your internet as we have all the programs we need to start cleaning out your computer Now we will go to where you downloaded the programs Here under your downloads you will start with Rkill So go ahead and double click or run or open And give it permission This program will prepare your computer by stopping any unwanted Files or scripts that should not be running Next we will go to AdwareCleaner Click it, Double click it. Give permission Once it is open go ahead and scan your computer and click AdwareCleaner once it is scanned it will ask you to clean and you go ahead and click clean It will clean out your computer from what its found and in the end will ask you to restart your computer. So i will not be able to clean Ok cleaning is available go ahead and click that. Now once your computer has restarted go back to your downloads And this program here JRT, Junk Removal Tool will require you to turn off your antivirus. So you go to where your antivirus is located And shutdown the service Most antiviruses when they are in the tray, you can right click and shutdown service. So make sure your antivirus is turned off Once that is complete you may go ahead and run the Junk Removal Tool. I cannot run the junk removal tool Because it will shut down your processes and Um Itll shutdown your programs like internet explorer and anything else you have open To make sure that it cleans your computer So you go ahead and press any key to continue, i will not. Once that is complete go back to your downloads And if you are not on windows 8.1 you may run ComboFix So go ahead and run ComboFix This will be the last program that you run on the computer In order for you viruses, most common viruses to be removed So i will not do that Cause ComboFix will also stop your processes and when is complete it will ask you to restart your computer. Once you do those four, you should be okay. Now i understand that this will not get rid of all viruses but if you continue to have trouble feel free to leave a comment below I will do my best to find a solution for you Uhhh, Thank you for watching and if it helped don’t forget to share and subscribe. And have a wonderful day! Peace.

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